The Endurance Horse Rider of Dubai

The Endurance Horse Rider of Dubai

when I came to the Y my world was very much centered around the horse when you're riding for a long distance I think that you go through a big range of human emotions my favorite moment is when you feel that there is synergy that the heart is working comfortably and that you're becoming one my name is Uma man theory anga i'm from the basque country in the north of spain I moved to Dubai when I was 18 years old so about 10 years ago I'm an endurance horse rider at ilaria I'm endurance team long distance racing consists of covering a distance through open landscapes so the races are about 120 kilometres 160 there is a rhythm of the horse that puts you in a stage of concentration and peace in which you can feel that the space and you were one as you travel as you wander through it there is something powerful about being able to write for long periods of time for long distances when I first came to the why I came for two weeks to just see the horses and ride in the desert and I had met few people that were training here but I felt something wrong I felt something that would bring me back and would keep me here one of my favorite things was that I could be in the library at 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 I was on a horse in the desert I think that that's quite unique about this place I think that it is a city of contrasts and was something that I found incredibly inspiring I think the desert is a fascinating place I've been always mesmerized by its organic shapes the fact that its sound its colors that changes the Sun rises and sets it's the landscape that has moved me the most you have your horse and the landscape these years to find your path I think that that's what he makes me love this place you

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  1. Sooo I’m just here wondering why this particular endurance rider was chosen to be on this video? There’s so many other endurance riders out there that do the exact same thing as her…. ? She ain’t special

  2. My is good rider horse riding indian mobaile number 8279705280

  3. Hose riding is not importanct of life. This is the ediot propaganda of Dubai.
    shiehk Mohhamed Does he promote uma to his daughter in law?
    Why does he choose only Uma? Are you sure that she is still Virgin?

  4. This sport is cruel. Only nice for the human the horse is not taken into consideration.

    Metal pain bits and a lot of pressure on the mouth.

    Basically all horse sports are cruel.

    Dubai and many other Arab countries treat their animals terribly.

  5. aw man… I once had a job offer from a horse breeder over there, to take care of his horses… too bad I couldn't accept. Would have made a shitload of money!

  6. "Clean endurance regrets to announce we have discovered 3 hidden deaths at this ride as confirmed by the FEI.
    Azzam Al Khamis and Patrolons Moonstruck did not complete loop 1 whilst
    Syferpan Usain did not finish loop 3. The 3 horses were recorded on the national ride results as Failed to Complete or Eliminated
    The video shows the last few moments of Syferpan Usain's career as an endurance horse in the UAE
    Dubai Commemoration Day CEN 100km ride, 29th November 2017. "

  7. The fact that she has a passion for something as simple as riding a horse and the way shew helps you see it and feel it in this video is incredible. The way she described the desert was so poetic. ❤

  8. Just the fact she said it. Stop falling for this bullshit propaganda. The real women who live in this country can't do anything. But yeah nice try

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