22 Replies to “THE SHOOTING RANGE #132: T-72A Review / War Thunder”

  1. Support tank, that says it all. Its an MBT which is a support tank. Those two are contradictory, and clearly show this is a failed machine.

  2. Hey Bruce & Gaijin, I really want to know some things:
    1) could we ever get Yugoslav wars maps and camos on the game?
    2)some aircraft like the F1 Hunter had guided missiles in real life, will you add that?
    3) might modern ships in the future have heli—pads (like in real life), so players can refuel/repair of other players?

  3. Hi gaijin. Nothing about first track wheel, again…. u gaijin somehow always forget that almost every vehicle in game can be easily one shot by shooting into first trach wheel… well its kinda stupid exploit of game mechanics (if shell penetrate one object it doeasnt care about next ones) that works from the very beggining of the GF. i hope ull fix this eventually.

  4. Sooo any new game mods coming soon its getting boring capturing and holding A,B,C or destroying them

  5. Hi gaijin, could you decrease the repair cost of French tier -4-5 Please because it's really unfair against other nation

  6. Can you make something about Josef "Pips" Priller? You know, the Lufwaffe Pilot who flow only with one Wingman the only Luftwaffe Attack on D-Day against the Invasion?

  7. G'day, jet flames haven't really been changed for years. It would be cool if they could get more realistic.

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