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  1. Thanks, man. I've seen a few variations of parry 5 and it's been really confusing me… now ik why. Thank you! X'D

  2. Happy to see someone who di this.  But too bad that is dark (eventhough I think that we still can see what's happening) but it would have been best if the video could show you entire body. But I guess you would have did it if you could 😉

  3. @SceeAnno it depends. You can check prices out on the LeonPaul website though:

    [wwwdot] leonpaul.com/acatalog/Foils_Parts.html

  4. @SceeAnno you could if the flick was strong enough to displace the line of the attack. A parry only counts if it actually PARRIES the attack. There are of course flick parries, but you'd have to be a competent fencer to use them effectively.

  5. @flaze3 That may be the case nowadays, but in his day, Saber and Smallsword (origin of foil) had similar parries. They were even akin to the Scottish Baskethilt Broadsword. Almost identical in fact.

  6. @jacobbenmichael well if he was an old-style saber fencer, that would explain the difference! In any case saber parries are different from foil.

  7. @flaze3 Alfred Hutton was a Victorian Era fencer and military man. He wrote a book called "Cold Steel", which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the subject of fencing as a martial art. In his book, he clearly documents the saber fencing techniques of his school, among other stuff (quarterstaff, dagger, etc.). He also wrote "Old Swordplay", which documents various styles of swordplay that were already extinct by his day.

  8. WOW…..that is WAY different than Alfred Hutton's guards.

    I think I'll stick with Alfred Hutton!!!

  9. @ChenCenter Haha, unfortunately I'm living in Mexico at the moment and my equipment is back in England! But maybe someday 🙂

  10. @flaze3 I couldn't agree more! Would love to see more of your fencing when you get to recording more. how about Flaze's Fencing Tutuorial? has a nice ring to it !

  11. @ChenCenter haha, well it's not very fashionable. It's like teaching grammar: apparently 'dull' but in fact very important!

  12. I teach foil fencing in the states, and was very surprised when I searched for parries in fencing. You and only one other actually went over the 8 positions. Thank you

  13. I like this video, though you may want to choose slightly better lighting conditions. Good job overall, you should make more about fencing!

  14. Ok,
    1) It was a demo: I overemphasized the extent of ACTUAL movement; and
    2) Though I agree with you that, in general, foil parries are usually v. slight, they need not always be. E.g. Seeding parries? Prime?

    In practice, I don't think 'parry quart now', but deflect the opponent's blade intuitively and look for a riposte.

    The 'eight parries' are used more as a training exercise to accustom yourself with attacks/parries/counters in different lines.

  15. What? Your perries are way to large for foil. I always learned that it was OK to be stabed and all you needed to do was tap the blade and stab them back. The way you were fencing it looked like right of way ment nothing. Then agian, alot of people I know fence like that. Whatever.

  16. sorry dude… it was just for fun. u cd watch it big screen, but if u really want to know the eight parries, go to google, and type in 'eight fencing parries' and u should find a decent diagram detailing them.

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