The Hunter Call Of The Wild | TESTING THE SHOOTING RANGE!!

The Hunter Call Of The Wild | TESTING THE SHOOTING RANGE!!

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  1. Going off Ballistic Coefficients, In general.. the 7mm is far better for longer range shooting. I guess it all goes off practice with a specific caliber. DOPE and shoot.. DOPE and shoot. Its true the .338 will carry more kinetic energy farther out. So I wonder how advanced the ballistics in this game are? On paper, the 7MM is king.

  2. Plz some one help no mater what I do I can’t hit a target past 300 Iv shot hundreds of times and nothing will hit a target past 300m and I can get 9-10 every shot at 300 why can’t I hit anything past that nothing is working and I’m getting kinda mad and when I’m hunting if I shoot at an animal past 300 it dosent even move

  3. as a hunter in real life i ask why dosent this game have a pair of shooting sticks?? or a bipod of some sort?

  4. Im from the UK, Scotland and in my home town there is a small shooting club with a shooting range, we are allowed a gun lisence here by the way for hunting 🙂

  5. I don't know what the distance of being zeroed in was. I know that it was farther than 50m and the bullet was still climbing is why the round was going high rather than where you were aiming.

  6. Has anyone noticed how good the sound design is in this game? As a shooter for 20 years I still play video games occasionally and wanted to lay this as I do a lot of hunting. Honestly, these have the most realistic gun sounds ever.

  7. am i the only one that has noticed the floating firing ranges that are on the other maps far west of the map in the black area sournding the offical map just find it on the map then tp to it

  8. As a rifle shooter I'm always surprised at how little some people know about rifle shooting. It's really nice to see a newcomer get excited about learning what holdovers are and how to use a scope, and learning to shoot via trial and error. Even if it is within a video game. Fooster if you ever get the chance to go to a real rifle range, do it. I guarantee you'll love it. Especially if you go with an experienced marksman.

  9. Fooster fooster fooster. Why you say this😂. We have loads of shooting ranges in the UK. I English and hunt every weekend and also go to shooting ranges quite often. You should make a video at a shooting range fooster just find the closest one to you.

  10. Know I'm late to the video, but definitely excited for the PS4 release. I've been waiting too long.

  11. Just so you know, we do have ranges in the UK. A fair few folk own firearms in this country. Mostly manual bolt rifles, although I've seen a fair few semi .22's about recently.

  12. Also this article explains what mil dot is:

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