The fundamentals of a Basic Chest Workout Using Free Weights at Circuit Fitness

The fundamentals of a Basic Chest Workout Using Free Weights at Circuit Fitness

my cambric here physically fit at 50 I've got my good friend here Mike act today he is the owner operator of circuit fitness where he does large group workout settings along with individual personalized training here at his gym he's been personal training for years he's been a lifelong lifter just like myself and by the way he's not quite 50 yet he is only 49 and 3/4 of the way there he's knocking on the door 50 don't get fooled by all the gray he's still in his 40s so Mike would it bring you in I know how we're already always sharing knowledge about different types of exercises different body parts different workouts and I want to bring head and want you to join us because we're not working my favorite body part today but we're working one of my favorites the chest alright so I want to talk to you about building a full chest using free weights so you know it's a big part it's an integral part of bringing in mass is putting the bar up above you I mean we'll go into dumbbells obviously – that's a big part yes it is but you know get in the proper form getting the proper bar speed getting proper placement of the bar across your chest and just a sequence of movements throughout the bar those are very very important you know details from building a massive amount of muscle or strength or whatever your goals are at the intro level at the you know advanced level it doesn't matter you got to get it all right because form and technique is everything 11 beyond weight and I know from the time that we're little kids where you're buying the flat bench you're using the cement weights or the weights you fill it with water back in the old days of their 70s I don't remember the C net weights that's that okay that was my time that's what I had if it we get high school and then it's all about the coaches and bench press flat bench but there's some more to work in chess than just flat bench now don't get me wrong every man is always comparing what's your bench all the way through a lifetime there's things a guy never forgets bad bitch squat and your forty times it at my age I'm no longer bitching a lot of weight maybe wants to hear I'll kind of max out and kind of test and see what I can do the only number that is important to me on bench these days is if I can lift one pound more than my sons so that's always the best they are nothing really better summer max maybe says so Mike let's take these guys through our basic some of our favorite chest exercises talk about the fundamentals and talk about how many reps and sets that we do and the techniques that we use and what exercise works what part of the chest let's do it alright we're gonna start off with flat bench your barbell flat bench today and first of all I want to talk about the reps and the numbers and the sets that I do I look for about anywhere from about four to five sets I kind of do a pyramid set but I always start off with the warm bubble when I start off where to warm up I started off with a light weight that I can get about anywhere from twelve to fifteen reps and now that doesn't count as part of my pyramid and then after that I'll go to something that I can get about ten reps and then after that I go eight reps six reps and then I bring it back down again to another eight reps and then ten reps and if I can finish that last set off with more than ten reps I like to do it why because at my age I'm more looking for the appearance now trying to build quality muscle just get plenty of numbers I'm trying to stay away from injury so so I try to go at a weight that I can handle now we're gonna get Mike in position here I wanted to start off flat you always want to get a good position on the bench feet flat on the ground his butt is down he does have a hair bit of an arch maybe in his lower back right here shoulder blades are touching now as far as the arm position goes he wants to get a nice wide grip why because we're working the chest the more he gets the grip on the inside then we start to isolate and hit more of the triceps which we're not trying to do not trying to work triceps right now we're trying to develop the chest as far as the flat bench goes this flat bit exercise kind of works the overall chest really stretches it out really well now remember where you lifted you always need to have a spotter just somebody there even though you can get the weight never know what could go wrong especially at our age thing in the gym I hate to see I see a lot of guys they bench press and they never bring it down all the way we always want to come down touch the chest get that full range of motion now when he's bringing it down he is giddy bringing it down with control getting just as much out of the lift bringing it down then he is pushing it up so you just don't want to collapse it on your chest you want to break it down with control elbows around he's sitting the full chest right now so this is a great movement great technique and it's real basic elbows back nice wide grip yes when we get it down touching the chest and bringing it up with control yeah so mark mark touched on a real important part you know a lot of guys they get into the gym they put a lot of weight on they're dropping that movement from the top to the bottom and they're not really allowing for that good it's called an e sense or contraction that eccentric contraction is responsible for a lot of the tearing now that sounds horrible but building muscle is about breaking down muscles so you break it down to build it back up well in that eccentric movement that's where you get the majority of that breakdown so if you'll control that movement coming down you'll get it better you'll get a better contraction coming down nice slow controlled movement and then exploding up secondly you'll control that bar a lot better so your movements just through the entire cycle of coming down and going back up it's just a better it's just a better stability better better contraction at the top of the movement because you're not unbalanced coming up and waving at the top either so slow that bar speed down coming up take it back up quick and remember we're always looking for a proper warm-up here and we're looking to get anywhere from four to five sets all right so we've got incline here this is another great chest movement all right so what incline is going to do for your chest is gonna work on that upper portion of the chest all right there's a few absolutes that I think very bottled it's you you incorporate into this movement to get maximum results out of it first off when laid back mark so where's hand placement that's the key right where do I put my hands it's always tell clients if you'll bring down your hands to about right here and make a field goal if you'll take your fingertips and point them at the bar that's about where you want to touch okay so if you lose bring your hands up always reference these little collars here you know this is called knurling that little rough part there's a shiny collar on all bars I reference that I know that my finger my ring finger goes on each bar and I know that's perfect for me so when I come down I've got my wrist over the top of my elbows and not out out here and I'm not inside here okay come inside like Mark talked about over on the flat bench you bring that wrist on the inside that elbow now you're working triceps it's not tricep day it's just a so placement of hands very very important mark don't lift the bar off now the first thing I like to do is I like to take my shoulder blades behind and squeeze them so I'll take my shoulder blades I'm finished and I'm gonna hold what that's gonna do is take those shoulders out of play I don't want to work my shoulders on the word chest so instead of having those shoulders round at the top of the movement and then coming down as I come down with the bar I'm going to squeeze my shoulder blades together and I'm gonna leave them there it's gonna give you a better harder tighter contraction at the cop in the movie all right so marks gonna come down slow like we talked about he's gonna stop just about right there right back up and squeeze at the top and moving okay keep those soda blades quit pinch back but you're still gonna get a squeeze at the top of the movement so when he's coming up he's squeezing right there I can see those muscles working you see how he's bringing that bar down nice slow controlled and then squeezing at the top of the movement elbows are back keeping those elbows underneath the bar you allow those elbows to come forward as you're benching what you're doing is to recruit more shoulders okay remember we want to work chest here isolate both that sets by taking shoulders down pull that elbow back underneath the bar okay that way you isolate that chessmen tomorrow now we're moving on to the decline bench you don't see a lot of guys doing decline because they feel like they don't get enough movement out of this exercise mat decline is excellent for working the lower part of the chest helping develop that lower part and get it real full and now you have less of a range of motion when doing decline because you're bringing it to the lower part of that chest now Mike you were laying back for me feet are usually up it's almost like some type of sit-up bench you got your feet hooked in now hand position just like the flat bench just like with incline bench is extremely important you still want to get wide on that grip elbows back and you're gonna bring it kind of to the lower part of that chest almost it feels like you're going over the upper abs when you actually do it so Mike you want to take it take it off the rack come down nice gradual touch bring it down slow with control because he is getting just as much out of the movement of bringing it down then he is pushing the weight up as you can see the motion his range of motion is limited when it comes to the decline bench sounds good Mike all right but you want to work the overall chest so if you want to work that lower part of the PEC area too you've got to do some decline all right here we go we're over at flat bench dumbbells we're doing a fly on this movement obviously there's many ways when you get to the dumbbells you can do all kinds of different ways so hun chest you know the very creative ways this one's just a dumbbell flat bench fly great for total volume it's going to hit a lot more mid chest so you get that nice separation between the chest or the PEC muscles on the chest plate it's a great way to kind of get some striations built and some definition so we're gonna start with this how to pick the dumbbells up I know it may sound trivial but obviously never surprises me I've seen guys have been in the waiting room forever and no pick dumbbells up incorrectly now granted it's it's not a horrible thing but if you go back to your research you'll find that most injuries in a health club they're typically from picking up and putting down weight so we want to minimize them so what we're gonna do is going to put the dumbbells on each side of your feet pick them up like you're gonna squat it you're going to sit back have a seat on the bench and put the dumbbells on top of your knees okay now I'm gonna kick one dumbbell up at a time he's gonna claw point up it's gonna come to his chest he's gonna do the same thing at lean back now core kicks in alright alright so what we're looking for here he's gonna bring the dumbbells up to a pressed position alright what we're looking for is to bring these dumbbells out and turn the dumbbells a quarter turn out with a little bit than the elbow so you see how he's got a slight Bend now when he comes back up he's gonna reverse that and create that quarter turn and hit the back end of these dumbbells together what that does is it creates a better finish on that chest okay now he's gonna go back out again get that quarter turn get that big separation between he's gonna come back up and squeeze now if you noticed like we did on the flat bench incline and decline we're coming down nice slow controlled we're coming up at the top of the movement he's gonna squeeze same thing here he's got his shoulder blades pinched together he's squeezing his scaps together taking out any of that and unwanted shoulder protraction at the top of the movement and coming down nice slow and controlled oh you did drop it so he's gonna come up now I want to watch so I'm gonna show you something here a lot of guys think they're done right here okay that each since our contraction we talked about it on the flat bench they're coming down nice slow controlled he's gonna come down like he's gonna do one more okay come down and then he's gonna drop them that's it okay take advantage of that each sense of contraction if they're very top of the movement and every one of your lives you're not done until you're finished with dumbbells at the bottom of the movement I'll tell you what the squeeze at the top is so important I mean you could just right you can just feel it and the striations and you just feel when you compress that at the top I love let's talk about that for a second so you know he touches on a very important part that squeeze at the top of the movement is tension time so if at any point in time you're gonna have a relaxed phase they look up the movement it's gonna be at the top of the movement so engage that squeeze squeeze that pack okay flex it every ounce of energy you have put into that PEC muscle at the top of the movement when you squeeze and then release as you're coming down and let the muscle re-engage in an active movement that's a very important point you made can I touch about flat bench so let's go ride it right there back when you're laying on the bench want to have a seat back with you okay here's another 40 days you're going through the space of move you notice his feet are flat on the floor okay his budge touching his back has a little bit of lip like he talked about over here mid back and definitely the stops of the shoulders on the backside those are all making contact and stay flat okay too often you're gonna see that right there especially with the heavy heavy lips all right horrible for the back it doesn't do anything for isolating on the chest okay keep everything flat to the ground be flat on the ground butts in contact mid-back steps in ok shoulders are touching scaps are pulled back together he's centric movement down through the movement come up squeeze at the top okay that's about as fundamental as far as the bench goes is I could think Mike you know that they touching on that I just hate it when I see people not just arching the butt but all of a sudden when they're going to lift their struggle with the weight the foot and they start whistling they're putting themselves at risk of injury pinching a muscle in that back pulling something I just hate seeing that kids like that a lot of time like what do that what that is is I got to get the weight up it's not about I've got to transfer everything here to where I want it in do it in an effective way that creates the most amount of muscle contraction in that tearing we talked about okay don't let weight supersede the functionality of the movement we're trying to build muscle okay stay focused on that contraction feel the muscle work and if you'll stay focused on that and not the weight how much it can lift and all that that goes with it you'll be way more effective than building muscle mass always say don't sacrifice the quality of the lift or a bunch of weight to try it quality lifting is what you're looking for especially at our age Mike because we want to be in this business for a lifetime lifting and if we go in there try to throw up the heavy weight losing our form we're to putting our risk of injury and we're gonna have just setback after setback which we can't afford to do it already you can't get in safely now for our last exercise I'm trying to get that full chest we've got dips now I know a lot of people think the dips are just for hitting the tricep but that's not true when you lean forward in your dip you're gonna jump up there Mike you want to lean forward to put more weight over the body you hit more of the chest as you come down you especially fill it in the side if you're more straight up then you're hitting more tricep but this is a great exercise leaning forward getting real deep and I know it does help you a lot trying to help work through that locking point when you are bench pressing kind of halfway up it's a great movement for hitting chest and especially finish it up your chest workout Mike and just like I know I'm kind of beating a drum here but just like on everything else we've been doing that east centric moving that coming down nice controlled movement is very important so with regards to dips you know not everybody can do a pull-up not everybody can do multi reps on dips either one so to assist in that you can buy bands so I bought this one from fringe sports you can get them at Academy you can purchase them through Road Fitness there's all kinds of different vendors that carry them and what you do is to place the band on here it gives you some assistance you can do the same thing pull-up bar you can loop this through have it hang put your knee inside of it and give you some assistance as you're doing your pull-ups so one assistance on the dip you put your knee inside here okay now it's going to give you some on the barre the very bottom of the movement allowing you as you get stronger through the movement to finish the movement with more of your bodyweight in control gang still assist you on the bottom you take control at the top all right offers you an opportunity to finish multiple reps where you normally wouldn't be able to and you can build strength this happens to be I think it's a 35 or a 40 pound you can get them in 20s tens you know 15 or whatever increments you want just take these bands down to a point where you're not even using anymore well Mike just to piggyback on the very opposite of that if you're real good at doing dips you've got a lot of good upper-body strength you can always go with the weighted object they have these belts usually in your weight room and you just kind of wrap it around of course you can add anyway I only have a 10 or here today just let it dangle and now I've added some weight keeping the weight over really hitting the chest now with now with some extra weight so there's ways that you can either make it easier for you assist you or or ways that you can make it even lords so today we just went over some of my favorite basic free-weight chest exercises that hits the chest that will help you develop that full chest so guys if you liked it please share it with your friends subscribe and keep on watching us because we're gonna come out with even more fitness videos coming your way in the future

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