The Hand Writing on the Wall

The Hand Writing on the Wall

Yesterday we took a
look at the account of the three men in the fiery furnace, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace, and God stood there with them, and he rescued them. And then the king, he
responded in a great way. King Nebuchadnezzar he said, “There is no God like your God, guys, “a God who is able to save, “and a God who is able to rescue.” Again, a great statement of
faith from Nebuchadnezzar. So you can see his faith
is kind of continuing, it went up and then it went down, and now it’s up again. Today we kind of see it waver. In fact, we’re looking at two kings today. We’re looking at Nebuchadnezzar and then we’re looking at his successor, one of his successors named Belshazzar. And we look at those two kings. We give one very important lesson, the same lesson from both
of them related to pride and how we feel about
ourselves in relation to how we feel about God. The first lesson comes from us, the first part of that lesson
comes when Nebuchadnezzar had another dream. This time he didn’t dream of a big statue that was made up of different materials that a rock came and destroyed. He dreamt of a big tree, a large tree that spread over
the face of the whole Earth, provided shade for a lot of people. It was massive, it was beautiful, it was wonderful. But then a voice came from
heaven to cut down the tree, and the tree was cut down. But the voice from heaven said, “But leave the stump and leave the roots.” And so that was the dream. Because Daniel had shown great ability from God to come and interpret dreams, he brought Daniel in to
interpret the dream again. And Daniel told him the
meaning of the dream. He said, “King Nebuchadnezzar, “that tree represents you, “and it represents your kingdom. “It’s massive and it’s beautiful. “It’s great and it does so much good. “It provides shade for so
many people in the world.” He said, “But at some point, “you’re going to turn away from God “and God is going to see that, “and he is going to cut down your tree. “But he is going to leave the roots, “and he’s going to leave the stump, “so that when you turn
back to Him in faith, “He’s going to build
the tree back up again. “It can grow up again.” So Daniel urged him. He said, “Don’t put
yourself in that position. “Just love God, love God, love God, “and don’t put yourself above God.” But of course, Nebuchadnezzar, he didn’t. He didn’t listen. Part of the interpretation of the dream was what was going to
happen to Nebuchadnezzar after he turned away from God. As in not only was the
threat of his kingdom being, his kingdom was going to be
taken away from him for awhile, but he himself was
basically going to go crazy, go insane, act like a lunatic in a lot of ways. And that ended up happening. Because one day, Nebuchadnezzar, he’s just walking through
the middle of his kingdom and he’s looking around, and he just pauses and he says, “What a great kingdom I have built. “Look at how awesome I am. “Look at the awesome things that I do. “There is no one on Earth like me. “I am the greatest person
ever in the history of ever.” (laughs) Loose interpretation, I don’t think he said it exactly that way. But God heard it, and that’s exactly the thing that Daniel had warned him against. Give credit to God for all
the good things in our lives. But he didn’t. He looked at himself, he elevated himself, and he said, “I’m so great.” So God did exactly what
he promised in the dream. In a moment he became insane, he became crazy, and in some really unique ways. I encourage you to read through it. But it didn’t take long before
he remembered the lesson that Daniel had taught
him through the dream. Where he realized, “Wow, this is really happening.” And God really is serious about us wanting to recognize Him as God
and not ourselves as God. And so he repented. And once he repented, he got his clear mind back again, he was back to himself, and he was back ruling his kingdom. And then at the end of that, after all of that happened, it says, “Nebuchadnezzar, he praised and he exalted and
glorified the King of heaven” These are his own words. He says, “Because everything He, “everything God does is right “and all His ways are just. “And those who walk in
pride He is able to humble.” And those are the last words
we hear from Nebuchadnezzar. We don’t hear what happens after that. We don’t know when he died. When you get into the next chapter, the very next verse takes
us to one of his successors, King Belshazzar. And King Belshazzar, he’s having, it refers to Nebuchadnezzar
as Belshazzar’s father. He’s having a big party. And during the party, you might remember that Nebuchadnezzar had gone into Israel and he had, and part of taking all of the people from Israel back to Babylon, was taking a lot of the things that had been in the
temple back to Babylon. And Belshazzar, when he’s
having this big old party, he says, “Hey, let’s grab some
of those cups, and goblets “and stuff that we took from the temple, “and let’s use them to have a good time.” And so they go in and they
grab a lot of the cups, the silver, and the gold, and they pour wine into them, and they’re having a great time. And then it says they started to worship the silver, and the gold, and all those different things as if those things were the gods. And then as soon as it says that
that started to happen, that they were worshiping
something other than the true God, they were worshiping these cups and different things like that, and then it says something
suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and it was a hand. It was just a hand appearing
in the middle of nowhere, and it started writing on the wall. It started writing a message on the wall, “mene, mene, tekel, parsin” it said. And Belshazzar was just terrified. This floating hand writing
a message on the wall. And he didn’t know what it meant. He wasn’t able to interpret it. And none of the, none of his other wise men
were able to do that either. He was really, really scared. So they brought Daniel back in again, and Daniel was able to tell him what the hand writing on the wall meant, which is by the way where
that phrase comes from. You may have heard of the phrase, “They’ve seen the handwriting on the wall.” It was an indication of what’s coming. It comes from this biblical account, the handwriting on the wall. But Daniel came in and he said, “Belshazzar, I can tell
you what this means.” He says, “God has evaluated you, “and he takes what you
did here very seriously, “and you’re going to be punished for it.” He gave a little more insight. He said, “Belshazzar, you
knew what your father did. “You knew about all the
ups and downs in his faith. “You heard his confession
of faith at the end. “And you knew how he turned
away from his other gods, “and eventually he came and
he worshiped the true God. He said, “You knew those things, “and yet you still decided
to worship another god. He said, “So Belshazzar, “your life is going to end. “And it’s going to end quickly.” And it did. He died that night. That was it. While God had given Nebuchadnezzar chance after chance after chance, Belshazzar, maybe in part because he should have known better, he cut off his opportunity right away. Now God doesn’t tell any of us
exactly how long we have on, how long we have on Earth. We might have five minutes, we might have 50 years, we might have, we don’t know. But we do know this, that this time on Earth
is our only opportunity to get right with God. Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, they both suffered from pride. There was something that they loved more than they loved God. And if there’s something in your life that you have loved
more than you love God, if it’s yourself or anything else, do not wait any longer and acknowledge that to God. And repent of it, and turn to him just like Daniel urged Nebuchadnezzar to do, just like Belshazzar
should have known to do. Turn to him and what will you find? No matter the sin, whether it’s pride or anything else, no matter what you’ve been
holding onto with all your heart more than you hold onto God, you’ll always find a God who
is determined to hold onto you. Who’s already forgiven it, and who obviously can take care of those who walk with him in faith. We certainly see that in Daniel. We see it show up in
so many different ways. And tomorrow, we’ll see it
show up in probably the most well known way of all with Daniel. I’ll see you then. Today, we took a look at the sin of pride which can be such an
easy one to fall into. One of the greatest ways to combat the sin of pride is by thinking of ways that we know that God is greater, ways that we know that God is good to us. And by focusing on those good things, so that’s a little bit easier to say, look at the good things God does, look at the great things
that God does for me. And so maybe if you wouldn’t
mind sharing one thing or a thousand things
that you’re grateful for when it comes to your
relationship with God as a way to keep all
of our eyes focused on who our great God is so that we can simply feel
safe in His great care. Share those things. Give us all lots of reasons, and collectively let’s give
each other lots of reasons to look to God as the
great God that he is.

18 Replies to “The Hand Writing on the Wall”

  1. Thanks for this message. All the messages/videos in this Daniel series have spoken to me but none more than this one. Thank you for bring a part of the writing on the wall that I needed to see and hear. I was prideful in many areas with work being one of them and God had to allow my tree to be chopped down but I’m thankful for the roots and the trunk as God has been drawing me closer to Him as I repent and am leaning more into Him. He’s keeping me.

  2. Merciful and loving God help us to be humble and let your perfect will be done in our lives. God bless you and thanks for sharing

  3. Through my life as a music minister and pastor, I have often found myself under attack from the spirit of pride. It takes constant vigilance and frequent repentance. And, in His grace, God has often reminded me of my thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan to remind me of my flaws and keep me humble, always reminding me that God's grace is always greater, and without that grace I have nothing. Thank you ToG!

  4. My best moment when I let go of pride in my life is when God took the Alcohol away from em and restored to me everything I have ever lost including my children. I lost everything and God gave it all back to me within a 2 year period. What an Awesome God, Thank You Heavenly Father.

  5. ways that I think I could do better than God – my sins – oh, my pride. The videos you post are good. I study the Word and you bring new thoughts or directed focus topics for the day. Thank you.

  6. God is my everything! He provides everything from Savior, Jesus, to Comforter , Holy Spirit, Himself, as husband, provider.
    I lost my 34 yr old son, David, tragically 5 1/2 years ago…He has held me, rocked me, wiped my tears, whispered words of love and comfort to my devastated, broken heart. I can't praise Him enough and long for the sweet day I see him face to face and actually get to hug HIM!! THANK YOU LORD, FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..THERE ARE NO WORDS, IN ANY LANGUAGE, SUFFICIENT ENOUGH TO EXPRESS HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR YOU AND TO YOU, BE ALL THE GLORY, HONOR, AND PRAISE!!

  7. God has spoken to me a few times (that I know of ) once He said “son just be yourself, for there is nobody down there that has that job, only you”. Second time I was worrying about money, and He said “if all of your problems in the world could fixed by X amount of money, then you have no problems”.

  8. Astounding Work, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

  9. I am grateful that God uses my schizophrenia to reach out to me in times of mental and psychological struggle. I'm thankful that I got to meet Jesus, even though what I went through was because of my own sin, and am more grateful that Jesus showed me mercy while hanging on a cross to die for me and give me the forgiveness i need and do not deserve. And I also thank the Holy Spirit for showing me all the things I have learned on my walk with Christ and every fellow believer in Christ to which there will be no end once we enter into eternity with God. Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for everything we have received from you and we cannot wait until you return Jesus on that day that which no matter knows but the Father and especially cannot wait to be with you forever. In Jesus name. Amen!🙏♥🙏🤙

  10. Thanks for loving me, and forgiving me my sins. I love you Lord and I thank you for your loving care and provision all things come from you.

  11. It was PRIDE that caused Satan to fall! Pride is so very serious in Gods eyes. Remember we cannot do anything without God. Entire dependence upon the Father is the key that keeps us humble. It is written “In everything give thanks!” (Emphases mine) Without God we are nothing but lumps of flesh. Be blessed & bless Father God.

  12. Once years ago I fell into serious sin for about a year. When I came to my senses & repented, God chastened emerges very severely, as a Father chastens his child. I was so grateful, because I realised all the more how much he loves me.

  13. I'm simply thankful for these reminders that I need to keep going to God for Any and Everything. Also to stay genuinely and sincerely humbled (for He knows if it's fake or not) He's The Reason that i (this is lower case on purpose) exist on this planet. i publicly declare that You God are my Lord & Savior. It is through You that i have everything that i do. i'm nothing w/out You. I praise You & give You thanks in the bad & good times. i love You with all my heart, mind, & spirit 💖😇⛪️✝️.

  14. I have a story to share regarding pride and loving things/people in this world more than God. When my mother was in her last days on hospice, in bed, but still able to talk she, at one point, pulled me and my sister in for a tight hug, began to cry and said, “I don’t want to leave my girls!” We, of course, didn’t want to lose her either, but I mustered up the courage to say, “I know mom. But don’t love me more than Jesus. Love Jesus more”. After a brief look of surprise on her face, her tears ceased and she smiled and said, “Ok, I won’t. I do love Jesus more.” She died peacefully about 12 hours later. And those were the last words she spoke. I’m sure it was difficult for her to say that, as it would be for any parent, that we would love Jesus more than our own children, but the peace it brought her to know that her children were ok with that was amazing to watch.

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