The Guy Who Likes Every Sports Team

The Guy Who Likes Every Sports Team

I'm heading out for the day you want to grab a beer I was trying to get sober but why not you guys gonna check out the game I won't do Minnesota for a year so you know I love the Vikings oh wow looking take a guess I can't tell the Boston Red Sox man that's my team I thought you liked the New York Yankees yeah I love the Yanks how can you like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox it's the greatest rivalry in sports history two amazing teams playing one amazing sport baseball I love baseball right but people are territorial about sports man that's what makes them fine oh yeah don't get me wrong I got hometown pride I was born and raised in Evanston that's why I got to rock my Blackhawks gear my mom's from Kansas City so I'm reppin dem Chiefs and I just moved to California so you know I got a respect the Los Angeles Clippers and of course Los Angeles Lakers baby and who could forget the Golden State Warriors boom wait no that's Shark Tank team hold on the Golden State Warriors the Golden State Warriors thumper that's every basketball team in California yeah except for the Sacramento Kings aka my other favorite basketball team stop Here I am just going on and on about my team so not even asking you about who you root for who do you guys root for but you know I'm from New York so I like the Yankees and the Giants oh dude I'm a die-hard New York Giants fan – man and I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan I wore a Victor Cruz Jersey to the link last year I beat the shit out of myself you beat the shit out of yourself Oh Sports alert haha the Padres beat the Dodgers baby pay up ooh Dodgers lost to the Padres looks like I owe somebody some money myself I'm gonna venmo myself $6,000 dumper are there any sports teams you don't like I hate the Green Bay Packers when they're playing my Chicago Bears great but I also hate the Chicago Bears when they're playing my Green Bay Packers what would you do if they played each other thumper I'm a legit Aaron Rodgers cheese head right here man Brett Favre legend great anglers and Bart Starr he was goddamn hero so the Packard Watts Jay Cutler is one mean sob and totally underrated as a quarterback he's one of my favorites along with Aaron Rodgers Joe Flacco the Manning brothers all of the NFC and Mike Ditka Da Bears fuck you thumper you're not a real sports fan okay you have no allegiances you're a bandwagon yeah I never thought of it like that before it's just that I've always looked up to the guys on the field since I myself can't play sports on the account that I have a muscular disease so seeing those guys out there see my childhood dream in each and every one of them my childhood dream that was shattered when I was diagnosed with the aforementioned muscular disease I'm so sorry I didn't know you have a muscular disease yeah and hepatitis A through C couple of palsies I have Osgood Schlotter and the other thing when your tongue is real thick and white I had that a yeast infection Jon Gabrus Hollywood actor hope you got a few laughs but just you know muscular disease it's a serious issue so click to subscribe

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  1. its fine to like players from multiple teams, but you always have to stick to the one team to root for

  2. Premier League: Manchester United
    NFL: Philadelphia Eagles
    MLB: Philadelphia Phillies
    NHL: Philadelphia Flyers
    MLS: Philadelphia Union
    International Football: England

  3. NHL: Red Wings
    MLB: Tigers
    NFL: Lions
    NBA: Pistons
    College: Michigan
    And for anyone curious, i've been following all these teams since about 2006.

  4. NFL: bills
    Nba: lakers
    NHL: sabres
    MLB: Yankees
    NCAAB: st Bonaventure
    NCAAF: penn st

  5. NFL: Cowboys
    MLB: Brewers
    NBA: Bucks
    NCAA Football-Basketball: Badgers
    NHL (I dont really watch but if I had to pick a team): Wild

  6. Nba : San antonio spurs
    Mlb : Houston astros
    Nfl : New england patriots
    Nhl : san jose sharks
    Aaf : Orlando apollos

  7. This is me . This is how I get punched in the face for liking the other team I’m not supposed to like

  8. In Pennsylvania, West and East are bitterly divided. Where I come from, we would rather die than see the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

  9. A kid in my science class was talking about the Clippers and I asked, "Are they basketball?" I had my next class with him too and he was soo annoyed. I mean, at least I guessed right, I only care about Ohio State Football.

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