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  1. Great video. Very informative. I'm an instinctive shooter myself. I'd hoped you would have answered alot of my questions but you just gave me more to think about lol.

  2. Thank you for this film. This is the best movie about archery I have found until now. I am a beginner and use hard dedicated aiming with string crawling.

  3. So glad I found your video! I shot a compound in younger days. picked up a Martin Jaguar a couple years ago and have been shooting some backyard and getting better form. lately I've been watching the past Lancaster barebow competitions and loved it. Would love to try a competition one day. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

  4. THANK YOU! JUST THANK YOU.. im a novice at shooting recurve and I've learned so much in this video.. I getting really passionate about it and it's nice to see such a welcoming community.. thanks Matt.

  5. i mostly do traditional archery. Got myself an Aete Native bow. The whole of archery interest me. i am hoping that the sport of shooting may give my anxiety a rest.

  6. Hey Matt, thanks to you and your buddies for putting this video together. I am from south central PA about 30 mins from Lancaster Archery. I grew up a compound shooter since like age 12. About 5 years ago I was given an old Ben pearson Cougar recurve and just started slinging arrows and absolutely just fell in love with traditional archery. Never really tried to learn the science of it, just enjoyed shooting, but unfortunately never really got much better either. Last weekend I went to Lancaster Archery and bought a new take down recurve. I can't wait to begin taking what I have learned in this video and hope to improve my archery game. Thanks again, hope to catch you at Lancaster Archery sometime and meet you in person.

  7. I'm 70 yrs old. I started serious archery a few weeks ago and am having fun. In the short time since I've started, one thing is becoming clear to me. The more videos I watch on the subject, the less I enjoy my new hobby, and the more undesireably complicated it becomes. Also, who pays for your stuff? I'm going out and shoot my bows. Thx and have fun! From a very high level, of course. 😉

  8. Also I tried 'instinctive' archery on and off for nearly a year and found it super frustrating. I would just get worse and worse the more I did it. Once I started gap shooting I never looked back. Now after gap shooting for nearly 2 years, when I try instinctive, I find I'm much more successful with it. This is an amazing video by the way:)

  9. I've been mucking around with arrow length to give me 'point-on' @35yrds. I also use a tall striker plate to give me a reference for 15yrds and closer. However, I really love this idea of having the fixed crawl and I'm really tempted to try it. I would love my point on to be around 25yrds and just be able to shoot high and low on the target depending on distance. It would really make life super easy:) Question? are you allowed a fixed crawl in competition?

  10. Very informative, please inform more about what is materials bow string that you use it ?… Thank you for share this video, keep update :)…

  11. Hi,
    I'm quite new to the archery scene, but i've always been told that you should not leave your wooden bow strung for a long time, because it'll lose draw weight or limb problems. Is that correct or just a "myth"?

  12. Aiming? Simply point at your target with your bow hand!
    This will naturally raise or lower your arrow accordingly.

  13. This video and the podcast has saved me for archery after decades of struggling. Anybody else wondering what that first rd longbow is? That shape is just stunning! Who's the maker!

  14. I'm relatively "new" at primitive archery (I've been shooting for 5 years now). Most of what I've learned is from my father in law, who is an old shooter. He told me to be his son in law I'd have to throw my training wheels (compound bow) in the trash. Lol!

    Under his tutelage, I've been confused about what type of shooter I am. After watching your video, I've discovered I bounce between gap shooting and instinctive shooting. Neither of which work at all for me. But going off of his experience, I did what he said…it does not work for me.

    I'll be switching from my glove to a tab ASAP, and adopting the Stringcrawler method. It seems the most logical, and was easily explained in the video. I look forward to dusting the 'old man' in our 3d competition this year! Hahaha. Thanks!

  15. Takes forever to watch this when I kept wanting to go try what I just learned lol. Good shit tho, thanks brother.

  16. Beyond grateful for you putting this much time and energy into something and offering it to the world for FREE. Thank you!

  17. That was probably the best video ever made when it comes to archery!!
    Don't know how many hours I have watched some kind of short clips.
    Don't get me wrong, many of the clips are just as good, but this one have it all.
    Thanks for taking all the time to make this work!
    Best of luck to you

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