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  1. Why did this show up in my recommended list in May, 2019? Whatever….
    Stance: doesn't matter, just do it the same every time
    Finger position: doesn't matter, just do it the same every time.
    Draw: doesn't matter, just do it the same every time.
    Anchor point: doesn't matter, just do it the same every time.
    I think you get the point. In addition to all that, practice, practice, practice. I had to carry a separate pouch with me all the time filled with nocks and glue. My groups were so tight that I was constantly shooting nocks off arrows that were already in the target. I quit using plastic fletching because I was constantly shooting holes in them. My style was my own developed over years. I shot Olympic style, sighted field archery and instinctive. Always preferred instinctive and always went back to it. I stand at an angle to the target, I use three fingers, one above, two below. I anchor index finger in the corner of my mouth with the hand anchored to the side of my face. I tilt my bow. I exhale all the way on the draw, and then hold that while aiming. This is the style that shot all the nocks off.

  2. Hahaha, you cannot help using the 1000-2000-release due to being an ex paratrooper 😎 Just don’t have to look up to make sure your canopy has been deployed and assess your drift …. Bend, force, swing

  3. Your example of a closed stance is actually a square stance. A closed stance, the rear foot is behind the line of the front foot ( front foot slightly more forward of the rear). A square stance is the feet are even in line to the target. An open stance, the front foot is behind the the line of the rear foot and toe is angled out.

  4. as a family man and a part time archery enthusiast i have a problem called archery overthinking so i shoot bad on a bad days and good on good days so its instinctive!

  5. Great so now I know how to shoot an arrow. This video did nothing to explain how to aim. In the last 3 years I've shot literally thousands of arrows. And I followed every instruction. Somehow if you just focus on the target hard enough, you'll become a good archer. BULLSHIT! You gave everyone instruction on how to shoot, but not how to aim. If anyone is having problems with instinctive archery, switch to The Gap method. Soon as I did that, archery opened up for me. I was suddenly capable of hitting anything at 25 yards. Soon as someone explained to me what the gap was and how to compensate for it. Literally over night I became AN ARCHER! All of this stance, draw, anchor. Yes it is important. But not crucial. The crucial step is knowing how to place your arrow tip on a target. THATS IT! If you cannot do that simple little step none of this other stuff will matter.

  6. I really like your videos. I am trying to learn this stuff, and like you, I have been driven crazy over it. So….. the part about "keeping my mind empty" is easy for me now (my wife agrees).

  7. I talk with a physiotherapist, and it seems that the horizontal drowing is the best to avoid damage at the shoulders.

  8. "The secret of instinctive archery is to have a consistent and repeatable shot cycle"
    That's the secret of ANY form of archery….

  9. This is how to get better at archery in general, once you master your form and are consistent, then you learn the secret to instinctive archery, which is focusing on the target so as soon as you anchor, you can release. This is not the "secret to instinctive archery" this is how you et better at archery in general.

  10. Thank You for your service. It looks to me like with the low anchor that you are aiming some way. I wouldn't bet my Howard Hill Tembo on it but it appears that some how you are lining up something. It doesn't matter how you are doing it as long as you are hitting the intended target. God Bless and keep helping people .

  11. awesome informative video, but i thought your supposed to exhale on draw? apparently from olympic shooters, they say its because when you inhale, you naturally change your posture and bring your shoulders higher, and when you exhale they drop, which doesnt have a negative effect on shooting say firearms, but would for archery

  12. Hunter games just screwed people up, she was incorrectly taught for traditional and instictive shooting..drawing under your chin olympic style is done because olympic recurve uses SIGHTS AND A CLICKER! It is absolutely not for instictive! Lot of effort to show the wrong way…..its like string walking with a competition compound…..sorry brother, you seem nice.

  13. I think honestly the term 'Instinctive Archery' is pretty misunderstood, misused and I think many claim to be instinctive shooters because frankly they don't want to actually learn a proper form, they think they can teach themselves and be just as good as a top shooter. Sure Native Americans and primitive peoples over tens of thousands of years have LEARNED to be instinctive shooters but in primitive times and environments, if they can't learn a CONSISTENT way of shooting then they starve because they can't effectively hunt and get much needed protein to survive, reproduce and pass on their genetic attributes to their offspring. Further, in primitive cultures the experienced hunters school the boys in HOW to hunt, they don't take an unexperienced kid and send him out by himself with a bow and expect him to 'figure it out.' With no other means of survival, becoming 'instinctively' consistent in bow shooting/hunting is part of the Natural Selection process. Now if you transpose that to modern man, who can go to a supermarket and buy his food, the 'instinctive' approach to archery is no where near as high of a motivational factor. Greg, what I feel you've done with your numerous video presentations on 'Shot Cycle' is to isolate the real issue with consistent shooting (or any endeavor that requires muscle coordination, movement and performance). If you cannot replicate your performance every time, if you cannot use effective biomechanics to maximize your body's power without causing injury to yourself, if you can't become aware of your body and it's positioning (proprioception) then you can't possibly be consistently effective. It's like any person picking up a tennis racquet, golf club or baseball bat and without any form conditioning expecting they can go and perform as good as those who compete professionally. We see people post hunting vids all the time and the kills but we don't see the vids of the repeated failures or maiming of animals with non lethal shots.

  14. I believe that true instinctive shooting is a myth.  

    The best shooters, like Byron Ferguson, do not shoot instinctively.  They use the arrow as a point of reference in their peripheral vision while concentrating on the tiny spot that they want to hit.  Byron wrote that the goal as your shooting skills advance is to pay less and less attention to the arrow, but still be aware of it.  John Schulz, Howard Hill protege, basically wrote the same thing in his book, Hitting 'Em Like Howard Hill.  

    I also struggled with instinctive shooting until I realized that the best shooters use the arrow to assist with aiming.  It is a form of gap shooting, but I do not focus on the point.  I focus on the tiny spot that is my target, but I'm aware of where the arrow shaft is in relation to the target. The arrow will appear to be below what you want to hit except at your point of aim distance and beyond.  That distance for me is beyond my ethical hunting range.  

    The last time that I killed a deer with my recurve I didn't recall seeing the arrow before I released it, but I'm sure that I was aware of it, and I knew that I had to hold low because the buck was only 10 or 12 yards away,   I do remember seeing the spot on the deer's rib cage that I wanted to hit, and I hit it.  I guess I had "become the arrow" as Byron Ferguson puts it.

  15. Field archery requires standing on uneven surfaces. How do you get a consultant stance while you do this?

  16. I started trying to use the gap method of aiming but after watching your Archery 101 vids and working on my sequence I found that I naturally changed to instinctive. I found concentrating on the arrow point distracting. I'm still not ready for a hunt but my aim has improved at various ranges up to 20 yards. I'm looking for somewhere to shoot longer ranges and further develop my skills but for now I'll use what I have.

  17. Nice video. I have heard a lot about instinctive archery and your methodology of breaking the shot cycle into steps and repeating and micro-managing them until a ‘muscle memory’ is developed, is probably one of the best working definitions of the term.
    Being a medical student myself, I can tell you that an instinct is something that means an innate and almost automatic PROCESS of reaction to a certain and similar stimulation, with the process being almost perfectly a replica each time it is performed.
    Your methods make much more sense in that perspective.

  18. Well I donno but… I for one shoot Rick Welch style. Me pulling back to my thumb knuckle to my ear lobe… engages my back fully. Then I turn my head slightly to touch my feather. Now at that angle I'm not looking down the arrow… and using the point or calculating a gap. I'm just focusing on the spot I wanna hit… and trusting my bow arm. I've tried gap and arrow tip pointing… it kinda works but …I've always had trouble trying to hold steady enough to shoot that way. For me there is nothing accurate about the float. Rick's 2 or 3 sec. hold… once you get that down… it works great. I haven't taken his class but I've watched everything about his style I could get my hands on and have studied it for a really long time. And it took me… a really long time to get it all right. Your arm gets programed for the distance and then… it just works. Well…. it's working for me. Here lately.. I've had the feeling, that I've finally learned to shoot. Good Video..

  19. Thanks, Very Much!!!!! This video has "gotten through my thick skull" better than any I have watched. While my shot cycle still isn't as consistent as I like, this video has helped me a lot.

  20. Grey Archer 1 has a good addition to this… Focus on the target BUT… Arrow under your right (dominant) eye as a right handed shooter. Straight to the target from the eye. Establish this by blinking your left eye at anchor. This will correct the windage misses completely. It works like magic. When your form makes this natural and repeatable the blink may become unnecessary.
    This assumes all the form issues you address are taken care of already.

  21. I liked this video and am going to incorporate the techniques into my own shooting. I just got into traditionally archery last year. Prior to this I only used compounds with sights. I noticed your comments you know shoot differently than what you explain in this video. Do you have a video on why you, now, prefer a canted bow?

  22. Instinctive archery is all about repetition as in all archery , variation in stance is terrain your standing position, everything else in the mind

  23. String-tourque while drawing is a big issue.
    A Longbow has limbs less prone to twisting in comparison to a recurve.
    An open stance will remove string slapping the bow arm.
    Anchor under the eye to sight down the arrow shaft.

  24. There is no "secret", that's just clickbait.
    This is just a bunch of tips & preferences on fundamentals.

    Instinctive shooting is essentially a mental process.
    You have to put in enough useful work that your default setting is that you come to think it normal that you hit what you look at.
    Then it is just a case of learning to be less imperfect in the execution.
    This is an ongoing process, the better you become, the less impressed with yourself you should become.

    Consistency has its uses, but so does adaptability.

    "It's meant to be simple, not easy…"

  25. Noticed your bow patch. Fantastic. Stay Alert and Stay Alive, 101st gate, Camp Eagle, I corp. Thanks for servin.

  26. What ever works for you… But in fact your method is not what I would define as instinctive archery:
    Instinctive archery is about being flexible in all aspects of shooting an arrow:
    Stance (standing, kneeing, …), shooting with gloves in winter, shooting standing with one foot higher, you name it.
    But if it makes you successful: Great!

  27. This is one of the best video's I've watched on the subject. As an army marksman, and marksmanship instructor its really quite interesting how much of this is similar to rifle shooting. Thanks once again.

  28. I can't say how much your videos have helped me progress as an archer in the short space of time I have been shooting. Thank you for taking the time to investigate and learn all this stuff, and thank you again for taking the time to share your knowledge in such well thought out and structured videos. I may still be a lousy shot (I am considering buying a Stormtrooper outfit for club shooting, it would explain the accuracy issues) but at least I understand the reasons why, and I have a clear idea of the areas I need to work on to improve. Keep it up! 🙂

  29. hey. if anybody can answer that would be great. I made a very good bow out of PVC and have become very accurate. But I pinch the arrow instead of one on top and 2 on bottom Is that ok

  30. I can understand how your consistent stance would help for target shooting as most of the time you are stationary shooting at a stationary target, but while hunting you can't always guarantee you will be able to take the time or have the space to get into the same stance every time (unless you are in a hide or platform), while hunting you have to be flexible and fast.

  31. great video, but high draw is illegal in most shooting schools. In mine, you'll be expelled, it's similar to shooting when people are at the targets, because you can shoot over the wall into the woods where people jog

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