46 Replies to “The CurlDaze Horseshoe Method-Flexi Rod Set Hack Ft. TGIN”

  1. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33006616361.html?storeId=3936001&spm=2114.12010612.8148356.1.6c1e418bmuTtEd

  2. The word used “pretty easy” on YouTube has become synonymous with “exceedingly difficult you will fail ten times first” lol

  3. LOVE. LOVE THIS!!! I Have used these flexi rods for years and years and never thought to use them like this.. thank you so much!! #LifeChanger

  4. But isn't your hair thick? You appear to have hair like my daughter's and some of her cousins on her father's side…. long and thick. Mine is long and fine.

  5. WOW. WOW. Love. The. Horse shoe. Curls. Amazing. Yessss I have. Found. My. Do. I. Get. One. Hair. Doo. And. Stick. With. It. Pretty. MUCH. THANK. You. Just. Amazing. LOVE. 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 THIS. New. Do. Its. New. For. Me. Anyways. THANK. U. Aging. Now. Time. To. Go. Shopping. For. My. New. Hair curling. Rods. Bye. NOW

  6. OMG thank you so much!!! While my hair did not look as curly as yours or full…I think partly because I was struggling still with the rods and I bought only 6😅 Granted it was my first time, it still came out awesome!! The twist and define butter cream is really stellar. No flakes for me! left my hair superbly soft💕💖. It worked well for my 4b hair😍 With more practice I'm sure I'll nail it.

  7. I just stumbled upon this method…AMAZING!!! Trying this tonight for sure! 1 question…what do you do at night to maintain the style???

  8. This looks like an AMAZING technique, but I can never get my ends to stay on the rod when I roll my hair from the top. 😢 What is the secret???

  9. Your a genius I don't like using a ton of rods either even though it always turns out the infamous " frizzball" I'm definitely gonna give this a try! Thanks , also I got to find those products your hair looks AMAZING!

  10. When u say freshly washed hair does it mean it must be semi-wet meaning air-dried or dry with a blowdryer

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