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  1. Listen to the audio podcast version here: https://anchor.fm/martialartsjourney/episodes/27—The-Downfall-of-Taekwondo–Ft–Daniel-Woolhiser-e3ak7i
    More on Daniel: http://www.youtube.com/freestyletaekwondofederation

  2. I left tkd for the same reasons he stated. It is a sport but not realistic. Hands down, no punches to face, eventually got bored. Moved onto kuk Sool won which is similar to hapkido. Lots of joint locks, throws, ground fighting, weapons, pressure points.

  3. Take-Ones-Dough. Nice. Certain fits in with the 'American tiger style' taekwondo and hapkido mix that was taught at the local studios. It was so, so bad. Freelance instructors often got the best of them in sparing tournaments to the point local competitions banned anyone not with the larger studio federations.

  4. Great conversation, thanks for uploading. Quick note: it's pronounced "teh" kwon do. The romanization is a problem. Most non-Koreans, even black belts, mispronounce it.

  5. known as the bouncy martial art, taekwondo was originally developed for keeping the peace in children's jumping castle parties. public awareness increased dramatically in 1968 when Engelbert Humperdinck popularized the sport with his song "taekwondo-kwondo-kwondo"

  6. My Taekwondo teacher makes parents and teachers fill in a form so they can wright about the behavior of the kid so that he can question them about it in the test. If he doesn’t like what he sees he fails them

  7. Anyone who is 8th or 9th degree blackbelt and are not 70+ years old is the product of a McDojo.
    It should take a minimum of 5 years to get to black belt. Then 2-3 years for next dan, 3-4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10.
    So that is 49 years of training to get to 7th dan.

    If you are doing it much faster then you are not earning the belts and are paying for them instead.

  8. TaeKwonDo Indonesia, you know that ? Our country, every 1st winner on asian games, our president give us 1,5 Billion IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).. 750 IDR for 2st winner, 500 IDR for 3rd winner.. so, you will be very rich if you focus on your olimpics games fight.
    you will never waste your time to learn any Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and Other…. you can rent Police or some Bodyguard with airgun & martial arts certification to protect you….. while you focusing taekwondo and get the olimpic medal AGAIN and get a lot of money for long lasting Police or Bodyguard you can pay for guarding you.

  9. Taekwondo has the same problem as karate and many others. They lack the techniques barred by rules are too important to leave out.

  10. Honestly, I think the same thing is happening to Bjj that's happened to Taekwondo in the U.S. I think any martial art, no matter how technical, becomes ineffective when you take away training intensity.

  11. Yeah you see the grocery store taekwondo shop still full of students. Parents … Don’t know any better

  12. What a great video. I completely agree. Most kicks when properly implemented will be effective. Hell, my training in taekwondo practically saved my ass in one particular incident.

    During my college years, my brother and his friends got caught in a fight in the parking lot of a billiard. I ended up getting involved, when suddenly this guy ran at me like a mad man with a small crowbar. And i instinctively closed the distance and performed a side kick to his head. The combined momentum of him running towards me plus me closing the distance combined with kick, knocked him unconscious. It all happened in a split second.To be honest it was not some kind of tactical brilliant moment like in the movies, where i saw the danger and had time to think of a counter. It was purely instinctual and time seemed to slow a bit with some kind of tunnel vision.

    That kick essentially ended the street fight because everyone (including myself) was shocked. His friends were busy trying to resuscitate the guy, my brother and his friends where shocked (some laughing at what they saw), and i was terrified that i was going to jail because the guy did not wakeup after he hit the pavement. Thankfully the guy groggily became conscious, and the two groups went their own ways.

    Now these days i currently train in MT, bjj, and judo. When doing bag work in MT i sometimes catch myself hitting with foot (TK) instead of the shin (MT)… lol. In my opinion, any martial art with intense sparring will eventually create fighting instincts and reflexes. But there is also a personality aspect to fighting, some people just freeze when violence or aggression is aimed at them.
    In conclusion, I will always have a healthy appreciation for a properly used taekwondo kick.

  13. I’ve been practicing tae kwon do since I was 4 to about 18. I was student at eagle tae kwon do and my master never discouraged me from learning other martial arts. In fact he used to tutor me in boxing because that’s what he grew up doing. And he used to let other teachers of other martial arts teach at his school in the off hours. I actually learned bjj for 2 1/2 years from a bjj black belt who was just getting on his feet and taught at our school a while.
    So I believe it’s also about the teacher and not just the martial art that makes the discipline.

  14. Oh wow! I studied under Grandmaster Choi and still own a 2nd Edition copy of that book @ 35:00. I didn't expect this video to hit so close to home.

  15. The reasons for martial arts i.e. H2H fighting is warfare. In modern times theres little use for it except to develop fitness and agresiveness. So the only recourse for this arts to survive the march of time is to become sports.

  16. McDojo , birthday parties, kids…….but all those things pay for the pads, the bags, mats, targets, and AIR CONDITIONING…..and especially the parents. Their checks pay for all this.

  17. I've been training aikido for almost 12 years now. I am so disappointed…I've been trying so hard to change my mid, but it has not worked out. When I started training aikido I had a background in full contact martial arts, something similar to kickboxing. As soon as I started training aikido, I started to notice the openings in pretty much every technique. However, I told to myself that I was not good enough at aikido yet, so "maybe keep training and you will find true applications for all those techniques". It did not happen. Here I am a decade later. It hurts so much! I love aikido and I believe it has so much to offer in terms of body movement, peace of mind and stress relieve in some cases. I just do not believe in aikido as a martial art anymore. I am, I will and I've always been a martial artist! (I will post this in another of your videos to increase the chances of getting a response from you 🙂 )

  18. Sparring rules for TKD and Karate are a big problem. TKD leans too heavily on kicks and Karate on point sparring. Neither are realistic to a street fight. My dojo teaches free style sparing and hands as a primary weapon, kicks mostly low as secondary. Karate translates to empty hand so it is supposed to primarily hand techniques but Hollywood glorified it and made it popular in the 60's and 70's perverting it and leading to a lot McDojo's.

  19. I've trained in Boxing, Karate, Japanese Jujitsu, BJJ, Muay Thai kickboxing, TKD and Aikido. I think to be complete you need to cross train in a standing art Like Karate and BJJ. I don't agree that Muay Thai is necessarily better than a traditional art like Karate or TKD. It really depends on the amount of sparring and skill of the fighter. Karate and TKD both fully encompass the techniques of Muay Thai but I noticed the Thai people spar more than most Karate & TKD but there are exceptions. I went into the ring with Thai Kick boxers with my Karate training based on Kyo Kushin and held my own. The important thing is sparing and also supplement your training with something like Jiu-jitsu for the ground.

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