22 Replies to “THE SHOOTING RANGE #135: SPGs triathlon / War Thunder”

  1. Ok good info on the artillery size, now I know it's 152mm…but how many rounds fall down on a strike and what is the tightest spread you can get with maxed out skills?

  2. When are you guys going to put in the Birch Gun? It's the first, and the Brits could use an entry level SPA like that. And it's the first, I really want to see the M6 GMC (37mm on the back of a Dodge Pickup) because I like it, and the M2A2 "Mae West" is about as much of a Multi Gun Motor Carriage you can get in a Light Tank, but seriously the Birch Gun is a gross oversight, when the Russians have the SU-5-1 SUi51de gun.

  3. I still think German aren’t as good anymore as they used to be. Every other nation gets just something better.

  4. I think their narator should stop with these shitty accents when pronouncing the names of vehicles. Its honestly insulting

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