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  1. Thanks so much. Looking at something like this for horses. Your boy is adorable. And I'm not a kid person. LOL

  2. Great analysis on fencing. Any updates on poly wire in season two? Is it still durable, conducting voltage well and plastic poles holding up?

  3. Great info. I know you said you got the reels from Premier 1. How did you make the t-post reel holder?

  4. Thank you for all this info. I've been researching the poly wire setups and you are more thorough than even the premier guy. The 660' poly wire $20×4=$80, that is the wires on the reels? And does not include the cost of the reels? Which is $30 each.

  5. I saved your video and need to watch it a couple more times. This was super helpful! I am making plans for my own electric fence and this was probably one of the best videos I found on planning it out. Thanks!

  6. So another way to look at the cost is: Poly wire fence = $ for dinner and drinks for two in NYC.
    Based on my last date,… The fence was a better deal

  7. I love how you broke all of that info down for us. And showing literally how the hooks fit into the grooves on the posts! I have never looked at poly wire systems because I thought the net fencing was more "plug n play" but now I really feel like this is certainly the way to go for large projects. Would the metal splicers be for joining end to end poly wire securely or would you just tie a knot to add another spool for length?

  8. With the length of the polywire …. does it take more amps the longer or shorter the polywire.? Btw noisy rooster lol

  9. Can you link us to the reels and associated equipment? You have made the case for polywire well and it may be what I choose over 12 g wire. I'm just not sure how to acquire the reels and the things for them. Thanks!

  10. Nice and very educational Grass!! I am thinking you use that 4 strand poly wire basically just for the sheep paddocks. I am pretty sure you have the poultry netting fence already for the yardbirds.

  11. Excellent idea.. You don't need to buy hay lol you have plenty of land to grass feed your ram lamb, you even grow your own hay for the winter.. Plus you need to get couple female lamb so you can have some beautiful baby lamb in the spring..it's amazing.

  12. Excellent, now I'm fascinated to find out how that tarp works. I was just watching a Fortier video earlier today. I NEED that book. And a time machine. And not as much money as one would think, as you illustrated pretty well. That's not a big investment in fencing, and its all mobile. Smart, inexpensive, functional, and cool.

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