The Dangers of Shotgun Shooting at Close Range | TA Outdoors

The Dangers of Shotgun Shooting at Close Range | TA Outdoors

welcome to the totally awesome outdoors show in this film we're going to be showing you what can go wrong if you don't close your shotgun properly now we won't go pulling the trigger make the gun go off but there's lots of things that can go wrong before you even get to the stage of sighting up your prey so I'm going out of the woods have a walk round with Tegan and a couple of his dogs he's going to if we find something great if we don't find something whatever we're still going to show you guys what can go wrong with a shotgun a little bit of shotgun safety a lot of people might still need to remember I've got a bad feeling a bad feeling I'm gonna need these we've got to be soaked a safe on why we shoot I've got an old old run there and I will show you what a shotgun with number five can do at about 15 yards against the oil drum and that's what her number five shot does to a drum right through that's a steel drum this is the reason why we have to be so safety conscious with a shotgun if you have an accident and somebody's in the way they can walk away with no leg and as you can see it's made dirty gray old it just doesn't hit one side it went straight through this drum it's awesome the safety is paramount when you shoot in a shotgun one of the ways that it can happen I'll show you on closing a gun this is the right way to shut shotgun beside beside or and under and over it's the barrels you look forward make sure the grounds clear the barrels forward like that download down I'll repeat it finger away from the trigger barrels forward not the other way is if something will demonstrate barrel static but up what can happen if you've got stiff Inge on your gun you can push the gun into your feet and if you've got a old gun it could go off if you've got bad shears but with if you're looking after your gun you should have it serviced once a year from a reputable gunsmith demonstrate what can happen with a live round into the ground this is what can happen when things go wrong if you if you look down on the ground there it's a big ol that could be somebody's foot or somebody's dog dead if you don't identify we closing your gun or if you pull the trigger and have your finger around the trigger when you shut the gun that's the way to have the finger before we shut the gun this gun is empty as I shut the gun and proper way fingers still away Safety's on I'll demonstrate that with a can of water what could happen if you get things wrong when you're shutting a gun maybe you having the safety off or finger on the trigger or a defective gun what can happen this is a bottle of water I keep in the vehicle for the dogs and we demonstrate what happens to this this is what it can do if you've got your dog in the way and you haven't got a dog anymore or if somebody's foots in the way you can see what can happen you must be conscious of your safety we've got a good day today or should I hope they showed you some safety tips please be safe it's not all about killing everything you see I've walked around today on one of my shoots I've not shot anything I've worked the dogs I've enjoyed myself but you can see what can happen when you get things wrong please be safe and shoot straight you

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  1. I know,,this was a Safety video,but it also confirms the point of debate,regarding "Bird shot",,as a home defense load..

  2. This guy is technically incorrect with his suggested method of closing the shotgun if being pedantic is paramount. If the gun is that stiff it can’t be closed safely by the individual, take it to a gunsmith for adjustment. Barrels down and lift the stock, making absolutely sure the safety catch is engaged, finger away from the trigger. This isn’t fishing off a Wilson Flyer, safety precedes everything similar to wearing a life jacket.

  3. You need to refer to the latest BASC magazine article on Shotgun Safety In The Field; it's "Always lift the stock to the barrels never the barrels to the stock".

  4. Very important video. Just a couple of observations. First, some accidents are caused by inexperienced people not understanding the care and maintenance of a gun. This can result in a catastrophic spontaneous discharge on closing the gun for the first time in the field. Needless to say the discharge is completely unexpected and happens because someone in their zeal to maintain and protect their investment opens the gun up, cleans and GREASES the trigger mechanism. It may sound counterintuitive but the trigger mechanism is to kept as dry of grease as possible. Grease causes the sears to slip at the slightest thing often resulting in the discharge of both barrels.

    The other vitally important point is that when a gun is loade and open, that the gun should only be closed with your back towards others in your party. That is pointing away from everybody and the gun must be opened if you need for whatever reason to turn towards someone.

    There is NO minor shotgun accident. ALL are catastrophic. Be safe.

  5. I was surprised that the steel drum had a huge hole for some reason I thought it would have been peppered with holes. I've only shot clay pigeons so haven't had a lot to do with shotguns but it's incredible the amount of power they have. Depending on cartridge. I only go with people who know them inside out as they scare me to death. Great vid chaps. I love the fishing vids but this channel has some really interesting topics. Cheers from windy Devon

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