The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia's Streets

The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia's Streets

(hooves on pavement) – The horses really do
help you with aggression. Once you own a horse, and you out, that's all your mind is on, is having fun. My Shahir and I'm a Concrete Cowboy. (hooves on pavement) I first got a horse after I turned 10. I was young so I was
like, "I like that horse." I thought it was cool. Horses have a temper just like us. Me and Shadow had to combine
out tempers and work together because she used to walk while
everybody else was running, buck, throw people off, and I used to always get back on her, just to have the patience. When I ride people actually
give me like props, they actually applaud me,
the hood guys and everything. They be asking me, can I ride? You wanna trade? People like it. – Hello horsey. Hello. – When the stable started
about 10 years ago, it gave me something to do. Something to keep the kids
busy with, keep them occupied from running the street, getting in trouble. In Southwest Philadelphia there's
a lot of senseless killing and I try to give kids
something to get away from stuff like that. And when they start
learning with the animals, they kinda calm down, because
they teaching, they learning, and it helps them out a lot. – Hey, hey, hey. Violence in this community is crazy. I done lost a brother, a
uncle, I lost a lot of friends, but when I work with the horses
it's like a type of therapy. I can have fun and not
worry about everything else that's going on around us. If I would have never met
Malik and sat around horses, I probably would have been doing stuff that I wasn't suppose to be doing. Getting in trouble. Once you get to running and having fun, it seems like all that is forgotten.

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  1. Love seeing African American men doing this it's a GREAT messages horses are so therapeutic they saved me from suicide I live for my animals . Btw I'm a purple heart recipient and combat veteran and I went thru hella depression and anxiety till I found my love of horses

  2. Back then when slavery got out there were so many black cowboys it hurts to see now when u think of a cowboy the first thing that pops up in your brain is a white man with a horse and cows there’s so many black cowboys young and old coming from a white teenager my friend is black and he comes to work cows he’s a helluva good hand too

  3. 100% Horse Abuse. This guy needs a big pain bit in his mouth and force to run on the streets with metal and nails in his shoes and see how he likes it. Horses don't belong in cities they belong in the grass in the courtney. That horse is telling him stop hurting me by throwing up it's head and throwing him off her back but he is not understanding or caring that he is hurting his horse. Poor horse 🐎.

  4. I super love horses, but don't know too much technical stuff… but wouldn't running, or trotting on hard concrete require special shoes? Those had a metallic sound. Just seems nothing to absorb the shock of the concrete would eventually lead to some leg, and/or foot problems…. but I wouldn't know… just a thought.

  5. These guys got a YouTube channel or website?
    I'd love to help these guys to better understand a horse and how to take care of their tack
    I'd bring em out to the country and take em on a trail ride so they can fully experience riding horse than riding in the streets all the time

  6. No hate but the reason why the horses head is so high is because your pulling on the bit too much and the horse looks very agitated. Also put your hands down so it doesn't put so much pressure on the horses mouth. Also because your riding on quite hard ground you might need to get the horses shod so it doesn't hurt their hooves. Also proper tack should be with every horse and the proper knowledge of looking after and riding a horse is very important otherwise it's thought as abuse. No hate

  7. Lose the bits, learn to ride. Your animals are acting up in every scene they're visible because of how you're riding them. You've got the bit right up in their mouth yanking on it. You don't need to be so forceful and violent with them. Try a rope halter instead. Those poor fucking animals man. :/

  8. I got about 40 seconds in and said yes she's bucking you off she don't know what you want her to do you need to give that horse reins letterhead lose quit pulling back on the reins for one thing tighten up your saddle on and on!!


  10. By the way, the saddle is on the horse and the bit in its mouth appears painful, or at least extremely uncomfortable. It's great that he enjoys the horse in his company, but he needs to make proper safety precautions so both of them can be happy.

  11. To all the horse people complaining about the horse not properly handled, not properly bitted, not properly saddled, go help him learn so he can teach and keep others off the street and in trouble. I think this is a wonderful idea.

  12. This is ULTRA cool! I only knew of Concrete Cowboys in my neck of the woods- Compton, Cali. I had no idea they reside in Philly as well! Niiiice 😊

  13. I was thinking doing what malik divers was doing but with unpredictable carnivores.(lions, tigers panthers ,bears etc)
    and that goes to the herptiles and non human primates too.

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