The Traditional Way – Recurve Bow Bear Hunt

The Traditional Way – Recurve Bow Bear Hunt

hey folks welcome back to another episode of the Alberta traditions beside me here is my beautiful 2011 Ball black bear it's an incredible life sized amount that been an art of taxidermy has done for me I couldn't be any happier with it I'm stunned what what's something that you enjoyed working on over there well the first thing that I always enjoy when somebody brings a mountain is as soon as I see that they're they're asking for a life-size that's the best thing it's just not because it's more expensive it's just because it's more natural and you can create more with put more into it I create something that you would see that picture in the wall anyway and especially about this bear what I really liked about it was pitch black coat thick hair on it that you know as soon as I come I got it back from the tanner I thought I can already see it before you want to start doing it that this is gonna be a fabulous balance because just look at it I mean like these lights are not the best lights to have a shine on the bear as soon as you take it home and put it in your regular setting first of all it's going to look a lot bigger this is a usual second of all is going to be way darker than what it is you got a very silver coat on it right now just because of lighting I don't know what tungsten or fluorescent light these are but what I really enjoyed about it was just once I sold it up together and start new hair and skin we're still a little bit wet and I started to you know air dry it and that way dark skin dark hair it would just just makes me happier to get more excited to keep keep the blower on it more so we're just just a qua quality specimen that's what it's all about you know that's what I really enjoy working with and the rockwork turned out pretty good on it and the whole I thought is going to be fitting the form but I had to enlarge it because there was slightly bigger than what I expected but overall it turned out pretty good it was a really good note folks there you go this week we're heading up to northern Alberta or another laugh bear hunt this time with my recurve bow sit back and enjoy the last couple of nights before we drove up here I just couldn't go to sleep I just so many things in my head and anticipation was just mind-boggling as soon as I knew that I was gonna shoot the bear with my recurve bow instead of my rifle I started practicing as much as possible I went and I bought an archery target and I also went and practiced at a local range in Calgary well at like after school almost every day within two weeks of the hunt and before that it was probably once a week that I went in practice like you say practice as much as possible so you're prepared for this hunt when we pulled up to the tree stand it just pretty much hit me you know we're here this is happening this is one year almost exactly to the date later then I shot my bear with my rifle the previous year it it felt it felt amazing to be back and you know get another chance to take another please excuse me if you find me melodramatic for its all the worms in your making me sick in the when the bear came out for the first time and I was up in the tree stand you know he came up to you know 12 11 12 yards away and I was just trembling I don't know what it was it was just you know I was shaking it was pretty nerve-wracking at first you know right there these bears are extremely extremely powerful you know when we were up there at the tree you could hear him breathing he was the all huffing and yeah it kind of hit me you know if you wanted to he could make it up this tree and you know two seconds is no lickety-split well it's day two here we just set off for today first time using these self climber tree stands totally impressed with them just we have way too much gear to haul up and down the tree that's one thing that we're definitely gonna change next time just waiting for a couple bears to come out now it's just after 11 o'clock and a slightly overcast day quite a bit cooler than yesterday which is a good thing just ready hopefully today won't be as nerve-racking as yesterday got a little scary there when the bear they were about ten yards from the tree stands here and goes getting pretty nervous nerve-wracking up here so anyway we're just gonna sit and wait and hopefully something won't come up with shortly here [Applause] thank you went out just over there good shot but he's trying to punctured the lungs there I saw pretty sure he went down just over there buddy still she we waited all day this didn't come out then now right there Thank You there congratulation thank you Beauty bears beauty Frank I've took a boat look at the nice bear Wow Greece very well it's day two here we've settled into the standard on eleven o'clock this morning Trevor expected the bear to show up around 2:00 this afternoon same time he did the day before he didn't end up coming out until around 6:00 this evening he gave me a perfect perfect broadside shot I took him well a bit of a tracking job to do wasn't really sure what to expect we found him and I am so excited he's a beautiful bear great time up here in northern Alberta first bear with my recurve bow darkness is coming upon us fast now we got a lot of work to do yet so excited

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  1. why not save the arrow and just poison the bait, this isn't hunting anyway so make it even more convenient and safe

  2. Si eso es cazar para ti. yo le tengo otro nombre. asesin asesinar es el nombre. que barbaro. pontele enfente y si bow.

  3. LOL "Hunt" Right you know the definition of hunt is to pursue a wild animal for game or food, also to determinedly search for someone or something. this definition of sitting is a continuous period of time being seated especially when engaged in a particular activity. Im not hating on the video im just saying dont call this hunting

  4. I'm planning on getting a recurve and start practicing for next season. What bow were you using? How many pounds? Is bear meat any good for eating?

  5. Awesome hunt. Seems that the people complaining about how you hunted, which is perfectly legal and ethical, or hunting in general are the same people that drive to the store and pay someone else to kill their animal for them. So don't listen to them and hunt on and enjoy the life giving protein God has provided.

  6. hunting over a pile of donuts is not hunting. be a real hunter and go scout and find bear you want to kill. i have never and will never hunt over a bait pile. you give us real hunters a bad name

  7. im not against  hunting I killed two deer and both the shots dropped the deer you shot was horrible

  8. but what is the sport in baiting all your doing is shooting you should learn to hunt not to just shoot

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