22 Replies to “The real importance of sports | Sean Adams | TEDxACU”

  1. sports teaches people how to be loud mouth fools and to be totally socially unacceptable for people that actually use thier head…just my opinion

  2. Sports has become an idle idol in America…..it's done mainly for money and fame…..ego and self centeredness……me me me narcissism. It has zero to do with becoming a real man.

  3. i understand how sports can be pivotal in the lives of many people, but this is bs. while sports are important to learn how to manage faliure, develop determination and it can help young people to create deep bonds easily, they're nowhere near the irreplaceable foundation that "raises men" and makes them good people, nor an essential part of development. does it help? yeah. is playing for a team essential? nah. good things may come out of it, but being immersed in sports (which, many times, takes over a lot of other areas in people's lives) isn't a basic pillar for manhood… or somehig like that.

  4. Pitiful! American is # 27 in education and we decide to focus on sports? Pitiful! When the Chinese take over remember all the games we won and lost. Pitiful!

  5. Some sexist medieval sh*t. Such *ssholes make "children without fathers" feel uncomfortable. "Playing with balls", though.

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