The New Zealand Haka Across Many Different Sports

The New Zealand Haka Across Many Different Sports

27 Replies to “The New Zealand Haka Across Many Different Sports”

  1. I can see this in Rugby and Football…even in UFC if an individual New Zealander decides to do it. But any where is kinda useless.

  2. I love me some Haka, but….
    Who woulda' thunk there are so many stupid ass sports being played around the world.

  3. If only all wars could be fought at, but not beyond the Haka, we would save many lives and a lot of money.

  4. All u cunts are pussy and dont understang the tikanga behind the haka it wasnt just a war dance it was also to scare off the enemy especially your pakeha peoples

  5. LMAOOO when they showed team USA in the basketball one they was like the fuck they doin over there James harden was the best at 3:30

  6. If you get intimidated by 'the hula' then your a bunch of pussies. Attempted intimidation through dance is only effective if you 'play it their way'. The most disgraceful part is seeing the try-hard wannabee white guys attempting the diabetic dance. Actually not disgraceful, hilarious…and so is everyone below who gets scared by these coconuts.

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