10 Replies to “The Shoe: 65 years of Horseshoe Tavern history”

  1. You admit to paying to see Bobby Bear back in the day and you have the nerve to call modern music garbage?

  2. I was in Toronto in 1965 .I saw Bobby Bear and Jim ed Brown ,We were there every Saturdays night.We say a lot of singers ,Not like what you have now.There a lot of garbage now.YOU people that weren't at that time you misted a lot.

  3. I enjoyed the video very much, but some facts involving Stompin Tomwere wrong. Stompin Tom Connors had the plank going long before his run at the Horseshoe. That was in fact started at the King George Hotel in Peterborough when he was receiving complaints about wrecking the floor. And his career did not take as a result of playing there, his break and his first big run came at the Maple Leaf in Timmins. It is true though he did have a very successful run at the Horseshoe that resulted in the Across This Land movie…the fist movie I ever saw as a child, and a live album.

  4. My bandmates and I are honoured to have shared the stage with such legendary musicians… what a fantastic venue, with such a rich history. We performed here just this past May: /watch?v=nYKcD53iCzk

  5. It's on VHS but if you look up Across This Land with Stompin' Tom Connors on here it's the same one I have

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