The Samick Sage recurve bow, STILL worth the money? #archerytips #Tradlife

The Samick Sage recurve bow, STILL worth the money? #archerytips #Tradlife

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  1. You man want to mix your audio and run it through a bass cut, the bass is overwhelmingly loud especially when vehicles can be heard in the background.

  2. Thanks for the video! Have the Samick and love it! Not my first bow, second bow, or even third bow…but when I wanted a recurve bought the Samick because it wasn't too expensive. Enjoyed your review! Subscribed to your channel now!

  3. Where did you get your arrows? I shoot off the riser as well and find it hard to find arrows with feather fetching.

  4. Its my favorite bow! On top of that I've harvested 2 hogs and 1 deer with a 45# Samick Sage. All spot and stalk. Thanx for the video bro. God bless

  5. i have this bow. I got into traditional archery when i got the idea to make a pvc bow from youtube. I was using telephone cord for a bow string. I was shooting it one night when it was really cold and the whole bow just broke on me. That's when i got my first real bow which is the samick sage. I've been shooting for a couple years now. never really hunted with it though except a couple squirrels and a possum. I've made a vow not to buy another bow until i've killed a deer with my sage.

  6. What I like about it is that you can buy other limbs at different weights. I have 1set at 50# and a second at 35#

  7. It's funny but watching this video compared to some you posted some months later, you shoot pretty well here. I got the Fleetwood Edge which is basically a rebranded Sage and I really couldn't be happier with it. It's capable of accuracy much better than I can perform consistently. The only thing that is a bit of a drag is the attaching and detaching the limbs but that's small beans compared to how well it works. I love the fact that I can get it ready within just a few minutes when I get to my range and I don't have to fiddle with any adjustments other than checking my brace height but that's it, no sights to mess with, nothing to adjust or tune, just point and shoot.

  8. I put tape under the limb where it connects to the riser to give the bow more reflex for more pretension. smart or stupid?

  9. I love my compound bow, however, I have been getting the desire to get a take down recurve. This might be the ticket. So many sites have recommended it.

  10. I can understand some people wanting to upgrade to better bows but truthfully when it comes to Hunter success the quality of your equipment does not make the Hunter. For example I have a cousin who is one of the most successful Hunters I've ever seen in my life and he is still using an old 3030 Marlin that he bought 45 years ago at Kmart. And yet the most unsuccessful Hunter I know has got thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment and he can't get a deer. The same applies to archery. If you know how to hunt with the Samick Sage it will do the job for you. If you're not a good Hunter you can have the best money can buy and it won't help you.

  11. Joe McClane makes an entertaining archery video(s). Samick's are made overseas and they may suffer from occasional defects, but if the low price point attracts young people to traditional, let's give the Catholic Hack a lusty tip of the outdoors hat for sharing his accurate shooting with this model. Good job, Joe!

  12. It only took me a week after watching this to go ahead and pull the trigger on it. I went with the 40# and got it set up at 3 rivers. I'm really stoked to get into this awesome community

  13. Solid vid man! I think I'm going to try to pick one of these up….surely there are some good used ones out there.

  14. I see them listed on Amazon for 125 and I'm thinking about getting one. I have a old bear recurve from my grandpa but it's a righty and I happen to be a lefty

  15. Like you, I to started my Archer addictions with my Sage. Great bow. Still got it.. Like your channel.

  16. Hey Joe, so I just shot one of these about an hour ago, had never tried one. I really liked it! I shot a 30#, it was smooth and quiet (had silencers on it) and i had no trouble getting a tight group (2 inches @ 20yds) . I will be getting my wife one first and may get one at hunting weight for myself. I have shot 1200$ custom bows, and they are nice, but i haven't found one so dramatically different to justify the cost…. low price bows are not inherently bad.

  17. Hey Joe, so I just shot one of these about an hour ago, had never tried one. I really liked it! I shot a 30#, it was smooth and quiet (had silencers on it) and i had no trouble getting a tight group (2 inches @ 20yds) . I will be getting my wife one first and may get one at hunting weight for myself. I have shot 1200$ custom bows, and they are nice, but i haven't found one so dramatically different to justify the cost…. low price bows are not inherently bad.

  18. still shooting mine…i do really well with it. its not my hunting bow ..I use it at the archery range and 3D shoots.

  19. The Samick Sage is a great bow for those just starting archery. I have had a Samick Squall for many years and love it.

  20. I got a Spyder XL by Southwest Archery. It is a Sage variant, rounder contours, comes 64" and has a nice setup for inserts. Threaded arrow rest/plunger (I use the AAE Flyte, it is amazing), sight inserts, stab insert. Great little bow I use for backyard plinking fun.

  21. sage is a good starter bow. was my first. since then i borrowed my dads great plains recurve and shot that until i bought a tomohawk SS longbow from 3RA. Agree with everything you said about the sage, plus how simple it is to takedown, no allens or tools needed, just hand tight twist screws makes it easy to switch limbs or takedown for on the go.

  22. Don't have a samick sage, but I have shot an Omp smokey mountain hunter which is basically the same bow rebranded and renamed. Seen so many good reviews on the Samick sage. I can agree it's a great bow for the price. You may wanna go on Lancaster archery supply and check out the new sage variants samick released. They got a one-piece recurve, a deluxe takedown recurve, and a longbow now. You may wanna checkout southwest archery too, they have the Spyder and Spyder XL which are aesthetically improved versions of the sage and journey and are only like about $10 more money

  23. Just over a year into Traditional Archery & The Samick Sage, (I have 35#, 45#, 50#, 55#, 60# limbs) is the 1st of 4 bows I now own. The other 3 being the Martin Saber takedown recurve (50#, and 55# limbs), the Bear Montana Longbow 50#, and the Sky Trophy Hunter longbow 65#. Needless to say I've developed an addiction! 😛 #TradLife

  24. Hi Joe, ive just ordered myself the Cartel Epic Hawk 62" take down bow which is a variant of the Samick Sage. Samick Sage is hard to find these days over here in UK. Im still getting over my shoulder injury so cant shoot my 45lb Bucktrail Antelope or 52Ib ELB 😥 so currently lobbing arrows with a 22lb Samick Polaris recurve which a friend fortuitously gave me shortly before I did my shoulder in 😮👍. Now I need to move up a bit in poundage so ordered my new bow with 30 and 35lb limbs. That should reduce the current extreme loopy arrow trajectory by quite a bit and hopefully not aggravate my shoulder 😊 the Cartel version of the sage has basically the same colour scheme and woods but with a nice red stripe of wood in the front of the riser and the riser itself has had a bit of edge chamfering to it to reduce a bit of weight and make it look a touch more streamlined 😊 Im bustin for it arrive though 😀 and also looking forward the Jeff Kavanagh interview 😊👍 Looks like summer has arrived in Texas 🌅 its arrived here in Uk too ⛅

  25. I wouldn't call it an excellent bow, I've had several problems with them. What I would call it is an excellent VALUE. They are a great way to get people into archery and bow hunting. I have 2 of them along with my Bears and custom Bighorn.

  26. Joe, I bought my Sage before a hunt after my other takedown broke a string nock back in 2015.  I shoot whenever I can, and still enjoy the feel of it. Accuracy is 'operational dependent' as any honest tradshooter will vouch for, but I get comments on its looks and questions about it when taking it to the range. I have a 29" draw and don't have any problems. I do like your Trad shirts.

  27. great bow for the money…. no fantastic bow for the money – its not the smoothest draw, I draw to 31" so feel the stacking but for the money how can you beat it? I sanded the shelf down a touch so not so wide, sanded the grip to match as close as I could to my Bear Super K. the grip its still a smaller grip than I prefer but without the sharper edges it feels better than stock

  28. Great video,the sage is a great entry level bow but you're right, it's ugly. There are some entry level bows from Bear (Sonoma) and PSE (black hawk I think) that look a lot cleaner and aren't as blocky but all including the sage are capable of great performance and with interchangeable limbs allow archers to start low and nail down your form and then move up in weight as you gain strength. I myself would look for a vintage bow by Bear or Ben Pearson, especially the Pearsons I've seen for $75-120 which is a good price point too for entry level archers and you'll get a much nicer bow. Can't wait to see the interview with Jeff, he really got me started out right in trad archery with all his helpful videos, even became friends with him and he has helped myself and my son through video coaching, great guy and a wealth of knowledge. Also brother…..get your son a new string!!!! How's he shooting the 55# limbs, developing bad form because of the weight? Seems a little heavy for a kid but y'all do live in Texas where everything is bigger, I shoot 45-57# and my 57# bow is a little heavy for me is why I ask. Again great video,have fun, shoot straight and God bless

  29. The Sage is a great bow for the money though there are others at a similar price point that perform just as well. My first proper bow was a Ragim Matrix which I still use and it too is great and accurate bow for around £70. The big advantage the Sage has over the others is that you can get limbs up to 60lb for the Sage which is great for hunters were as most of the others only go to 40lb. For anyone starting out on a budget you can't really go wrong with this sort of bow.

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