34 Replies to “THE SHOOTING RANGE #136: First aerial ramming / War Thunder”

  1. Can we all just forget about the problems in war thunder and appreciate the work they put into these videos?

  2. My suggestion is to balance out the maps more, it seems that I haven’t played some maps in months and some I get every other match.

  3. ironically the swastika was originally a native American symbol of natural peace, like the circle of life in the lion king

  4. To Narrator Bruce, Do you, ever play War Thunder your self? Or did you ever try to play it? And what game mode interest you personally the most. To either talk about in these videos, or when playing the game.

  5. As soon as a pilot lands, the locals drag him to a pub and likely cat house. What a very British action lol. Well done old chap.

  6. Will you improve Dynamic Campaign? For example, you could make them historically accurate and also when intercepting bombers, the whole squadron flies away from the bombers!

  7. Why ur mad for german swastikas when russian swastikas are still non banned in probably any country

  8. I have an idea about a new gameplay. Where 2 or 3 players control same tank. For that they all must have it unlocked. For example one controls driving other the turret and so one. Same thing might work for bombers. Where are a bunch of turrets.

  9. Rework the bombs like you did to the rockets.

    Ships should not be dieing to bombs so easy there is no penetration mechanic on ships for bombs so they currently all act like AP bombs that never overpenetrate

  10. Is it just me or do germans just seem completely useless now when compared to the first start of the game?

  11. I think an excellent new game mode you could have is one where a a team try's to protect their moving, heavier, player controlled tank/plane/ship while attempting to destroy the opponents tank/plane/ship first. You could probably have specific points that need to be reached in a certain time limit as well to make sure the tank/plane/ship isn't camping or going spaceship status.

  12. Wait WTF? You are against swastika and in a meanwhile in love with sickle and hammer. You are a definition of a hypocrite, for communism have claimed far more casualties and was way worse than anything there has been before. If Nazism is illegal, so should Marxism and every variation of it.

  13. I’ve had an idea about a new game mode for a it would be like the one with the cargo ships except with supplie trucks. So when u first spawn it you goal would be to push you enemies as far back from let’s say the town square we’re the supplies go. after a set time like five minutes the truck would begin there drive to the area and your goal is to cover/attack the supply trucks. But don’t worry as you die you are able to respon do to cheaper respon cost this is in order to make it faster pace gameplay that would bring some players who are starting to ge board of capturing to point back into the game

  14. When are you going to fix the mariner with the bouncing 50 feet into the air like it’s weighs nothing and the pontoons not working at speeds above 10mph where you wing sinks into the water

  15. Love this game! But is there a way to implement custom wording, or will there ever be? Thank you for reading~♡

    (PS: The B-34 is my favorite fighter!)

  16. Hi! Is possible to add function in to hangar, that will switch betweene open/closed cockpit? IMHO it would be cool loking 😉

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