The dirtiest team in World sport!

The dirtiest team in World sport!

oh the fire on it again honey Oh turn it off censored right you guys don't wonder well what if you look at other day the remarkable services ended up leave the dull question by either a red card and then the disability written need to decide what sort of further quiz but show up in their face after that enemas little doe said they didn't fit up the ball of gum Barbara do it continue the tap referred to the growing I think that's where the inference darky the charge via the bar my daughter went on the topic custody went to little bit high and Barry came all the some of them saw so that was a slightly higher tackle and I think the referees going to call him idea exactly for that offense well here we see the kangaroo granite sternly leads with the elbow does McDermott very similar to wear tell Vince Garrett man who takes a powerful knock but as he comes in here he goes side out and [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well mrs. Percival's Azure down the clues from him see the punch in there the bad thing about it with a head now it was very much simply going to low in the first and then waking with a head [Applause] to the floor the opposition can heal it and already [Applause] nor these products skin it was looking for father straightaway and this really is not the sort of behavior he wants in a cooked I we had an excellent look Jonathan a Productivity with tonnage get it having to be restrained will he get the possession by the darted way custody I think that went swinging through how he thinks it came but I think you'll find that in Cassidy the second rod that swings it here he comes he went for the ball oh shut up with the elbow well that is asking for a lot of trouble I could see the cassadee swinging arm and then you could see the crunch time their steak get babi guling into position [Applause] [Applause] as we saw its Lunden nil-nil at Salford here the same pleading was a high shot silly play there by 7:00 news [Applause] ready whack right in front of the officials when I feel them all felt that I know and you know that is a bad one this now is Hooper and Hooper trying to step his way through the Wigan line Newton gets hold of his legs [Applause] right now is right on the gurney waking there just to go out and tell your involvement yeah okay Carrie Carrie president in well originally your coward okay brother involved in the fight okay poor kid role perhaps was the first day you can see the knee going up there from my saw Neil tearing before the that speak out or that it alarms well leaving senators I'm sure they did awful I'm afraid it was always going to be on my exhumed Stevenson's getting a battering they're all coming through lovely Dominique there well it didn't what we want to see this isn't the good side of sympathy and the transi Stevenson has got a shiner on the Left I was in this is the incident Hugh Jones went high and then Nutley went in this evening ttan and it was two on one was it pulling away and he was off Stevenson just well just just to lovely out optimal something to me to kindly about it carry on Veronica or never here lagina me should want to it little marks went straight into the mech color civic and civic returned the compliment now there will be a penalty police shook their pedal Jeremy officials are saying get on with it in I said double Bonneville pretty go again always ridiculous Cocoa's Chinaman Busby's on the ground is still going to me at the time we wrote an account that thing as a pacemaker with Francis even said we can get the position the goal is in Saturday's I see we're we throw a punch but be on camera so far but what about something addicted is there so let me go another couple of fingers get him walking that I need to give a kiss or silver when you get it world showing gray will be a penalty do with anything what would think so profile all penalty to wig another field yet to have one Stuart field in coming [Applause] nice and to me don't Stuart field and got up and then started talking to the referee I mentioned Larry field remember when Shana Lachlan took out with him robbing something or knocked on by Wiggin six to go Minnie Geller who the valvular doesn't look like you have like into the grounding balls I'm going to that they're concerned about Lewis teeny there you might even get a penalty after the try the senior going in at the ball with his feet like that but I think that the try will stand and he's purely looking to see Tina's actions in this now going in with a booth that's foul play this should be another penalty after the the conversion here you can't do that Kenya you can't go flying in with the boots they've had wrong throws the right indeed or something I don't think there's a half bag attached to that I think it connected he then they'll go into no Harrison summer department don't need it there's all that going on that plastic you know well we know that just couldn't save her Wiggin players legs that it's not critics and we don't need it you don't hear that muffled is my tackle [Applause] he was location here I can't really see what happened here with Johnson's getting up to the play the ball and even for some unaccountable reason just community tonight [Applause] Johnson is coming in to them stick today with some high country [Applause] regarding here even [Applause] so far the Franklin gets its procedure on me head-on shot oh dear Libra [Applause] okay it's not marginal depending on which part of it the girl the color editor I'm sorry okay that is no no he's gone he's gone to respect and here comes Andy Hague to run it back this is a good spell or shall we cook in oh that's crazy a movie put it there really Philip Neri this year oh well maybe there's been something said earlier in the game but that is not the festive spirit we want he just went straight in and then for some unknown reason throws the left throws another life still has connected yet bang perhaps he thought that a thing that Andy hates elbow wainting but either way you give and take in this game when you're w nevermind chuckles still flying in here could be a bit of time for late night beer clinics on again it's on again a wicked just leaps are not get involved in all these to get involved always kick it up here big style now boys [Applause] [Applause] the combination [Applause] that one [Applause] – zoom the durian Louie feel something is a penalty this is lifted and ready I must say McGinnis yes yeah you're right donkey [Applause] morning the trust activated [Applause] and then object rattles completely lost the plot he gets involved dragged rock rolling house goes off no more goes it and let's just say here the people like father this every boy picking back a Laura they certainly will miss in the guidance around to play the ball area Keith kick into the corner 5 like green eyes [Applause] at the top [Applause] roll over show about a drive to the second say hello to the chance to influence with the Ben flower what the hi Arthur boobie still maybe future by Cupid yours of the doctor is that flower here keep an eye on that [Applause] come on Madoka I think Van Praagh grand final ANOVA I think he's one of the best drops in the competition when he should walk through the field as little doubt in that Brian that is right John no one self client okay he would have been frustrated over the fact that he could have got a drive instead he took it out Orlando higher and the same standout it's still lying on the ground I'm going to say the woody crew still applied when Stan on the field [Applause] plus he knows that we can talk super serious on the balls up in the air and referee says it fall with an oxide and the struggle for gin goal and it could well to beat you up in a role this is very foolish of these teams then portray the ball with bobbing about up in the earth [Applause] [Laughter] moving wells you're jogging down the middle cutting down the weighing good play by Warrington over the grunted bad line and the cup junkies on the lake cattle Wigan could run of another player off the bail and appellative been given all the good other battle going on well this is the unacceptable face of rugby league [Applause] leading scoring simply a begun [Applause] boom that is the lazy general to the attention sorry is good [Applause] maybe you can just say we're looking for like what you two think [Laughter] [Laughter] interesting to do everything or just a drink again Joe [Applause]

50 Replies to “The dirtiest team in World sport!”

  1. 10:05 worst thing about it is the lack of support from his own teammates, I’m sure it has nothing to do with him being the only player of colour on the pitch

  2. 18:22 is bad but the worst bit about that segment is the fact he stands on the player who is down's hand as he is walking off the field, Wigan Thugby Club deserve all the hate they receive.

  3. I like how it is a rugby team who is dirty when it is world sports. We going to ignore American football and how that is probably more dangerous

  4. Most of the fights shown were between Wigan & St Helens, it’s a local derby & they hate each other, having said that, Wigan have always been a bunch of dirty bastards.

  5. Half of these are either accidental or retaliation. We're not dirty, we just dont take any shit πŸ’βšͺ

  6. Refs always take a blind eye to what Wigan, Saints and Leeds do. Been happening for the last 50 years or so.

  7. I was at the Ben Flower sending off match, right near where it happened in the stand. Come on you saints

  8. Wow a lot of hate for rugby league on a rugby league fight compilation, you guys think this is violent? Oh please.

  9. Tbh, I would love to be at the bottom of the pile. When 100 men of solid 100kg + Jump on top of u while beating each other.

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