35 Replies to “The future of water sports? The Wind Weapon!”

  1. Does anyone remember the old Wind Weapon from the 80's? Same name, and similar idea, except it had a mast so you didn't have to just do a flexed arm hang the whole time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qutaAX8DMY

  2. The editing of this video sucked, ultra-slomos, clipped landings… Yo this is totally new to us, we've never seen it before, show us how it works not a bunch of 'guy in the sky' glamour shots. The surfwing thing looks sick!! Now give us a better video and tell us where to buy one

  3. Imagine how sick that would be if they could invent a pole that attached that sail to the board, it would be a total game changer

  4. Since the graph of evolution is pointing upward. We could use this wind weapon to literally jump off a mountain with the right rigging. Similar in aerodynamics to a hang glider

  5. Many of us need more light wind toys not more choices in high wind weapons! I'd rather be sailing than waiting on the beach or stuck on a boat. Let's hope that I don't need to have the muscles of Kai to run this wing nor the consistent Hawaii breezes either!

  6. Dont confuse future water sport with this beast of Kai Lenny ! He is next level, dont try this on your home spot x)

  7. Coastalfoundation.net can to help you make this complete setup with ocean harvested plastics!!!!

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