'The Hobbit's' Elves Talk Dragons, Tattoos, and Sexually Suggestive Horse Riding Outtakes

'The Hobbit's' Elves Talk Dragons, Tattoos, and Sexually Suggestive Horse Riding Outtakes

why is that dragon so pissed off the opening scene you see mad at you because I looked at even odds you know that there is a page on Facebook dedicated to not liking your character I don't want to know that why do you tell me J actually by the way messing with this is Alicia water brought her knives on from New Zealand yeah um yeah that shakers always pissed off he's just born pissed off dragons are very likable creatures they're they're they're unhappy by nature it's true that's that's the in that at least in tokens world what about it there's a scene with this dwarf comes on to you romantically how do you feel about short guys real-life I'm totally cool with short guys but recently I've experienced what it can be like to be with a tall guy and it's pretty fantastic how's everybody's here so shampooed and conditioned and looking so wonderful it was ours so it just it just comes natural disease though yeah like we need maybe we are like frou-frou II don't even get dirty yeah um yeah it's part of it's one of the perks of being an elf richard armitage actually has people with tattoos of his character on their body do you guys any of you have anybody tattooed your face on their body I've got a tattoo of a pendulum on my body where I posed it for it did you it took 18 hours it was how to come over can you see it worth it huh no seriously could anybody doing any of your crazy fans do anything like that like yes I'll totally I really had like six different people would like that Legolas thing tattooed on the man on their thighs yeah does stuff like that it's kind of interesting that's because I hope in donated this world that those kind of characters those fans can really step into and their minds their imaginations go wild and shooting those long hours any funny moments of how we just look at up each other I'm looking at your ears on the in the movie and stuff you ever look at each other oh my god what am i doing I had one time where I was I pulled back my bow to take a shot and I let go and it took my ear right off that was weird cuz was hanging by a thread I was walking I gotta take your prosthetic off and yeah really the real one I wouldn't know plain enough you're trying to keep yourself together keep graceful and all that stuff and I kept falling down why would I fall down walking up to my throne I fall off my elk many times cuz you really want to go for it we had to know he really had a great money but speaking of a whole Surrey team we were saying where we hide and I've got this like we were on a blue screen what was it like green green foam thing and so she's was I sitting behind you I was behind you a behind me oh yes I was in somebody doing the right thing and it was hilarious they should get out take to that you know I exaggerate the moat the motion so it looks realistic so it's such like just riding each other we were forever and your faces you look so bored you were just like yeah oh Orlando Orlando congratulations on finishing out the Hobbit thanks man are you gonna go back on to doing some more Will Turner uh that's that's impossible yeah that's impossible this talks about doing just but not very much just um they want to kind of yeah that's impossible but I can't really talk too much about it because it's literally a very much Aaron Solomon

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  1. It's one of the purposes of being an elf to have gorgeous hair 😆 btw am I the only one imaging Thranduil as Tauriel's father in law? No just me ok

    and how about they are changes
    and how about can not write you??? i know the Tecanism is slowly throw aways they are Punishment there

  3. I'm pretty sure this is the exact same interviewer who pissed off Scarlett Johnson. When he asked her about whether or not she was wearing underwear under her bodysuit for Avengers. so him right away saying something negative about Evangline Lily is not at all surprising.

  4. This interviewer is terrible, asking stupid and petty questions and that rude question about the Facebook page like wtf, I've seen him do the same thing to a few other celebs, especially females. What a dick.

  5. The funny thing is in the last interview with the pink haired woman Orlando had his hand around her NOW Lee has his hand around her.🤣

  6. anyone thinks that after the rude question lee pace is giving hand signals to orlando and lilly behind her back? thats what orlando is looking at …and at 0:44 they are clearly communicating through eye contact about what to do with that jerk

  7. The interviewer is kind of stupid, but that question to E. Lily was legit: people disliked her character, it's a fact. An actor/actress should be prepared to receive critics not just compliments. I personally believe she should have answered in a more professional way to that provocation instead of getting all offended and evasive.

  8. TAURIEL IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!! Jesus why is this interviewer so rude… I mean I get why it exists… even though I've read the books as well and actually thought Tauriel was a nice addition, but I get it. However, why mention it? What was he hoping to get from that? "Oh great thanks for telling me I'll look it up?" … It's just plain rude.

  9. I love how Lee immediately comes to her deffense, even his body language (He unconsciously wraps his arm around her when he starts deffending her) indicates that he's gatting protective of her.
    Also what kind of questions were those?? o_O

  10. OK I UNDERSTAND THAT DRAGONS CAN BE BAD BUT EVER WATCH THE MOVIE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!😠 obviously smaug was mad at things that happened in river town in the past, like getting stabbed with an arrow, and he's the type of dragon who probably grew up loving and protecting treasure! dragons r du best!

  11. Wow, that interviewer was so rude! That first comment, why would he say that?! Yes, Tauriel was an unpopular character, mostly just because of that love triangle. But that was so rude! I'm so glad Lee and Orlando were there to help her out and make that less awkward. Lee was great. First he gave that interviewer a look that said, "What's wrong with you? Shut up." Then he immediately cut in and started defending her and making it less awkward. Such a gentleman. But wow, that interviewer needs to learn some manners.

  12. Interviewer is completely devoid of any intelligence…this guy should be doing interviews for Howard Stern asking his guests if they like short guys….

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