37 Replies to “THE SHOOTING RANGE #140: New Abrams / War Thunder”

  1. Ho 229 has stealth ability, but it's stealth ability is just make the radar harder to identified the plane from far range, probably 2 km radar ray could able to identified

  2. December 6, 1942 – isn't this notice got into "Greatest Tank Battles" in Tunisia on American Heroes Channel?

  3. Засуньте все ваши "абрамсы" себе в одно место. Как су…ки Gajin зае…бали! Купил Т34-100, понерфили. Купил ИС-6, понерфили несколько раз! Я покупал прем танки за тогдашние тех. характеристики и бр. и за это заплотил ДЕНГИ!!! Выходит так-купил 1 кг. буханку хлеба. Заплатил деньги. Иду домой… И что вы думайте!? Меня догоняет Gajin продовчитса, и отбирает 200 грам хлеба! Что за фигня!? За обман Gajin неотвечяет!?

  4. my laucher doesn't work anymore since update locked on and i bet you cant pronounce my name right

  5. The Horton is made of wood!! It’s got the radar signature of a budgie it shouldn’t come up on radar!

  6. Can we get a new researchable module for the T-55AM-1, to improve its protection, like the T-55MV or the T-55AD-1? Because currently the only good thing about this premium tank it's its ATGM capability

  7. A list a myths since you asked
    Myth 1: almost all rb battles as a american tanks are you amd the british aganist germans and soviets
    Myth 2: any tank can pen the maus with very precise aiming (ive done it in a m10)
    Myth 3: havung less fuel lessens the chance you will get caught on fire in the air
    Myth 4 the m22 locus can pen a tiger

  8. Is the new log-in system still accounting for 2 factor authorization? My account doesn't feel as secure when it logs in automatically.

  9. I know you have said previously that you won't be adding it, but we need the BT-42. A lot of people want it and it would be a fun vehicle to play. Event vehicle maybe? Attempt #2

  10. Can you make the convertible RP has an option wether you want to convert it using silver lions/golden eagles ?

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