The Evil Within 2 Shooting Range – CHAIN ATTACK (Very Hard) Locker Key for Locksmith Trophy

The Evil Within 2 Shooting Range – CHAIN ATTACK (Very Hard) Locker Key for Locksmith Trophy

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  1. At first I had no idea how I could ever going to get a Score above 40000 points because 1 the so-called instructions Don't do a very good job of explaining the Game they Specifies Same Color Boxes but Dont List of the Box Colors so what I thought was the Dark Brown Wood Grain looking Background turned out to be dark brown Boxes 🤣 because when you shoot a Combo or a group of boxes any Boxes Above fall down giving me the impression that the brown boxes were just background anyway I guess YouTube is still good for something thanks for the video…

  2. At the end it's always a gamble. But 80k is relatively easy, 100k is more of a nuisance. For me the main thing was not to immediately go for the hourglass, but also see first whether I could link up all other same color blocks before shooting.

    Btw I also tried explosive bolts – very east to get a negative score 😉

  3. Took me a while before I realized it but don’t shoot the hourglasses right away. They help with making combos. Once you have a moment where none of the tiles are shaking then shoot the hourglasses or when you’re running out of time. I got a score of 87000 using that tactic

  4. phew, got 88k on my 3rd try, now for the shooting range which is much harder, the sway when trying to aim is pretty poor though.

  5. Thank you bro! I finally got it! I was doing the same kinda thing, but wasn’t sure if it was right. I was getting perplexed by the colors after awhile but finally got 103,650! Thank you!

  6. Ty for this! I was going nuts there for alil while trying to figure this out. Great game, I think I like it better than the 1st one, if that's even possible 🙂

  7. I want to say upgrading firerate on the pistol and upgrade your weapon handing can help you pin point your shooting. Least for me I was a major improvement

  8. Looking for the colours 'shaking' is the absolute key and then snatching hourglasses up, seriously, I was doing this thing for days wondering how it was possible. Such a little detail, I just started looking for shaking and nothing else and got it first time with a crazy score. Thank you!

  9. thanks for this. in did not know the shaking gave me a bomb timer. i thought the shaking was just an indicator for a combo. got 104k now 🙂

  10. OMG until now I only scored 86k I need 14k more to get the last reward! Hopefully this video will help.

  11. I figured it out guys! Get a combo, and save the hourglass because it can turn anything around it another color. So if youre near the end and some red X marks are around your pieces, shoot the hour glass when the timer starts to tick. Just keep going back and fourth. Shoot a couple randoms, let the timer boil down, shoot the hour glass, take out the combo, and repeat. SAVE THE HOUR GLASSES!

  12. This has RE4 written all over it for days! RE 4’s shooting range was a pain but still worth it in the long run (it was super easy in the wii version). I know I’ll get frustrated doing this but it sounds like a challenge worth taking.

  13. Will you post the locker key guide soon? I saw on psn profiles that you have it. Thx for the awesome guides!

  14. I don't suppose you have any guides on how/what to put points (green goo) into for a "best/great" way of lvling up do you?

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