The Shooting Range PLATEAU | Lessons from War Fighters

The Shooting Range PLATEAU | Lessons from War Fighters

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  1. What a breath of fresh air in the tactical training world. Finally someone articulates the benefits of competition and tactical training. There is much to learn from both worlds. You know the old west gunfighters had a saying, "hip shooters don't last long in a gun fight."

  2. After 10 years of USPSA shooting, I shot a bunch of scenarios in a shoot house. The results were a surprise and not what I was expecting, lol.

  3. I love when you validate my thoughts…when you and John are on the same track you'll be fine….maybe

  4. lol i used to hit the bag all the time.. then the time came i had to hit a dude in the face..and i broke his face. i broke my knuckles but i broke his face.

  5. Sportsmans Guide: REFUSED to send a Kel-Tec to a verified FFL. Bait and switch scammer of an organization, SUCK!

  6. Those who gave this video a thumbs down are probably outraged that you were making him work. He should be training for making single moms and collecting food stamps and pushing democratic ideals!!!

  7. I lack no courage. My friends and family (and my terribly damaged body) can attest to the fact that I trust heavily in a life after death. My fear is that my faith in life after death, relies so heavily on adherence to the rules given to get there, that I won't be able to properly defend my family, should the need arise.
    I am a prepper and the leader of a mutual assistance group but I loath the thought of killing another human for any reason. I realize that ASHTF killing will become a very likely possibility. Even yet, just talking about as an option seems akin to having done it already.
    Nevertheless, there is that one thread of doubt that keeps me practicing in my mind the skills needed to fight like a warrior if needed. Still, I feel that avoidance and non lethal, passive defense tactics are an ethical alternative to killing. Our defenses will rely heavily on signage, fences, trips and traps. In that order. Then, if anyone fails to get the message, I'll feel justified.
    Anyway, just wanted to know from your experience, what are the most effective barriers, traps and trips that you know of or have seen? Or is that subject just to taboo to expound on? I know that I'm afraid to do it on my channel.

  8. HappyEaster, to you WPS & your family, nice commercial I see maybe in the future your son a WestPoint graduate.

  9. Brother, I love your humility! Your humility makes me think even more highly of you! I appreciate the work you do! πŸ˜€

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