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  1. So with a tantrum I know you start with a harder cut (maybe like1-3-5-6?) and then keep that edge until squaring up…am I on the right track with that sequence or how would you describe it with the 1-6 number system?

  2. David, I have just started to wakeboard and have been trying to get a wake to wake jump. I have watched several Youtube videos and they all talk about the progressive edge. This video cleared it all up and helped me understand exactly what it meant. I went out and tried it. Did the count down from 1-6 in my head and boom I made it!!!! Was so stoked! Now I make it across most times. Now to learn toeside wake to wake and riding switch. Thanks bro. This video changed everything for me.

  3. Umm the one he landed he still flattened off right before the jump. That's what I can't seem to get down, if I'm at my max cut leaving the wake, how do you stay balanced in the air and not fall to your butt?

  4. David, did you ever post a TS W2W how to? I remember seeing something but wasn't 100% sure.

    Keep ripping out there!


  5. Dude you are so right! Every time my riding suffers, I take a video and see myself going form 1 to 4 to 4 to 4 to 2 to goofy wake to wake jump with my board flying everywhere! Cheers!

  6. I can watch the same videos over and over. yours are the best tutorials on the net man. even basic stuff like this brother.

  7. your vids help a lot david. im a beginner wakeboarder and im still trying to learn the basics and some simple tricks like switching..hope you have more online vids like this like step by step..👍

  8. David: I'm a beginner wakeboarder and I've been trying everything to become consistent at landing my heel side wake-to-wake jump. I applied what you talked about in this video this past weekend and landed 10 wake-to-wake no problem (I'm usually 1 for 10 on my attempts). It was like magic. THANK YOU!!!!! If you're ever in Arizona, I owe you a beer…a lot of beer.

  9. Does anyone else have a problem keeping tension in air? I don't know exactly why I'm losing it, I posted a video of it on my channel. Will someone see if they can give me a helpful tip?

  10. David… help me out on whats next. have been wakeboarding for a year, once a week, small wake boat with tower. I can hs 180, ts air, ts 180, ss hs 180 (half cab?) and front hand grabs. what do you recommend for me to try next? HS FS 360? any other progression before that? how about railey (really scared of that one though, maybe still need some work on getting the balls…)

  11. Thank you so much for the video!
    However, one of the biggest problems confusing me is the "standing tall" timing.
    Could you please kindly help to solve my problems?
    1.It's a "standing tall" motion not a "kick or jump" motion?
    2. What is the best timing of the "standing tall" motion?
    3. When my edging achieve to the speed 6 that you mentioned, when it's come to the wake, I should "standing tall" with the edge of the board? Or flat of the board? If flat of the board will losing some speed that already built?
    Your advise would helping me a lot!

  12. Definitely dig your channel, and this video helped me a ton on my straight air/wake to wake jumps on the Heel side. I used this and then hit it at 60, then backed it up last week to 65 and Im getting consistent. I have 2 requests…can you do something similar on the Toe Side, as that's next on my list…also can you help to unpack (when do do it, what it looks like, and so on)the idea of "standing tall" when you're coming into the wake for a HS jump.

  13. Sick how to and channel! been riding since march and recently started to learn inverts on cable, any tips on how to scarecrow off a kicker? Cheers

  14. i was always turnin and burnin for my edge, but finally made it wake to wake the other day after watching this video over and over!!! how wide is a normal wake? my boat seems to make a very wide wake. we have to board around 26 to 28mph id say about 25 30ft across? you really gotta be screamin to make it across. oh and my rope length is about 45ft any tips? I don't have a tow rack just a tow hook with a bridal could that make me loose pop?

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