THE SHOOTING RANGE #154: Death defying stunts on a bomber / War Thunder

THE SHOOTING RANGE #154: Death defying stunts on a bomber / War Thunder

the shooting range in this episode pages of history Marcel blur an engineer and humanist with a big dream challenge death-defying stunts on a heavy bomber and metal beasts a Soviet SPG capable of using a tandem heat ATGM right now the storm s tank destroyer is the top SPG in the Soviet tech tree like its predecessors it packs quite a punch and can fight both ground and air targets it also has a very low profile enabling a stealthy approach to gameplay and leaving you out of harm's way your main means of taking care of enemies is your atgm launcher located on your roof that elevates from -5 degrees to 15 degrees and can turn 85 degrees to the left and right it also only takes 10 seconds to reload the vehicle comes with anti-ballistic armor that consists mainly of plates that are 7 millimeters or 14 millimeters thick your missiles are stored in the rear and take almost all the space there the engine is situated in the middle while the commander the driver and the transmission are all in the front you get to play with lots of missiles let's start with the first type immediately available on a stock vehicle it's the 9m one one for school ATGM capable of piercing 560 millimeters of armor and reaching the max speed of 400 meters per second it also can be used at a range of 5 kilometers this is a second-generation ATGM meaning that you use your mouse to guide it and its penetration rate is good enough to deal with most opponents at its BR keep in mind though that the latest mb T's with their ara packs or composite armor might be a tough nut to crack with all that kind of missile that's why you get to your next researchable option the 9m 120 attacker ATGM it's a modified storm with a tandem heat payload first it gets rid of er a and then delivers the decisive blow it has a penetration rate of 800 millimeters a range of 6 kilometers and a max speed of 550 meters per second making it one of the fastest ATGMs in the game to make it easier to deal with aircraft or lightly armored ground targets there are two more types of ammo you can use a guided missile with a high-explosive fragmentation payload and a proximity H II missile its proximity detonator activates when there's a target within 4 meters it has decent speed a good payload and a range of seven kilometers great for dealing with aircraft flying at low altitudes especially Ellie's another big advantage of this tank destroyer is its low profile thanks to the chassis of the very low mt-lb artillery tractor this SPG can be safely hidden behind relatively low terrain features at the same time the fact that your launcher sits right on your roof and there is no protruding turret means that you can be extra sneaky firing your missiles off while staying hidden from the enemy's eyes under ideal conditions this tank destroyer can reach the speed of 62 kph and is capable of going 10 kph in Reverse nothing to sneeze at it's a tank destroyer we're talking about after all take into account though that the launcher can't fire missiles if you're driving too fast and then it still needs some time to deploy on the other hand our former artillery tractor can swim and at a speed that permits shooting on a vehicle like that staying away from enemy fire is of paramount importance and not just because you have next to no armor and your crew is tightly packed don't forget that there are 12 missiles stored in the hull and that's a lot of TNT basically almost any stray shell even a bullet hitting your rack will turn your vehicle into a very pretty ball of flame finally there is yet another thing to take into account its optics only have x 8 zoom max that's not much of a handicap for a skilled player but keep in mind that many mbts are outfitted with optics that have about the same or even better zoom capabilities how should it be played start with an a a missile at the ready and deal with all helicopters that think you're easy prey when the sky is clear find yourself a good position somewhere hi and we're the good view and start eliminating ground vehicles just remember the storm wasn't built for front-line warfare you won't be able to shoot properly while on the moon if your position is compromised the best course of action is that's a swiftly disengage use your speed your surroundings and if need be your smoke system and you'll be fine macelli I didn't want to design military aircraft he was a scholar a humanist a man who dreamt of the world where aircraft were just a tool of peace while other aircraft designers were ready to kill each other for a lucrative military contract most he had cleared away from them building mass-produced murder machines simply seemed unethical to him instead he built search and rescue aircraft and mail claims and created the world's first flying hospital outfitted with the most modern equipment while the Nazi drums were already beating in neighboring Germany and after the infamous Nuremberg Laws were published in 1935 there was a wave of Jewish refugees coming to France from Germany and that made the aircraft designer realize that after Germans had finished with the Jews inside their own country they would come to France to finish what they had started and blood started to work on a design for a fighter the future protector of the French skies while the whole world following in the steps of Messerschmitt was mad about inline engines Mossad blur was keen on working with radial engines why well to put it simply he believed that all technical limitations of a 14 cylinder star engine could be overcome and then it would easily beat an inline engine with its finicky liquid cooling also blood was keenly aware that hispano-suiza wouldn't be able to produce enough inline engines while there were literally thousands of gnome-rhône waiting in storage for their time to shine the first model of the MB 150 made in 1938 wasn't up to snuff yet it was somewhat unwieldy and wasn't fast enough the reason for that was very simple that was the first fighter aircraft Bloch and his team had ever built that wasn't the best situation to find himself in a aircraft designers wouldn't help him he was their competitor after all government officials were openly mocking his efforts bishop law careful abour knows that the fighter is simply not meant the use of a VL engine then the French aircraft industry was nationalized a gosh design was deemed unnecessary did it stop him nope he continued to improve the design for example he made a point of placing the engine propeller combination a bit to the side of the roll axis why because different models of no horn engines could have left-hand rotation or right-hand rotation and blur wanted to design his fighter in a way so that it could use either of them what if you need to replace the engine ASAP but only had an engine with a different type of rotation no problem just install it on the other engine mount not very aesthetically pleasing yes but it worked iteration after iteration the design became more streamlined more optimized the MB 151 and the MB 152 were already passed into service the military finally started to realize the aircraft's potential it just had to polish the design a bit make it perfect and work on the controls a bit in 1939 marcel bluff and his team produced the mb 155 the last production variant of blocks aircraft also the fastest the most reliable with most firepower bluch was already working on an mb 157 and the radically different and B 700 but then Nazi Germany happened and then the war was over for France Nazis were suitably impressed by the designs of that French Jew even the legendary Kurt tank was just considering building an aircraft at this time it was very convenient for the Nazis that the creator of those designs was now in their hands but block refused to cooperate he was beaten he was threatened starved of food and sleep but he didn't break realizing that it was impossible to make the engineer work for the Reich the nazis sent him to Brooklyn vault in his robe with a yellow star Marcel blurr didn't know that he was no longer alone there were already other designers building new exciting aircraft with radial engines in the union there was fully Karpov with his eye 180 and across the pond the majestic Corsair was already warming up its powerful 18 cylinder engine Marcel blurr learned about them three years later after he was liberated in 1945 he went back to creating aircraft soon his company became the number one manufacturer for the french air force the military finally recognized his ideas for what there were the work of a genius mind aerobatic maneuvers are bread-and-butter for any pilot flying a fighter or attack aircraft they help you evade enemy attacks trick your opponents muddle their aim or to get into a more advantageous position in a duel but can you pull them off on a terribly slow and cumbersome aircraft obviously doing that in real life wouldn't be the brightest of ideas and we do not recommend looping the loop on a strategic bomber in the game as well this is the challenge though so with all that said and done let's go let's kick it off with something simple a maneuver that every fighter does on a regular basis we want to gain an altitude along with a change of heading or simply put a combat turn easy even a heavy bomber does that without any problems now let's try a roll we're going in a roll we're doing it we're doing it we're doing it painfully slowly but it's done moving on split s the maneuver consists of a half roll and a half loop going downwards let's cut some speed first so that we don't go into a flutter as we finish the manoeuvre we go inverted and pull back on the stick the aircraft's gaining speed fast but we're able to go into level flight without losing our wings next up is the Immelman turn basically an inverted split s the idea is the same but will be going upwards will obviously need some speed for that so first we gain some speed and only then yank the stick back we're pulling up until we're upside down then extend the flaps so that we don't store and um invert the plane now okay it's done now it's time for a good old hammerhead the idea is to enter a near-vertical climb until you almost stall and once you reach the top of the climb make a 180 degree turn with your rudder let's try to pull it off we're pulling hard up climbing it around 70 degrees and gradually slowing down after a bit of time we're at our minimum speed we're engaging our rudder but our nose drops down and that's a fail let's try a slightly different approach we're climbing that's the top of the climb we extend our landing flaps then it's time for our rudder action and that's a success no okay time for the last and most dangerous maneuver for today a flat spin yep we turned the instructor off as we need to have full control here we get to what is almost our stall speed and go into a combat turn our aircraft starts to shake violently and now we're spinning and losing altitude fast now let's try to get out of this we cut the throttle Rutter opposite to our spin nose down max trottle and we weren't high enough let's try it again from higher up this time we do the same thing and that still but fail for our third attempt we climb even higher we're dropping fast but at some point to manage to get our nose slightly down our wings are starting to generate a bit of lift we're gaining speed without losing any time we try to level the aircraft extend flaps and at the very last moment it's done marvelous as you saw even with all that weight and all that size we still managed to do it all on a bloody bomber no let's once again you probably won't ever do any of those maneuvers as is but in a tough spot some of them or at least some of their elements can prove to be very handy in combat [Applause] the first question was sent by Stephen Joe dawn where do I record your clips in online battles or custom battles hi Stephen it depends most of the time we do it in custom battles so that we don't spoil the games for regular competitive players but sometimes when we need the video to be 100% authentic for whatever reason we simply go into random battles and then just fight like any other player with our recording software on in cooler writes I have a friend who's interested in the game but doesn't know if you should download it what should I say besides amazing say did you be glad to play with him and follow through play in a squad guide him through his first battles help him with his first steps who knows maybe you become your best partner after a few weeks a user called kada asks what is the reasons that war funder is getting more and more modern thanks there are a few reasons actually first veteran players who are already at the top of the tech tree and naturally interested in being able to progress further to more powerful more advanced vehicles secondly we believe that modern vehicles are just as interesting as the ones of the world war ii era technical progress gave engineers a lot of amazing technologies and gadgets to play with and they make for a very interesting addition to the game mechanics-wise then there is this question from Jade Amir how we pronounced it correctly is there a way to make little descriptions about the tank plane worship etc under its characteristics or somewhere where it'd be easy to access most vehicles have an information button in the drop down menu if you click on that you'll be redirected to a wiki page dedicated to that vehicle there will be a short description some historical background as well as numerous details concerning the performance of the in question noodle bandit riots I need a better peace say I want to run this on maximum settings well our engine is very forgiving when it comes to hardware if you want to go super ultra then you don't need the most advanced of pcs any modern mainstream GPU will do good luck with your upgrade the last question was sent by a player called Sultan does Wolf's play any video games in his free time video games is that video games as in plural but there's only one more Thunder and I get it you're speaking about Crossout right well you got me I do have the occasional free minute one or two times a year ok that's it for today you were watching the shooting range by gaijin entertainment as i keep recommending to you subscribe to the channel click on the bell leave a like or more and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below thanks everyone see you in a week [Applause] you you

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    Can you conform or deny that you almost confirmed the Swedish tech tree with the Angelo's World strips?

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  3. Sir you are funny your French and Spanish accent is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. O have done most of them except the hammerhead in actual battles and it works most of the time and get back to the airfeild

  5. When setting range in tanks why is the display in increments of 50 rounded up? Let's say you get a range of 850m and dial it there, but you actually get 801m. And please make the control based on range instead of (I think) gun angle because this makes setting for fast rounds such as APDS fiddly and sluggish for droppy shells.

    And while at it for the rangefinder please just show the error like it is on ships.

  6. Hi how come that all the planes on war thunder are ww2 but but the Dakota isn't in the game? The Dakota was a ww2 aircraft. If you could add it that would be amazing.

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  8. Death defyin stunts in a heavy bomber… oh such a challenge…. not really, mates i do low level close air support/ ground attackin in simulator battles while flyin things such as f222.2, anyone else who does the same is good with me

  9. Hey war thunder, two questions:
    1) can I send something to the developers by mail?

    2)can you add the po-2 as a premium tier 1 aircraft?

  10. Would it be possible to have a patch dedicated to WW2 tanks and planes, or did that leave the realm of possibility?

  11. How is this possible ?

  12. Hello, when will we have multiple people working on the same plane or boat or heli or tank?
    Ex. one person is a gunner another the driver.


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