THE SHOOTING RANGE #158: The best MBT? / War Thunder

THE SHOOTING RANGE #158: The best MBT? / War Thunder

the shooting range in this episode pages of history show it's easily path the legendary ace pilot from Japan tank triathlon a fight between the best MBTs of All Nations and metal beasts a deck based attack aircraft with a very peculiar propeller at the end of World War two the US Navy started introducing lots of new aircraft with jet engines unfortunately they consumed insane amounts of fuel which made them not very useful when it came to strike planes the thing is the more fuel consumption rate you have the less is your flight range and if you want to make it wider you'll inevitably lose in terms of bomb load capability the most promising solution they thought of was to install a turboprop engine that consumed a lot less fuel the only company to ever try and create this type of plane for Navy needs was Douglas and here it is the American deck faced attacker called the a2 Dean one Skye Shaw it's powerplant is quite peculiar there are two turboprop engines giving more than 5,000 shaft horsepower combined both spinning only one transmission and it's effective all right the machine can speed up to 700 kph at low altitude compensating for the talk the engineers used counter-rotating propellers they also installed a radar inside the spinner it tracks targets in a sector of the hundred and forty degrees and its scope scales up to 92 km/h moments here we've got four 20 millimeter cannons with lots of ammo to spare and of course the additional payload consisting of various bombs rockets and torpedoes this aircraft can carry more than 3500 kilograms of these like any other strike aircraft the sky shark is most useful in combined battles you're enough secondary weapons to destroy a significant amount of ground and naval targets and your speed will get you to your airbase and back in no time though sometimes it's better not to retreat and reload but to use your forward faced weapons and clear the sky after all you've got to use that radar of yours sometime the sky shark can also act as quite an effective fighter in air battles if you meet an enemy on a piston engine aircraft used your advantages the speed and climbing rate that way you can boom and zoom them till they stop trying avoid dogfights though as your piston engine opponents are a lot more maneuverable than you as for the enemy jet planes the strategies completely reversed they're about as fast as you are there's no escape but your maneuverability can definitely get you some frags the sky shark is a very interesting aircraft something between a piston engine aircraft and a jet between a fighter and the striker you can make wonders with this bird if you manage to hide its cons and understand and use its pros the story of the famous Japanese ace pilot so it sees sugita began on his very first combat mission he shot down a b-17 despite the fact that many Japanese pilots thought it to be invincible and he did it right above his air base right above the heads of his fellow comrades who have already been thinking about burial arrangements for the young pilot was it luck oh no no it wasn't in less than a month he grounded yet another b-17 even though at the time the most experienced Japanese pilots couldn't risk approaching these bombers until they felt them to be gravely outnumbered and boy did he know how to fly the Americans inside their Wildcats couldn't even understand him not to mention compete with him by early 1943 all of the Imperial fleet was buzzing with rumors about a 20 year old pilot with incredible capabilities who was no doubt guarded by some supernatural force no wonder that the commander-in-chief of the combined fleet admiral Isoroku Yamamoto chose him to be a part of his air escort and on the 18th of April 1943 selita's soup and natural talent met the ill fate that had been waiting to meet the old Admiral for a very long time it manifested itself in the form of a whole squadron of the newest American p38 fighters six a6m zeroes against such a force but what could they do nothing at all there was no place for a miracle in this attack the Americans had only lost one aircraft and Sugita was the one to shoot it down the news about yamamoto's death destroyed the morale of the Imperial fleet of course they realized that there was nothing they could do that the American intelligence department simply outplayed the Japanese security services but to be known as a warrior who couldn't keep his Admiral alive that kind of Fame was unbearable for the fighter pilots all six of them swore to die hero playin battle four of them managed to fulfill this promise rather quickly and Warrant Officer Kensi yanagiya got heavily wounded and was evacuated to Japan the only one left was choices sugita not for the lack of trying he threw himself time after time right into the fray but always came back alive only once was he at least wounded and after returning to service in March 1944 he got into the 260 third air group where all pilots died one after another in the skies above the Carolinas and the Marshall Islands all except for sugita despite any logic not only he survived he also shot down lots of enemy aircraft once every zero in his group got grounded and he single-handedly sent a whole element of the newest Hellcats flying back home now the American pilots had also started hearing the rumors about an elusive Japanese demon that was impossible to hit he attacked any target even if he had no backup at all and an attempt to attack him first was considered suicidal time fast buying and Sugita was called out to defend Japan itself on the newest sea then kya fighter he flew out with a small group of fellow pilots against a whole Aird regiment of L cats and shot seven of them down right above the Matsuyama air base the fortified Americans retreated immediately they'd already understood who they were up against but the war was coming to its end Japan was losing its cities and factories were ruined and soon fuel for the fighters would be nowhere available a little longer and the promise would be impossible to fulfill so on the 15th of April 1945 during yet another strike of American fighters sugita didn't look for cover his friends shouted at him him to come back but he jumped into his seed then CAI and started gaining speed along the airstrip right in the face of a squadron of the Corps says making a strafing run before the attack in a couple of seconds it was all over the aircraft pierced with dozens of heavy browning bullets burned even before it could take off they say that this was the only mistake of this great ace pilot or maybe it was the loyalty to his promise the kind of which was so important in a Japanese warrior's code that we wouldn't be able to comprehend it another famous ace pilot from Japan Sabu ro Sakai said once that sugita just didn't want to become a demon he had to stop somehow even if this was the only way to do it [Applause] this episode we're giving you the triathlon to Trump them all this is a fight between top MB T's of all nations that settle is once and for all which one is the best here are our contenders the American m1a1 the german leopard 2a5 the Soviet t-80 you the British challenger to the Japanese type 90 wild Italy and France are represented by the c1 Arrieta and the LeClair the first test is pretty straightforward tanks have to clear a race course across different terrain types as quickly as possible the vehicles are lining up at the start of the course while the Japanese crew increase their tanks ground clearance for better off-road performance if we go all tanks are on the move on the sands the type 90 gets a bit of a lead while the heaviest MBT in the game the Challenger 2 is predictably in the rear now we're in the snow area everyone is in the same position as before but in the swamp the Japanese tank gets an even bigger lead thanks to its increased road clearance the last part of the track is an even road but there are no surprises here the type 90 finishes first and long before any other contender then almost simultaneously come the Leclerc the t-80u and the abrams behind them are the German leopard and the Italian are yet there the British challenger comes in last but the second part of our triathlon will be testing the defenses of our contenders using apfsds rounds that penetrate up to 480 millimeters of armor these rounds have no difficulty penning the Abrams the Arrieta and the type 90 basically anywhere but what happens with the vehicles themselves but see when you hit the Abrams near the driver's seat you knock out three crew members at once the tank will survive one or two hits in other parts of the hull but if you manage to pierce the turret you'll cause the detonation of the ammo rack the same concerns the type 90 but not the Arrieta because it's ammo is stored lower inside the hub the t-80u and the Challenger proved to be somewhat tougher their weak points are limited to their lfp the driver viewport and the mantlet the layout too can be penetrated by hitting the front of itself or its turret ring while the front of its turret is basically immune to any shell in the game and of course while the add-on wedge of armor still holds the Leclerc can survive a hit to the turret face or to the area between the LFP and the ufp let's see the most well defended tank here is the German leopard then we have the Soviet t-80 you it is a few weak spots but they can be very difficult to hit from a distance and the British Challenger takes the 3rd place if you manage to hide its hull this tank can be almost invulnerable to enemy fire when engaged from the front the last test is the shooting range there are two targets one is a t-80u tank that you have to destroy through the front of its hull from about a kilometer away the other target is a helicopter on the move flying far away from the contestants back channel the cruel start measuring the distance to the first target they've all got laser rangefinders to do just that rounds come of flying and the t-80 easily destroys the helicopter with an 80 GM the rest of the tanks will have to make multiple attempts and now the Challenger has used up all of its first-stage ammo stowage so it's fire rate is dropping significantly now for the ground target the Soviet crew puts their faith in the guided missiles once again making it easier for themselves to hit the vulnerable area around the driver and they capitalize on that destroying the target with an 80 GM while everyone else is still measuring the distance next to finish is the Italian Arietta it has the highest piercing rate in the whole game so it hits the target right through its reactive armor third this time is the type 90 thanks to the fastest reload rate this tank is the first one to dispose of the target's reactive armor and pierce the hull next almost simultaneously are the Leclerc the abrams and the leopard the last one is the British Challenger let's see thanks to its well protected turret decent speed and atgms the soviet t-80u comes in third it could have been higher if it wasn't for the compact placement of the crew members and the negative elevation angle that doesn't let the Terra time very low the French Leclerc takes the silver with its high mobility a great gun and decent armor and the ultimate champion of this MBT triathlon is so German leopard a highly versatile and well balanced tank that simply has no flaws big enough to mention [Applause] the first message was sent by a player called desmond jordan as it possible to look around in a tank without having to turn your turret and if so how this is a very popular question will the answer to that is quite easy to leave your turret fixed you just need to press the C button that way you can rotate the camera and look around as long as you like and the turret won't even flinch a user called Michaels Semenuk asks do the turbines on helicopters propel the heli forward or are they made so they don't do that don't let the word turbine deceive you the turbines on jet planes do work that way they eject a powerful jet stream that pushes the Machine forward as for the turboshaft engines used in helicopters the situation here is different the energy from the turbine is used to rotate the propeller shaft which in turn rotates the propellers sure helicopters of this type do have some kind of exhaust as well but its effect isn't very significant then there's a message sent by cram what requirements does a vehicle need to have before it's added to the game is it enough if there were a few prototypes or something similar well there are two main requirements here first of all we need to be sure that the machine in question will make the game more interesting to play second of all there has to be enough data about it for example the mouse only had a couple of prototypes built in metal but there was enough information about it to recreate an authentic in-game variant of this machine and of course the ability to ride this 188 ton tank made a lot of players very happy spookie crafter gaming asks how can you know an optimal climbing angle for your plane naturally every machine has its own optimal angle to find it check the speed it shouldn't drop lower than between 260 and 280 kph while you're gaining altitude the optimum number is about 300 kph after you've reached the desired speed change the angle until you find the perfect one for your aircraft specifically in most cases it will be between 15 and 20 degrees there's also this message from anyone does the amount of the Shelley carrion game affect the weight of vehicle of course it does but you probably won't notice the difference playing on ground tank after all the tank rounds weigh almost nothing compared to the overall weight of a multi-ton machine but if we're talking about planes especially some strikers with a lot of secondary payload here you'll spot a lot of differences between a fully loaded aircraft and the one with some or all of its ammo and bombs already used the last message for today was written by one can beasts love this and I don't even play the game we're happy to see every one of you on our Channel doesn't matter if you're a veteran who's been playing since open beta or just someone who's never even launched the game that wants to know more about history and military tech it's great that we've managed to create a show that's interesting for all of you still we hope to see you in the game sometime that's it for today you've been watching the shooting range by gaijin entertainment so come on subscribe to the channel and don't forget to press the bell button now you have to leave a like and tell us what you think in the comments below see you in a week you

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  1. Currently the biggest bomb from my point of view is the Pe8's 5000 KG – FAB 5000, but I would like to see in the future. The Grand Slam – a 10,000 KG bomb developed for the Avro Lancaster that was in service around 1944 to 1945.

  2. i think u guys should put less effort into these vids , put more effort into giving us a fair playground ( i never seen so many cheaters in this game then there is now)

  3. Little question : why the french DCA-truck with the 20 mm Bofors Canon have only 3 crew membre and the russians DCA-trucks 4 ? It's because of a political commissar in the russian crew ?

  4. Suggested aircraft (because i'm tiered of 60s planes fighting modern tanks)

    1. F-4 Phantom
    2. Mig-21
    3. F-111
    4. A-6 Intruder
    5. A-4 Skyhawk
    6. F-105 Thunderchief

    these are in no specific order but but i feel like the most likely two are the F-4 and the Mig-21 and even though this comment doesn't feature in a video please tell me why you're putting Vietnam war planes against modern tanks. The details about the vehicles are great but you should really get some better historians!

  5. Leo 2A5 repair cost to much i think, 10k is enough 15k to much =( thats way i take other toptier tanks its sad =(

  6. Shoichi Sugita? I have never heard of him, until now. I have to say he is truly a young, but very brave and foolish pilot who refused to go down without a fight. If he went up against our modern day F-22 American Fighter Jets. Then he'll be totally screwed.

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