23 Replies to “The Tom Green Show – Soccer Hooligans”

  1. I hear most of the comments here seem to agree that its the PARENTS/ ORGANIZERS who take the game far too seriously not those who are ACTUALLY playing. If anybody is a problem here it's the adults cursing in front of the kids. Now all these years later, after their kids are grown up and they've probably long forgotten about this, a who new generation is witnessing these adults act like total jerks.

  2. Nobody knows when classics are being made so keep a look out for crazy classic mad men .. they might bother your hockey team or golf club.. be aware

  3. I remember seeing this when I was 17. Fucking tears. It’s still so damn funny. The dumb song. 🤣🤣🤣 GET OUUUT OF HEYER!

  4. Dude in todays times somebody would have tackled him or even shot him!

    What a world! how things have changed!

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