The Top Worst Sports Moments Of 2018

The Top Worst Sports Moments Of 2018

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  1. Where’s the Cody parky missing the easy field goal to lead victory for the bears in the playoffs?

  2. Vikings, Saints game wasnt a blown play, was a player paid to blow a game. A highschool kid wouldnt of missed that. to just put ur head down and totaly blow the play like that at ANY LVL is bs. That play should of ended anyone watching the NFL ever again. I know it did for me. just rigged games…..

  3. i hate this "watchmojo" theme, just show the clip instead of comment everything

  4. Which was the top worst sports video of 2018? This one. I stopped watching after about 30 secs. Carlos Gonzales hit a ball to right-center field, he didn't bat the ball to right-center field. Also, Billy Hamilton's glove wasn't outstretched. It's the arm which is outstretched…..and that wasn't even the case on this play. Hamilton's arm (and his glove) were far from being extended (or outstretched). If your narrator doesn't know anything about sports, get another narrator for a sports video. Ugh.

  5. So a person born in Kenya is now an Israeli? Kinda like when Omar Mohammed Sharif whatever is a german? Sure he is. Lederhosen and all.

  6. The funniest part to me is that the Kenyan wasn't naturalized until she qualified for the Olympics…. nicely played Israel lol

  7. Still trying to figure out why "The Top Worst Sports moments of 2018, isn't called "Mildly amusing sports bloopers of 2018"

  8. this is one of my favorite youtube channels, as i keep watching the video(s) over & over! Cool.🤩

  9. This sucked ass. Was a shitty blooper reel of mostly US sports and reminded me of a trash ass WatchMojo video. Quit the commentary. The video might be a bit more tolerable.

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