The Snowdon Horseshoe All To Myself

The Snowdon Horseshoe All To Myself

about five hours sleep last night I was laid there for like four hours before I fell asleep just looking at the sky tons of stars obviously satellites flying by few planes on meteor meteor shower still flying as the atmosphere glorious sunshine coming up to play the sleeping bags all damp I want to pack it all up and start heading up to the summit of Snowden is only twenty plus six now I'll probably be the only one at the top of what is ridge loads of times but never with a backpack this heavy and it does make a difference laughs you see thank goodness the rock isn't way as the pinnacles it's a creep gawking the background there got myself away I'm feeling strong go for a bit while stumbling easy-peasy kind of here we are at the summit of garnet again which isn't he pronounced it well that's how it looks if yes sound out in English feels like I've got the whole mountain to myself this is the top of the pig track there's a railway line probably not too many trains running right now oh yes 7:51 in the morning must have lights loaded over 30 times it never gets boring chatting to a guy gave up seeing how awesome is that nobody else up here sounds pretty loose around here it just looks so intimidating from here okay Mordor it's for a little perch I'm not scared of heights by the way though I do feel fear that's what keeps me alive being scared is absolutely fine it stops you doing something so stupid that you get killed perhaps I'm still here fat and a little bit of luck I have screwed up a couple of times and hopefully each time I learn from my mistakes it's all good because I mean absolutely no rush I'm just hanging around here for a while I thought I'd unpack all my bag there's no one around and sun is shining just letting it all air out and dry off a bit it's quite a steep descent this bit that's good because it means it's over faster the helicopter doing training exercises or something I would love to fly over this in helicopter all I need to do is get injured and then rescued so I'll do that sometimes to just pass the guy and he's probably like the fifth guy of pastured aces in hardly anyone on the whole mountain you've called cow first thing he said to me was you look familiar is your name brave Dave and he's seen my videos on YouTube before I just by absolutely incredible and now I'm a star now you start your you're part of the very great yesterday right so I expect loyalty oh yeah absolutely you probably have bet get your first grand buy-in that is my 15 minutes of fame right there being recognized out in public because of my channel because of my video what other chances are ten past two and I've been asleep next to that rock for other no walk a couple of hours I love this not being in a rush I've washed in the water that absolutely freezing now it's just a pity Pascal Park down the road back to the car then I'm going to have to charge this camera then I'm going to say what to do next because I might hang around sleep a little bit more and then climb crib rock again the sunset

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  1. One day, in years to come, there will be a legend of Brave Dave of the Welsh Hills. They will tell stories of him, how he stalks the hills, watching them. Guarding them. Those sounds you hear between the rocks isn't the wind or the rain my friend. No, it's Brave Daves laughter as he watches you. The mountains are his friends now. The rocks, his allies. The lakes are his basin and the caves are his home. They are no longer the hills of Snowdonia. No longer the mighty Welsh Black Hills… They are…The land of Brave Dave.

  2. I know this is late but what path do you take to get a view the same as the thumbnail? If not where do you head from the top? thanks!

  3. You really lucked out on that Snowdon summit at 8am, the colours are gorgeous and I bet that felt pretty spectacular. Hearing you describe the skies at night, with the stars and satellites…. just makes me wanna stay up there the whole night. Is it not possible to "camp out" where the train terminates? I mean, isn't there shelter there?

  4. cool video 🙂 have you slept ontop of the mountain during winter? Im planning on visiting in december or january and want to stay up there overnight so i can catch both the sunset and sunrise. Dont know whether its a good/safe idea though haha. Hopefully i'll see you while i'm visiting 🙂

  5. Nuts! Want to attempt the Welsh 3000`s myself but would probably take me 24 hours to just do Crib Coch.

  6. Great video Dave, going to enjoy checking through the others. As a wildcamper myself, I really appreciate you posting quality like this!

  7. wow seeing someone who recognized you from your videos probably gave you a lot of motivation out there, that knife edge looks intense! we only have one mountain like that near me and thats Mount Katadin in Maine USA, i love hiking the white mountains in New Hampshire

  8. How do you charge your GoPro up there? I take a portable battery pack with me whenever I might be away from power, but it obviously only lasts so long before you're stuck without power!

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