The Shooting Show – foxing with the Pulsar Thermion scope

The Shooting Show – foxing with the Pulsar Thermion scope

welcome to the shooting show this week we've got hi-tech foxing as Mack Ripley heads out with the pulsar thermi on thermal scope plus we bring you all the latest news from the shooting world so I'm heading out this evening after a fox and this particular Fox was taking some chickens from the back of some houses these a few houses rule in our and arrived back on some fields and Fox has come in and over three days has taken 30 chickens so I've been down there once already and I've taken out three foxes down there but there's still a few more about silence gonna pop down there and see if I'm clear them up I've also got with me this evening the thermians rifle scope from Pulsar this is their latest offering very good skype Scot country just setting it down for me to test so I wanna do nip up to the farm first zero that and then head out and say finding them clear up the last few foxes down there by the ground okay so this is the thermians riflescopes the thermal scope first thing is quite a parent he's actually looks quite a lot like a standard a scope I think that looks really nice on the rifle far better than the old trails and that which are a bit more boxy this is a much nicer looking scope it's very straightforward to use so your main controls are here on your eyepiece you've got your power on/off you want your zoom for your magnification you've got your recording for your in build video your menu settings are accessed via this button and then you scroll back and forth through your options so mounting the scopes the rifles for a strike for was just to stand the 30 mil scope mount in this case we're using sports match mounts I like them I was used as a moral force focusing is done on the eyepiece just like on some day scopes so that's a very quick run down the scope itself that's guns II right I saw what a box there are nice backstop big pile of chalk I'm not going to do is I'm just going to use a hand warmer as I'm in point just take that this longer then we go right we're style for 50 yards let's see how that goes you actually see where that bullet has impacted the heat from that on the Kabul books I can actually see that through the Skype it's pretty impressive it's all a bit high probably probably about two inches high and about half an inch to the left you okay that look pretty close I'm gonna have a look well it really is a one-shot here oh that's the first shot as you can see there's a second shot there which is just slightly slightly to the right perhaps but that's on the on the money so I'm gonna take it back to a hundred gels no another guy okay 100 meters why so wait a minute they go too far off okay so that's the fermion zeroed on the two two three took me a few shots more than I was expecting because I couldn't figure out why my shorts were going it wasn't so I went down and a closer look like I found that I put all the shot straight through the same hole or pretty much for the same hole on the heat pad so were that's that's not easy right so we're off out to see if we can find the Fox these are excellent bits of kit these thermal spores they just save so much time you can just quickly scan around the field and see if there's anything in it see everything that's worth walking out to looks pretty clear these are the gardens that the Fox has been raiding in Salem I think we'll set the call we're out in the field just be idea I think we go for the baby rabbit distress for this one so usually a good one you you you you Wow highs all folks good sauce dog Fox excellent nice chest shot good job he 110 yards no one must be further over it's not a wonder either c1 following that one don't box I should run a hit shop yep that's quite a range that one was like the back they bought the trees just to arrange for endurance quit pink I'm just about mic out so that other trees I'll stood just there now it's 215 yards bang on well I'm really pleased with that my street foxes down fermius go perform really well what for Thermal scopes be able to hate you folks I was 200 yards that's a that's pretty precise and again the recon tripods proved yourself excellent bit of kit that I'll use it all the time now for the Fox in scrape their kids well you can see your rifle up on there and look in like sigh and I would just sit there while you what you scan with your thermal or cool whichever and it's right there ready for you when you need it so that first folks that coming from the left of me and he came running around and if you're in front of me straight towards the cooler I'll turn the cooler off and I think he lost interest in started walking towards the wood and that's why I managed to get a stop and just knocking over the other one that was already coming in I saw that one first and he came in and then back to why after I shot first one he went further down the field and they just slide up just go that night up in the grass or just in the little Tufts of grass on the play all there and just give him squid couple times try to call her and that he kept popping his head up but he won't get up and he won't come any closer and because it's a moonlit has no chance of getting out of it so that's just a shot where it was so that's a good night so where I take these two and they were found to be a successful night format there and now the shooting sure news this is the shooting show news while justice has announced its latest target the anti shooting group which was behind the relocation of the general licenses is now going off to commercial shoots saying defer should investigate the effects of releasing non-native game birds into the countryside one of the effects they claimed this has is to increase the population of pest birds they seemingly missed the irony the protecting pest births is the main effect of their campaigning so far the government said that the latest legal challenge will be robustly defended the British shooting show still needs your help to fight off pressure from auntie's on its host venue the NEC after succeeding in getting the NEC to ban Safari companies from the show campaigners are trying to force a u-turn on free entry for under 16 20 vials shooters can help by signing the petition to help save the British shooting show and by sharing as many positive stories about shooting as widely as possible you'll find a link to the petition in the description for this video the long awaited consultation on medical involvement in firearms licensing is finally going ahead the Home Office has written to bask to say the call for evidence will begin shortly and will last about eight weeks the aim is to produce statutory guidance to doctors and stop them interpreting the law any way they want and finally we'll see you at the game fair this weekend coming to Hatfield house from Friday to Sunday the countryside's biggest event will be packed with attractions for fans of shooting fishing gun cocks then keeping and more plus the biggest names in shooting retail will be there so you might be able to back a bargain the shooting show team will be there checking out the latest news as always or come and find us on the sporting rifle standings say hello that was the shooting show news well that's it for this week thanks for watching please subscribe and don't forget to ring that Bell for more videos plus if you're not a member of Basques it's time to join now bask looking after your sport looking after you this has been the shooting show [Applause]

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  2. Why can't you just shoot targets?
    Why must you kill Foxes? I don't get it.
    It's a little dog, a wild Pomeranian, more or less. Why, ??? Why do you have to KILL these little guys???

  3. Just as well you are able to use moderators being so close to housing. They are illegal here in Australia.

  4. Scope looks and performs great. Really impressed with the "normal" shape of the scope. Excellent hunt.

  5. good video mark . im sticking with the trail for now . see how things go with the thermion . looks good though on the high mag .

  6. Great video again Mark. This 3 leg shooting stick, I have jusr bought from a Uk supplier, it is a great tool and holds thr gun very stable.
    Regards from Switzerland

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