35 Replies to “THE SHOOTING RANGE #131: Tank Triathlon / War Thunder”

  1. the france plane drop all its boom at heart of berlin. 30 days later france surrender . wow fair enough

  2. I think its about time u remove the repair cost and give more lion becuse too many vehicles i played this game for the jet and i didnt even got after 2 month so i quit the game plese take this in consideration.add more vehicles but what is the point if new comer cant get it

  3. The first questioner asks for AMX 40…..not this modern one but the pre 2nd world war one 🙂

  4. "they dropped half a ton in to the center of Berlin…Thirteen days later France capitulated…"XD

  5. Please help me, I am playing with these tanks: tiger h1, panther D, hetzer (5.7, 5.7., 4.7) and I am ALWAYS uptiered to 6.7 which is not fair at all. I'm sure that there are people with the same problem so can you please fix the problem?
    Furher expects the affirmative answer!

  6. M3 Bradley's can also float. I see you never once mentioned it. Another thing you give points to the BMP-2 cause it can float just not the M3.

  7. Hey fellas, I play mostly Simulator and I must say, the effectiveness of the German 7.9m on aircraft is soo poor. Can you guys please talk about why this is?

    I’m sure if the 7.9m was that bad the Germans would have changed it

    And no. In simulator, having 120 – 200 20mm is not enough

  8. Excuse me? Everyone knows that the Bob semple tank is the best tank in the world! Could take on a tiger 2 no problem! P. S please ad it!

  9. Attempt #1 Will we get to see new vehicle tags? IE: Abrams changed from medium to MBT, and warrior and others to IFV/CFV?

  10. I was wondering… could we get an ability to preview two vehicles of the same class, (aviation, helicopter, army, naval) so we can compare the differences between different machines, X-ray, armor, preview?

  11. When will y'all give the M3 Bradley it's proper ATGM the I-TOW with 630mm of pen as compared to the TOW-B in game with 430mm of pen?

  12. Is the APCR ever going to be fixed? It makes plating late tier US tanks suffering, so it would be nice to have it fixed or at least replaced with APHE.

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