The Infinity Gauntlet – Atop the Fourth Wall

The Infinity Gauntlet – Atop the Fourth Wall

Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. Event comics month continues with the story that will be adapted into the next Avengers movie: The Infinity Gauntlet Unless you’re watching this after that came out in which case: Hello again the future! I like to keep my show nice and dated. The Infinity Gauntlet is from 1991, meaning at this point we’re well into how event comics work. Although, believe it or not, The Infinity Gauntlet is only Marvel’s third with the definition I gave of tie-in issues plus limited series where the main story takes place. The first two were, well, Secret Wars and Secret Wars II, and even then Secret Wars was arguably not an event under my definition because it didn’t have tie-ins in the traditional sense. Otherwise between 1986 and 1991 it was mostly just crossover storylines like “Mutant Massacre” or “Acts of Vengeance,” but of course that doesn’t mean such events were unlikely. Oh no, after the success of Crisis on Infinite Earths DC basically had a bunch of crossovers almost annually including “Legends,” which I talked about briefly in the Blue Beetle retrospective, “Millennium” which gave us The New Guardians, “Invasion,” which was one of the runners-up for the votes for event comics month having been adapted into some of DC’s TV universe, and most importantly for today “War of the Gods.” War of the Gods was an event in 1991 meant to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 50th anniversary. Written and drawn by Jorge Perez who of course did the artwork for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Shame on me for not mentioning that or that the Alex Ross cover for the trade had pencils done by him. Sorry. And although “War of the Gods” only had a four-issue miniseries for the main story, it’s actually a story in 25 parts with the tie-in issues serving as the other 21 pieces of the story. Perez was clearly very invested in war of the gods and celebrating Wondy’s 50th, but felt that DC wasn’t doing enough to promote the event plus editorial issues were popping up and causing problems. What does this have to do with Infinity Gauntlet? Well that’s because Perez was also tapped to do the artwork for it Unsurprisingly, while the guy is a pro and a friggin’ fantastic artist, it was too much for him and he was unable to finish the art work on Infinity Gauntlet, only doing up to issue 4 out of 6. But let’s talk about the event itself and some of the major players in it. See, some of these characters we haven’t actually talked about before, including the most major of the players: Thanos himself. Thanos hails from Saturn’s moon Titan, and his mother tried to kill him at birth. Man, parents can be a real bummer, am I right teenage viewers? As he grew up Thanos became obsessed with nihilism and death, eventually falling in love with the physical embodiment of Death itself portrayed as a woman so Thanos can have a case of the Not-Gays. Well actually death may have been portrayed as a woman before I don’t know, and I don’t care all that much, but yeah, Thanos’s his entire deal is about wanting to impress Death herself. Basically this entire event is centered around a guy who can’t take the hint that she’s just not into him. Actually funny story, she *is* into him… Kinda… Sorta… …their relationship is weird, and we’ll get back into that a bit more in a second. The other big player we’ve got to talk about is Adam Warlock. In the comics, He’s a gold dude who was created by scientists on Earth as an artificial perfect human. He went into space did a bunch of space stuff and in particular he got his hands on a shiny rock known as the soul jewel however it is better known as the Soul gem, one of the six Infinity Gems. The gems represent different metaphysical aspects of creation itself: Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality, and Power. Each individual gem is dangerous enough since they grant the wielder certain superpowers: like the Time gem allowing one to control time or the Reality gem screwing with fundamental physics of the universe Naturally, whoever wields all six of them at once is basically a god, and yet Thanos still manages to forget their anniversary and gets Death a crappy gift. Being a more traditional event comic, there’s actually some backstory involved in this. Nothing major, but the funny thing is that if you assume that part of the story involves Thanos actually going and claiming the gems and the heroes trying to protect them… Well, you’re wrong! No, the story starts with him already having them. Thanos’s collection of the gems is told in the two-part miniseries “Thanos Quest.” It’s actually a really good story, although given how powerful these things are supposed to be; the fact that he manages to get all six fairly easily is a bit head-scratching. Still while the quest is basically a cakewalk for Thanos the story shows off his guile and intelligence; more often tricking his adversaries into giving in the gems than trying to overpower his opponents through brute strength although he has plenty of that to spare. So how can our heroes defeat someone wielding that kind of power? Well, let’s dig into The Infinity Gauntlet, and see how they pull it off. [THEME INTRO] Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall Where bad comics burn! Linkara’s gonna teach you all A lesson you won’t learn. Brodsky, you’re not the smartest. Liefeld, you’re not an artist. Anyone who’s had a bad comic published It could be your turn! LINKARA He is a man Punch Wears a pretty hat. LINKARA He has a magic gun Where’d he purchase that? LINKARA Coins Robots Amazons and Trucks LINKARA This Comic Sucks LINKARAAAAAA! [Opening from “No Scrubs” by TLC] As with all these events reading from a trade so no looking at the covers, although it’s a mixed bag with this one, issue 1’s being the best artistically just in how it uses the glint of the gems to show off many of the characters involved in the story. We open on a rocky, alien planet. That’s three-for-three now of comics starting out in space and all three are considered classics, and yet “Amazons Attack,” “Civil War,” and “Ultimatum” all suck, all not in space. Think about it… -There can be no denying it, you are supreme -Anything you wish to be, you are. I love it when my comics are also motivational posters! -Nothing in this universe dares challenge that claim. -There be only one word to describe you. Bloofleshnitz! I had to invent that word, since no other would do you justice. No, that word is “God” written in huge letters out of stone, because when you’re that powerful It’s really go big or go home. And who has presented this to thanos? Why, Mephisto of course! He schmoozes Thanos for a minute and strokes his ego. -How may I serve you great Thanos? -By falling silent, Mephisto. I’m just saying trade your marriage with Death to me, and my rock sculpture collection is yours! By the way, nice job Mephisto. You wrote GOD out in English, which is probably not the native tongue on Saturn’s moons. I mean, I heard it was Esperanto, but I’m too lazy to google it. And after mephisto spent so much time building that display, Thanos just waves his hand and destroys it as a small demonstration of the absolute power he now wields. The Infinity Gauntlet! With all the powers of construction equipment! As Thanos says that he now claims the head seat of cosmic gods We cut to Earth where Doctor Strange is studying some textbooks when he has an unexpected guest drop in on him: the Silver Surfer, who crashes through the roof Strange’s Sanctum to warn him about Thanos and the Gauntlet He gives the recaps of events in his book. You see, Thanos was dead and then resurrected in Silver Surfer’s solo series… Because death in comic books is like breadsticks from Olive Garden. You might have finished them off, but the waiter will just keep bringing in more and you can’t say no. In fact it was Death herself that resurrected Thanos which seems like an odd power to have for someone whose sole purpose is in fact the opposite of that Because Death feels that the cosmic balance has been thrown out of whack. How exactly? She thinks that there are more things alive today than have ever died and that irregularity should be corrected. Okay. Death? Considering the size and age of the universe compared to sustainable population and relative lifespans. I’m going to need to call [CITATION NEEDED] on that one. Death has ordered Thanos to exterminate half the sentient population of the universe. Never before has the word ‘overkill’ been more appropriate. With Thanos now having Godlike power. He contemplates what exactly he should do with that power.
-The answer to that is really quite simple. Star Trek and Star Wars Crossover, it’s about damn time! -Anything I want. Time to finally get my chin smoothed. Anything apparently means ‘Blow up the planet they’re on.’ Well, when you got a hammer everything looks like a nail. -Any result that displeases me I can simply reverse! I have the power of retcons and reboots! This being a more traditional event comic, there are a number of subplots in it. Some of those subplots head off into other books, while others run throughout Infinity Gauntlet itself — this one included– in this case Adam Warlock, Gamora who most of you might know from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and another dude named Pip were also dead, their spirits inside of the Soul gem but were then resurrected here. However to do so they apparently have to claim new bodies on Earth; Choosing three people who died in a car crash and slowly mutate their new bodies into their old ones. Adam Warlock in particular needing to go into a cocoon to assume his old form. Because “Artificial Perfect Human” just means butterfly, I guess. Thanos and Mephisto head to the realm of Death so he can once again try to woo her, but here’s the problem: Thanos sought the power of the gems so he could become her equal, but the power he now wields makes him her superior. So while before she wouldn’t speak to him directly because he was unworthy, now she won’t talk to him and reciprocate his love because *she’s* unworthy. Whoops. He tries to impress her by creating a massive structure in reverence and worship to her and teleporting them all there. -I be now a deity, yet first I was a man. I WAS A MAN! *punch, reality shudders*
Oh! Whoa! Went a little Superboy-Prime there. He creates two thrones for them to sit on as equals to determine the fates of all that is and ever will be but she just walks away. -Still she spurns me? -Perhaps it is because she does not yet realized the true stagnant depths your black soul is capable of achieving. Very well. Unleash the copyright bots! Thanos figures out the way to do that is show her Nebula, whom again you might know from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but in the comics she actually only *claims* to be related to Thanos, in this case a granddaughter. Thanos uses his power to transform her into a half-decayed symbol of his depravity. She’s neither alive nor dead, in a near mindless limbo state with twisted limbs and scarred flesh. I shall impress you Lady Death, by giving her a makeover -She is my living tribute to the blasphemy of life, and the glorious promise of death. I call this work of art ‘Hardees®.’ Death is unimpressed with her zombie-like servant who speaks for her explaining thusly: -Titan, Mistress Death finds your boasts empty and your bravado distasteful. Not too late to take her out to a movie she’ll like Thanos… Extra points if it’s something you know you’ll hate. In response Thanos blows the zombie up and demands Death speak to him directly, but Mephisto suggests another reason why she might be upset that it’s something he *hasn’t* done.
Thanos realizes that he’s been so busy reveling in his new powers that he completely forgot the entire reason he was resurrected: killing half the universe. And with that Thanos snaps his fingers and does it although it’s not quite as horrific as you would imagine. We see it from the perspective of Earth heroes, for Spider-Man his spider sense goes nuts, and he instantly witnesses half the people walking around Times Square just vanish. I would have thought killing them all would have, you know, had everyone fall over dead but in this case nope. The people just disappear: babies, superheroes, but it’s not limited to humans. The Hulk, wearing an ugly *ugly* brown outfit with an open shirt, is having a drink In a bar and over here is a news report saying animals are affected too. Half the animal population has popped out of existence And somewhere in the pages of Marville, a group of morons weep for the molecules that have been lost. And of course it’s happening throughout the universe. Half the Skrulls have vanished so their queen says it’s a plot by the Kree declaring war upon them. Which is really not as impressive when you realize that the Kree and the Skrulls go to war as frequently as characters die and are resurrected. Hits close to home for Doctor Strange as his servant Wong also vanishes. The Silver Surfer can feel it too, as if millions of voices cried out at once and were suddenly silenced. -I could taste their dread and confusion. It tasted like grape jelly and mustard. It was horrible! We enter issue 2 as we start seeing the practical effect of half the world’s population disappearing. A jetliner has crashed into New York’s Fifth Avenue with surprisingly little damage to the area probably thanks to it being close to landing already when the pilots disappeared Some of the Avengers are on the scene to help, including She-Hulk here -Just hang in there folks! We’re coming! Whoa! You know this whole disappearance thing was like tubular, you know? To the max! Adam Warlock contacts Doctor Strange, letting him know that their only hope of stopping Thanos is rallying all the champions of Earth to combat this threat. However, it’s not just the heroes who are dealing with all this as Doctor Doom is following these events with great interest. -A chance to Expand on my scientific knowledge, and… …personal power. And certainly nothing has ever gone wrong for Doom when he tries to seize Godlike power! The next subplot starts off with Thanos’s brother: Eros… gotta love Marvel cosmic stuff– You’ve got a big purple dude whose brother is a white guy with a stupid haircut. Best part? Eros has another name in the Marvel universe: Starfox Anyway Thanos kidnaps Eros to torture him. Eros has the power to manipulate emotions which he tries to use on Thanos… …But Thanos deals with that by making his mouth disappear. -That is the way it shall be with all things that irritate proud Thanos. It has made playing Xbox Live games much more enjoyable! Ironically while Jorge Perez was working on “War of the Gods,” he also has this scene here Where the leaders of various pantheons unite together in the hope of stopping the force responsible for the vanishings. Meanwhile the Silver Surfer awakens to see Doctor Strange being held captive by doctor doom. The Surfer tries to intervene, but Doom just blasts them. -Fall victim to a superior intellect and power as you did in our last encounter! I am DOOM! Master of the stick shift! However before Doom can question the two on the vanishings Adam Warlock arrives to save them, saying Doom will be needed for this task as well. He explains the situation to Doom, and while Doom wants to lead the force going against Thanos himself Adam Warlock is the only one among them who has any knowledge of the Infinity Gems so he has the best chance of figuring out a strategy against them. Thanos meanwhile fails to Impress Death with his torturing of Eros and Nebula. -I have given you your every wish and the universe to boot! Yet still you deny me even the slightest of smiles? Oh, dude. Don’t tell a woman to smile. This is why she won’t go to prom with you. He rages at this, his anger causing devastation throughout the universe. From entire planets and stars destroyed to quakes on Earth. On the subject of destroyed planets though, Galactus was just about to chow down on a world when Thanos inadvertently destroyed it this forces galactus to now seek out allies to combat him. In fact the devastation even reaches into other dimensions, damaging Asgard and trapping the deities meeting there, so they can’t come to assist. Also, Japan has sunk into the ocean. So that’s a bit of a bummer Apparently English is the cosmic language, since as we start issue 3 Thanos uses his power to arrange a bunch of planets to spell out his name. Death is, of course, not impressed. Well yeah, dude! Nobody likes it when their date only talks about themselves, and how wonderful they are. Geez, you suck at this Thanos. Back at Earth they soon learned the cosmic wave that caused the Earth quakes did much worse. Earth has been pushed out of its orbit and they’ll start drifting away from the sun. Adam Warlock’s crew meet up with the Avengers and they start calling in the reserves. Basically everybody on Earth they can find who hasn’t vanished even though, let’s face it, most of these people are going to be kinda useless in this fight. Just to show off that point Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer head out to meet up with their other allies in this fight: All the cosmic beings Galactus gathered Among them is one of the weirdest ones that I kind of have to explain because it’s a plot point later: Eternity. Eternity is the actual embodiment of the universe. The Universe Itself is a character, and he has horns it’s WEEEEIRD! Most of the group that sticks around for the meetings, some of them were there for other reasons, agrees to follow Adam Warlock’s strategy since apparently he uniquely exists outside the normal forces of the universe. See this is why I always hesitate when people call me an expert in superhero comics. Because there’s a crap ton of stuff I’ve never read before and Marvel cosmic stuff is a pretty big part of that. So that’s why I can say I have no idea how the hell some artificially created “perfect human” exists outside of those Universal Forces. The Watcher arrives outside of Thanos’ temple which in his mind means that obviously he’s going to be attacked soon. Back with the heroes, Adam Warlock goes to talk to Wolverine and The Hulk. While in modern times at Marvel the Heroes have been more inclined to kill their enemies, even back in the 90’s it wasn’t a popular thing in the Big Two for superheroes to kill. As such these two are uniquely minded in thinking that extreme measures might be called upon against Thanos, so Adam basically tells them if the opportunity to kill Thanos arises, do it and don’t hesitate. However as Adam walks away, snow begins to fall. Wolverine you’re from Canada! Don’t pretend this is the first time you’ve ever seen snow in May! With the heroes of Earth soon to arrive Thanos asked Death to stand by his side in combating them… …and yet again she rejects him. As such he figures making her jealous will work too, using the Infinity Gauntlet to construct a Rule 63 version of himself called Terraxia to be his girlfriend… …and of course death doesn’t give a crap and Thanos is clearly annoyed by that. I just imagined that Death has a Walkman under her robes that’s playing “No Scrubs” on repeat. As issue 3 ends the heroes of Earth are sent in with Adam Warlock in the Silver Surfer a light-year away and we learn Warlock’s Plan. See, Thanos is invincible and omnipotent, the gathered heroes of Earth are nothing next to him. The battle between them and Thanos is already over and they’ve already lost. They’re just a diversion to be sacrificed. Adam Judas Rimmer. And of course as issue 4 begins, Thanos simply freezes time before anyone can attack. He prepares to snuff them all out, but Mephisto has a different idea. Another one to try to impress Death. If he gives the heroes a chance of victory, even the odds even slightly more in their favor, Death might actually like him overcoming some odds. Thanos thinks it’s a good idea, cutting his senses off from everything but the Power gem. Eros realizes that Mephisto is actually on their side, trying to undermine Thanos The only reason Thanos isn’t aware of it is because he’s still adjusting to his new powers. And it actually does give the heroes a bit of leeway, as both the Hulk and Drax the Destroyer are able to punch him although from a very odd angle. If not for the fact that Thanos has all this power at his disposal, the heroes would have actually done very well. They get hits off with Captain America coordinating the assaults. But it’s clearly for naught and of course Doom mucks things up for the team too. Thor has an opportunity to potentially end Thanos after getting hit by his hammer… …buuuut Doctor Doom steps in the way and tries to steal the Infinity Gauntlet and that brilliant idea leads to Doom getting fried and bouncing away. *dazed*
All part of Doom’s plan! Wolverine manages to stab Thanos, but he recovers quickly and transmutes his adamantium skeleton into rubber. One by one the heroes are killed off: Vision getting his robot bits pulled out, Cyclops getting a cube put around his head. Spider-Man actually gets off pretty easy just getting punched dead by Terraxia. Adam Warlock’s plan then comes into play:
As Captain America remains the last man standing against Thanos, he prepares to send in the Silver Surfer. Thanos shatters Cap’s shield and prepares to strike him dead Only for the Surfer to swoop in to grab the Infinity Gauntlet! And he misses! *cue losing horn* Thanos, realizing how close he came to losing it all, decides screw playing fair and resumes his full power. Thanos cleans up all the corpses of the heroes as he prepares for his next fight *Bring out ya dead!* Issue 4 ends with all the Cosmic forces showing up to do battle with him, including the big giant head there. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! And thus the battle between these forces commences, including beings like the embodiments of Order and Chaos, Love and Hate. Yeah. It’s a big deal and even the Watcher points out how something of this magnitude is beyond words. Instead letting us enjoy the pretty colors that herald the end of the universe. Yeah a battle of this scale destroys star systems in its wake, and yet Eros and Nebula survive this. How? Death saves them. -Her hatred for Thanos must reach unfathomable depths. Have you seen how bad this date is going? He’s gonna start claiming she friend-zoned him any time now. We actually do get a better view of the battle, as each of the cosmic beings tries their own unique ways of fighting: Hurling planets at him, trying to bury him in time, trying to rip him apart with literal Chaos, It’s friggin’ awesome stuff! Mephisto finally tries to make his move, hoping to take the Gauntlet off of him during the confusion and yet again is met with failure. Unfortunately we are denied the Glory is seeing that “One More Day”-causing dickhead get his due by Death saving him. And so the battle comes down to just Thanos versus Eternity itself: And Thanos wins! However Adam Warlock sees in this their opportunity, he and the Surfer going back to Earth. Thanos becomes the embodiment of the universe; It’s a cool and creepy sight his body remains though it’s just a husk now. -Sire, your body!
-No longer needed. -Magnificent Thanos has rid himself of the flesh, has shed all vulnerability! Hey, wait. What’s that wave of antimatter in the distance?! But then comes Thanos’s mistake in doing so: With everyone distracted by Thanos’s redecoration of the universe, they don’t notice the shambling, rotting corpse of Nebula who grabs the Infinity Gauntlet and puts it on. After restoring herself to normal, and naturally being *really* pissed at Thanos, she returns him to his body and then exiles him out into space without any power of his own. -An eternity of drifting helplessly in space, an infinity to mull on my sins and follies. In retrospect, maybe I should have just given Death some chocolates. However his exile has ended rather quickly as Adam Warlock transports Thanos to Earth. The only heroes who are still alive soon join them, and they explain that *actually* the situation has gotten much worse. Thanos actually spent time collecting the Infinity Gems and slowly adjusting to their power; didn’t start pulling the cosmic stuff for a while. But Nebula, who was already pretty screwed up thanks to the living nightmare Thanos put her through, just got the full brunt of omnipotence at once so who knows what will happen there As the heroes once again make their plans, Warlock pulls Thanos aside to secure his aid in the battle against Nebula, he is at first reluctant to help, but Adam Warlock admits that since he was once bonded into the Soul gem he gained insight into Thanos’s subconscious. Thanos actually has a desire to fail, since he doesn’t actually believe he’s worthy of the ultimate power he keeps trying to attain. Although he’ll probably just blame it on Death not liking his cool “Planet-Spelling-Out-My-Name” thing. The Earth heroes are sent in first against Nebula and like before, they fail miserably. Issue 5 ends with Doctor Strange, Adam Warlock, Thanos, and the Silver Surfer arriving, although from the looks of things Adam got a really bad sunburn from the earlier cosmic fights. Nebula imprisons Thanos, as Doctor Strange and the Surfer realized that Adam Warlocks unique existence makes him invisible to her, giving them a chance. Thanos mocks nebula saying she hasn’t accomplished anything since she got the gems. Nebula, pissed that Thanos considers his murder of half of the universe an accomplishment, uses her power to reset time by 24 hours with the exception of her retaining the Infinity Gauntlet. And thus the reset button is pressed, everyone’s alive again, most of the heroes forgetting this ever happened. However this little time reversal is her undoing, since it frees up all those cosmic beings that Thanos had imprisoned. This time they attack altogether distracting her so that Adam Warlock can once again join with the Soul gem. Through that he accesses the other gems and blasts Nebula away from the Gauntlet. Adam takes possession of the Gauntlet with both Nebula and Thanos trying to claim it for themselves -What right has he to it? -The right of possession, that is enough. -The infinite power is now Adam Warlock’s, seek not to dispute that claim It is now mine under the ‘Finders-Keepers’ Clause Thanos, being a sore loser, activates a thermonuclear device so that he can kill himself rather than be imprisoned again But he’s sent hurtling away from the group. Blowing up but good. Nebula is transported back to Titan, where she would eventually end up in that God-awful Secret Defenders two-parter I reviewed waaay back in 2009. The three that remained with Adam: Doctor Strange, Thor, and the Silver Surfer are less than impressed with the idea of Adam Warlock having this power, even if he *is* more benevolent than the last two owners of the Gauntlet. But there’s not really anything they can do, so he just teleports them back to Earth and reunites with Pip and Gamora. They travel 60 days into the future and meet up with Thanos who actually faked his death, and decided to become a farmer. After failing several times now to take over existence… …Yeah, he figures maybe he should quietly contemplate the lessons he’s learned from all this. Lesson One: Killing half the universe may impress women at first But you need a winning personality for them to stay. ..and so our comic ends with Thanos musing how neither he nor Adam Warlock got what they originally intended, but in the end he thinks he came out on top. The Infinity Gauntlet is a great story about ultimate power. Its failings do exist, but they’re not too distracting. Honestly I feel the biggest issue with it is that if you’re unfamiliar with a lot of these characters it feels a little flat as a result. Like I said earlier I know next to nothing about Adam Warlock and a bunch of the cosmic beings shown in this book so his own connections and what little character stuff he does in this doesn’t really do much for me. And for an event comic most of Marvel’s heroes exist in this thing Basically to get curb-stomped to show off how powerful Thanos is.. That being said the battle against Thanos is spectacular, especially when the heroes do get some hits off on him. The twist of having nebula claim the Gauntlet for the last two issues is brilliant, planting this seed with Nebula’s corpse-like form just being on the background pretty much forgotten once the fighting starts and then letting her take center stage as the final villain is great. I just wish the other characters had more to do in the book though I suppose it helps to not have as many characters competing for the center stage. The events of this book had a ton of consequences down the road leading to more events, and more story turns. Infinity Gauntlet had two direct sequels in the preceding years: “Infinity War” and “Infinity Crusade,” both spinning out of the fallout of Adam Warlock possessing the Gauntlet. They are also good stories in their own right, with Infinity Crusade in particular giving more stuff for the heroes to do. The Infinity Gems and the Gauntlet have reappeared in one form or another throughout Marvel Thanos himself waffling between anti-hero and villain during that time and is the subject of many miniseries and events. Death would instead find a better boyfriend, Deadpool! Yeah, that’s a whole thing too, with the story told there saying that Thanos actually cursed Deadpool with immortality so as to keep him as far away from Death as possible. Although Deadpool was also married at the time, so make of that what you will. Next time event comics month comes to a close as we head back to DC. We opened this month with DC changing their continuity and we end with DC changing their continuity. [CREDITS THEME INTRO] I’m sitting on my couch, reviewing comics. The world’s worst that you have ever seen. It’s said, that comic books aren’t for geeks. Rather not, they’re for everybody! Linkara (x2) If you doubt that I am a man… I. Am. A man! -Yet strangely enough though, I envy not Adam Warlock. -Somehow I feel that, in the long run -Thanos of Titan came out ahead in this particular deal. Well time to spread some manure!

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  10. I had never heard the thing about his mom trying to kill him at birth. Here's a thought. Is it possible he and we misinterpreted her interest as romantic when it was more motherly?
    Also is it coincidence the two characters she is linked to are rip offs of DC characters?

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    Not Longbox or HOPR

  16. Who else prefers MCU Thanos the tragic figure who lost his planet and as seen his ideas do have their intended results if the dialogue in infinity war is any indication so he’s not seen as a madman pulling statistics out of his ass over Mr death fetish of the comics

  17. Love how in the comic the snap is just vanishing in the blink of an eye, while the movie we really are scarred for life with the snap turning them to dust.

  18. You'd think the guy with the claws that he routinely uses to cut through steel doors would aim for Thanos's LEFT ARM and not his CHEST!!

  19. Out of all of Linkara’s masked personalities, Doom is by far my favorite.
    He’s also the best live action Doom. By far.

  20. The reason Thanos got the gems so easily is the Elders, who had them, didn't really know what they had. Up until that point they were ALL referred to as Soul Gems. Even Thanos called them that in a previous storyline where he collected them. They were powerful, but no one really know how powerful. Each of the Elders tapped into the power to basically enhance their own, like a battery.

    It was only at the time of Thanos Quest that he realized what they were and how powerful they were. Since he knew what he was dealing with and the Elders didn't, he was able to take them.

  21. Getting around to watching all of your log ive missed since 2014 so this is late. I'm surprised you didn't mention the part about Ironman geting his head ripped off

  22. Coming from the future. The next movie 'Avengers: Endgame' will actually be the one that seems to take inspiration from this particularly comic given how the last movie ended.

  23. 14:06 you know Lewis EVERY time you give She-Hulk a valley girl tone of voice, it just makes it that much harder to not fall in love with her, and I’ve ALREADY been smitten by her huge physique and very appealing green skin tones so you’re just adding more wood to that fire.

  24. Well, the movie has at least this much going for it: they actually had the stones (heh) to kill off important people with the snap heard 'round the universe. This book, I don't even think any SUPPORTING CHARACTERS got dusted.

  25. 9:07 <ahem> NOOOOO. FREEEAAAKIIING. KIDIIIIING!!! UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE @$×÷% CENTURY! Honestly, at this point it seems like they'll do literally ANY other crossover idea BUT that one!

  26. To be fair, before Thanos gathered together all six gems, they were almost completely forgotten about. Many of those who had one, didn't understand what they had, or that there was a set. It wasn't until Thanos demonstrated their power by combining them into the Infinity Gauntlet that the universe really understood what was up. Adam Warlock may have been one of the few people who understood the threat, and he was busy not being alive.

  27. You know… if Thanos really wanted to win over Mistress Death, he should have given her the Gauntlet. Ego, though. Yeah.

  28. Ah, the infinity mit, capable of undoing one more day, yet no one who has or ever will wield it ever thinks of doing it already

  29. That scene where the surfer misses? I would pay TRIPLE my ticket price for them to do that in Endgame with Captain Marvel. That would be HILARIOUS.

  30. So uh Endgame had a very different manner to end the Infinity Gauntlet Story.

    Then again we already changed the reason Thanos DOES this to begin with and leave out the devil, death and freaking Adam warlock from the picture so it should’ve come as no surprise it’d be different than we imagined.

  31. am i the only one thinking
    "man. the first thing i wanna do with the infinity gauntlet is broadcast an image of my gauntlet-powered middle finger throughout this and every universe out there?"

  32. Adam Warlock can ressurect himself using that cocoon from the beginning, and each time his subconscious gives him new abilites to combat the threat he is facing

  33. You know, a good reviewer can make an entertaining show out of something bad. A great one can make an entertaining show out of something good. You more than pass the threshold to "great", good sir.

  34. "So let's dig into 'The Infinity Gauntlet' and see how they pull it off!"

    It took me this long to realize how clever that phrasing was. I friggin love you, Linkara.

  35. I know I'm two+ years late, but…

    If Japan's sinking into the ocean is because earthquakes, I am calling bullshit.

  36. Seriously, Thanos, if the woman is so insistent on you being worthy, and then decides that if she's not an equal to you and therefore relationship is inappropriate, the woman's got too fucked up an idea of how power dynamics work in relationships to be a good match for anyone.
    That, or she's making up shit to excuse herself from not getting into a relationship with you. Either way, it's time to find a new girlfriend.

  37. Death having Thanos kill half of all life in the universe to bring balance to it might not make sense. Until, I remembered she's been hanging out with Deadpool. This lead to two theories:

    1. Death is aware her namesake tends to not last in comics, which pisses her off. She wanted Thanos to try and get make it have meaning again, only to change her mind when she realized he was only doing it to woo her.

    2. She was lying about the universe being imbalanced and was just trying to get Thanos out of her hair, thinking he'd be stuck in an endless quest. So when he actually succeeded in completing the Infinity Gauntlet, she was cursing out Eternity and the other gods in her head the whole story. XD

    Also, you pulled a Superboy Prime?! I wouldn't be surprised if that has consequences down the line…

  38. 3:00 this love leading to a rivalry with deadpool, who has a whole arc of trying to die to get with her, and being cursed with immortality by thanos.

  39. Is anyone else curious how Linkara is "I am a man punching" with the Infinity Gauntlet on his RIGHT hand, when the Gauntlet is, was, and (as far as I know) always is worn on the LEFT hand?

    Just thought I'd point that out. Love the show.

  40. Every time he reads from a trade, he says "this is a trade, so no looking at the covers…", and then he looks at the covers.

  41. 7:01 I just realized that one of Mephisto's lines in this opening speech is "My humble personage bows before your grandeur", a line that the Ebony Maw quoted word for word when Thanos adds the Space Stone to the Infinity Gauntlet in Infinity War. Also, at 7:53 you've got another opening scene from Infinity War if you replace the Silver Surfer with Bruce Banner.

  42. Glad they changed the story for the film. Honestly Thanos wouldn't have been anywhere near as interesting as a character if he was doing all of the things he did just to impress a women and was failing terrible at it the entire time. Just makes him look like a big baby who is crying because he didn't get his way. In the comic it's fine but for the film I much more enjoy him just being this guy who thinks he is doing what is right that he's the hero of this story.

  43. In the movies, if Adam does show up, based on the end credits of Guardians 2, he'll be an artificial being created by the Sovereign as weapon against the Guardians who previously angered their former employers by stealing Anulax Batteries.

  44. What would you do with the Infinity Gauntlet? I would make the Earth utopia, I'd create an Infinite amount of resources for people, I'd kill Hitler, and I'd give myself Infinite money.

  45. So has every race been halved? Or have some been completely wiped out and others untouched? So when those pilots return, do they just show up in the middle of the sky and fall to their deaths?

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