THE SHOOTING RANGE #143: Battlefield Engineer / War Thunder

THE SHOOTING RANGE #143: Battlefield Engineer / War Thunder

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  1. Привычный голос звучит как то по новому

  2. Just give people these stuoid rewards, or fix your event do we dont have to go to the workshop to buy the parts with our own money anymore. Early in the event you could go to battles to get chests, but after a period of time, it wont do that anymore, instead you now have to buy those parts or chests.

  3. Guys, don't get mad at the announcer. He is the best 🙂 he did not design the event, did he? Im sorry announcer everybody is on crack because of this event. Even though it was bad, thay does not mean we have to unleash our rage on random people who acually try to improve this game or talk about it….

  4. Will you add "peaceful" events ? Like rescuing people from a sinking civilian ship, delivering supplies…

    Many vehicles in game are in civilian use too (Catalina, some helicopters). It could be interesting. Arma 3 received a lot of support when it released Laws of war DLC, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

  5. It doesn't give me toolkits anymore. I've been playing for hours and still there's no toolkits. Fix this

  6. Gaijin, please!!! I had I huge trouble in this event, after fixing 2 i-180s I just chose the Voucher
    to exchange by VFW, and I noticed after I can´t get the i-180s anymore, so I had to chose the coupon at fisrt place, if you use the Voucher first this basic cancel the cupom, please fix it, help me for my mistake, Jesus I just killed my self, just for not day bad words (Only now I watched this video)

  7. The Event you created was nice, though disabling the comment section for the Event video was an awful move. On both YouTube and your website. How am I supposed to figure out how to unlock said vehicles when your videos for the event don’t answer my questions? Nor do most the videos made by people you pay to play your game. Good going on your end, Gaijin. You’ve done it again.

  8. i am working every god dam day and i come back from work i grind till i go to sleep and at the end i didn't get the tiger or merkva and now it's all over, even my voucher is gone.

    what a fuckin waste of time, how can i grind if i work 9 – 10 hours a day?

  9. you say that the maus never entered service in the ww2 but then what is the point of playing it in 7.7 against tanks with APDS and Sabot?

  10. I have a problem
    For my wing parts I am missing the right outer wing how can I get it back
    Ps I play on ps4
    Thank u

  11. So I've noticed that the consoles i180 guide is buggy it's self, like say I have 12 minutes left. I spend 13 minutes in a match, no designer blueprint is given for 10 minutes of 50%. So ya it's broken and buggy as well as the only way for console players to get components, other than rng,

  12. The event forces to use the market, either give us a way to get free gaijin coins or make the grind possible, its not ethical business practice

  13. "Battlefield Engineer"
    Sorry Gaijin a BIG THUMBS DOWN FOR THIS EVENT , After repairing 4 I-180s I called it quits. If you don't use the Market place you'll get no where for the parts you needed ,Yes you get heaps off Tools kits per battle but very few parts you need.
    I like the whole concept of repairing a vehicle to obtain something rare and different , But its needs to be made much much fairer for the players who can't afford to spend heaps off time playing and or spending to much money on the game !!!!!!!
    "The Merkava didn't even come with any of its mods as well which annoyed me even more" Thxs warren1960

  14. Bullshit event……all those tips are bullshit…….just FIX the bloody event for crying out loud…….extend it……we all got lifes to live……we are not jobless to sit on our PCs the whole day……all you'll guys want is our money….you'll dont listen to our feedback….this is a bad way to run a company…..we need a CHANGE!!!!

  15. I want to hear this guy's voice say, 'Well, if you can't get that ultra rare drop, just swing over to the market and…..pump money to Gaijin. Win Win for everywin….heh heh heh, I mean, every WON!' at least that would be more genuine.

  16. Component drops are too rare and I've had 6 1 drop tool kits in a row from winning. You're being underhanded and cheap Gaijin

  17. One more thing fix abrams armor and adjust matchmaking either mix up teams of us german Russian and british for both sides at 9.0 and above because its literally impossible to win when its us and Britain against Russia and germany, the 'strongest' round in the game doesn't do anything against their turrets and according to the tm I found and wiki m1a1 without the du armor has over 600mm of turret and hull protection from the front and move the ah1g to 7.0 or 7.7 its too slow and doesn't have atgms todeal with spaa with radar, and fix the 9.0 matchmaking most or all 9.0 tanks cant even look at most 10.0 tanks ordo anything tothem from the front

  18. Extend the event and up the rate of rare parts I played 6 hours in continue and no rare parts all the matches with over 1.5k points

  19. I dont even wanna do the event because I dont care about the planes, I dont wanna work on something I dont want

  20. Just lost everything for the event being 14 repair kits away from the vehicle, am i the only one or has everyone just had the same issue

  21. This event is an insult to your Gaijin player base. Everything related to this event is trash, you feel contempt towards us. You are a stupid company that will never learn from your mistakes.

  22. just here to give you your rightfully deserved down vote for literally the worst event in WT history. Gaijin should feel ashamed

  23. Are you guys gonna fix the FJ-4B model? Its one of the worst models I've ever seen in game!

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