33 Replies to “The Horseshoe Puzzle and Variation”

  1. On the second puzzle, please be thorough and complete the video by showing yourself putting it back together. You made the same omission on a video I watched of yours yesterday. Very frustrating.

  2. Hey I've done this puzzle lol 🙂 I had to look up instructions because I'm not very good at these lol. Once I figured it out though I showed my friend and he was so confused 😂

  3. I actually guessed correctly how to solve the first horseshoe one. I'm already a pro after watching your videos hahah

  4. On a trip to Gettysburg, they had this puzzle, only the horses shoes were replaced by handcuff shapes. I was fiddling around with them so much that the ring in the center dropped to the ground by accident, and I rushed out of the shop because first of all, I had made a loud noise dropping it, and I had absolutely no idea how to put it back together. I saw one of the employees' faces and I knew he hadn't either.

  5. 0:21, One way, or another, i'm gonna find ya, i'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha, One way or another im gonna win ya

  6. My old man showed me the horseshoe puzzle when I was little. He would solve it in front of me so fast I couldn't see the trick to it. When I figured it out the next day, it was best feeling you can get as a kid. Today It rests on my desk, always there to remind me of my problem-solving legacy.

    These videos are very professional and well made. Thank you.

  7. Nice videos but put your intro at the start of the vids or have no intro at all. It's silly and annoying to put in middle.

  8. Yo dude, you have super cool and genuinely original content that is going to blow up. You also have really nice straightforward and clean edits. Awesome channel, and awesome work.

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