The Forest | HOW TO FIND THE MODERN BOW | Updated Location

The Forest | HOW TO FIND THE MODERN BOW | Updated Location

the modern bow is the most powerful weapon in the game unfortunately it's also one of the hardest to find follow me my friend I'll show you the way now before we start I want to note that you're gonna need the rebreather and the climbing ax in order to get to the modern bow so if you haven't already go check out how to find the climbing ax and the rebreather I'll link it down in the description so that you can easily find it also a quick note I'm assuming you've played the game a little bit you've got some armor you've got some weapons because you're gonna run into many cannibals and mutants on your journeys to find the modern bow now the cave entrance we'll be looking for today is called the chasm cave or cave 7 it's located right under the north-facing mountain we're gonna start here just northwest of the butthole and work our way across this little natural bridge or dam so here we are in the game let's go ahead and shoot straight across this little dam and it's gonna shoot you directly into cave seven let's go ahead and make our way in let's continue straight and you're gonna come to a cliff just after these dead hanging bodies and as you can see there are not too many friendly people down here let's go ahead and climb down we are on God mode so we do not have to worry about any of this let's walk down let's kick some ass and there we go easy peasy let's go ahead and knock our way through this barricade on to the second barricade and you're gonna come to an opening this is a massive hole you want to run left on this hole and we're looking for a rope just on the side right there okay let's go ahead and make our way down and this is where you're gonna need the climbing axe it's turn right and go down the second rope alright here we are on the second ledge you're gonna want to go down the third rope here this is a long way down okay here we are on the third ledge and this is where you're gonna need the climbing axe you're gonna want to shimmy across this wall we don't need it we're just gonna fly and it's gonna take you to here and you're gonna want to go down this rope as well let's make our way down alright now we are on the fourth ledge we want to make our way across this wall as well so we're gonna need the climbing axe for that because we need to get down that rope over there let's go ahead and fly across make our way to the fourth rope and let's get down to the bottom okay upon hitting the bottom you're gonna see a couple cannibals and a lot of mutant babies you can either choose to kill these or run past them we're gonna go ahead and kill them alright easy peasy let's keep walking down it's just a straight shot and you're gonna come to a little slit you want to go through that slit delicious okay we're gonna keep pushing straight now you want to be careful here you don't want to fall you want to work your way around this little edge and you're gonna come to a rope right here let's go down got some canisters there on the edge okay so we've hit the bottom of the rope now you're gonna see water and a trail leading off to the left you want to go left you're gonna pass a tint and there should be some cannibals right up here yes indeed let's go ahead and make quick work of them good night sir keep pressing forward and you should run into more barricades to the left here there we go now in this room there are several spiders and a bunch of mutants so let's make our way through and here we are we got three cannibals go ahead and kill all of them real quick there we go now this is where people can kind of get lost so pay attention you can either choose to fight these spiders or you can go ahead and put on your rebreather and what we're looking for is a waterhole you want to run right in this room and you want to run past all these stalagmites and there should be a hole right here now you can learn pretty much everything in this room down in this hole and they will drowned we're not gonna do that we're just gonna go down now this is quite a long swim you pretty much want to go down and up you may have to maneuver a little bit just to get in the right spot upon coming out of the water you're gonna find a tent right next to that 10 are some boxes and on those boxes the modern bow so there you have it the most powerful weapon in the game be sure to check out all the other how to's I show you how to get every item in the forest and I've also made a dozen series on this game be sure to check them out as well I'm pretty sure they'll tickle your butthole and give you a weird sensation in your bellybutton don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you in the next one partner the outer middle show showed you how to find the items in the forest bro if you follow me I'll show you the fucking path one plus one equals two it's simple math don't you dare get your info from other gamers I'm a priest in these woods and they're all flamers rip the forest apart limb from limb also giraffes with the sharks hope you can swim if you want another call please hang up and try again if you need help hang up and then dial your operator thank you

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  1. U don’t need the climbing axe u can just spam triangle or A and u can just let the armsie and canibals break the door for u and they cant follow u the rest of the way

  2. Holy buttholes!! Thank u so much. At first I just used a few of your videos for a few quick pointers. Now i started watching more and more both to learn and also for entertainment! Thanks again man SUBSCRIBED🙂

  3. "Strongest". well not vs the normal guys walking around.
    Its one headshot, no matter what bow or arrow.And if you go for body shots its 3 shots with either bow (and good arrows)
    But this bow doesnt have any aim assisstant wich sucks pretty hard

  4. Me and my boys got stuck in that cave we were in there for a long time until we saw a light in a rope

  5. I love your no-nonsense videos. You fast forward through the crap and get right to it. Excellent work. Also, 2 points to you for not starting every video with "Hey guys…".

  6. when i entered place (1:41) i got stuck by falling a down and landing on little rocks
    i thought i would use turtles shell as sled but i fell all the way down like 200 meter fall and actually survived

  7. Hi! I play with my friend this game. He is the host of our game. He can use god mode and anything else but I can't as a guest. Is there a way for me to use god mode?

  8. i hate the glicthes on the game its the second time where i go through the gap and the floor glitches and sends me to the bottom of the buthole and it wont let me go anywhere else

  9. I know a glitch to make the rebreather like a plastic flashlight but with unlimited battery, to do it you have to stay underwater for 5 seconds and as soon as you get out go to your inventory immediately and wait 5 seconds, then your all set , your welcome

  10. It would help if you showed yourself fighting with an upgraded spear and bone armor (as most people have these items) but still very helpful

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