33 Replies to “The Making of Table Tennis Blades and Rubbers (Japanese/Butterfly)”

  1. Would a paddle made entirely from a solid piece of hard wood , maple / oak , be better ? Equivalent ? Bad idea ? Too heavy ?

    Some way they do seems to be more artisanal than i tought.

  2. Chinese version of How its Made 👍..

    Yep.. the version seems old and the Industry seems to be old. But cant resist the fact that these early eqipments were just awesome 😍

  3. I already India table tennis rubber making factory works I would I use a rubber in Japan or the technology in that I want to pay the full video

  4. I am already working in this type factory
    but I want Japanese formula for rubber mixing and cooking

  5. Китайцы не дураки всё до мелочей показывать как делать основания для настольного тенниса высокого класса . Я давно покупаю основания фирмы Yasaka и доволен , цена Yasaka дешёвая и качественная .

  6. Fuck Butterfly!
    I play with Yasaka Mark V and it's still the best out there. Like they say Old is Gold.
    Ps: Fuck you for such dope music

  7. Who actually makes the rubber prior to cutting it? I need it by the roll, not pre cut. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

  8. Im always for the working man, but sometimes you see a manufacturing line that just calls for robotics or just plain machine engineering. I hate seeing these poor souls doing the same mundane routing over and over and over again. i cant imagine doing that hour after hour day after day week after week for years on in. youd loose your mind. or go into some zen mode until one day you wind up hurting yourself. Ide rather see all these guys doing something more passion driven. but this is the reality of mass produced products still being done by hand. so the job aint great but it is a job.

  9. Why don't we make the rubber transparent and use the red and black sponges to distinguish the two side of a tennis blade?
    How about allow the rubber to be repainted or resprayed rubber instead of re-glue rubber with sponge all the time? We need green sport, right? We need more good players and affordable equipment instead of greedy manufacturers. Players of the sport community should raise their voice about this.

  10. disciplined, diligent, accuracy, timeliness, persistence, unyielding , I find all of this in japanese industry product 

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