The Funniest Moments in Sports EVER

The Funniest Moments in Sports EVER

29 Replies to “The Funniest Moments in Sports EVER”

  1. Hahahahaaaa! Buncha gold nuggets to start with "I think he's done a personal best" "that's a good finish too!" "Thank God it's finished!" Lol

  2. The first one is not funny
    He do him all best that he can do
    Haha sorry my English is bad
    Coz im from PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  3. Only first and bird one weren’t funny. But the rest were awesome! My daughter was telling me to stop laughing so much because it’s annoying. But this video was funny 😄

  4. The first one deserve an ovation for his fucking determination, keep it up brother, youll win soon!!!

  5. that guy in the first part of video is they called motivation that’s the real heart of true champion being fat guy it’s not easy to compete against that kind of sports

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