The Troubling Death of an NBA Hopeful

The Troubling Death of an NBA Hopeful

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  1. Why is the family so mad at the friends? That's sad!!! The dudes wouldn't let VICE interview them like that. That family is so wrong!!! The chick was in love with him. Doesn't mean he loved her back. How is that hard to understand???

  2. I really feel for the family man, something is off about the investigation though, how does it take that long when there’s video footage of what happened? That’s what I find weird, but it’s okay, god will reveal all in due time. That person can only hide for so long.

  3. If he felt like that bro being born and bred in L.A. he knew someone was after him bruhh you just know especially if he talking like that

  4. It always gets to me the pain a “GOOD” parent feels when losing their baby she smiling but you can see the pain in her eyes stuff like this breaks my heart the world is beautiful but there’s just so many envious jealous bums that are doing nothing with their life and the only enjoyment they get is when a person is down and they ruined it for al of us

  5. The same way Lorenzon wright Wife was acting like she was Hurt then find out she set him up 10 Years Later, Someone knew he was Going to be there or just got lucky and spotted him, But that's unlikely

  6. Lets address some things no clear videos of the shooter, the vehicle, or the license plate. No leads, evidence, or witnesses due to the only other person there running for their life. The police don't think It's a case of gang violence they just don't have shit so it is what it is. R.I.P. to him though

  7. How every time someone dies young, they always say, "he was always happy" or "he was the most caring and nice person I've ever met" or "he was special, he was going to be famous" there's a lot of assholes in the world, how come we don't hear about them, when they die?

  8. If he was afraid he should have stay in a hotel outside of LA. He was out there to much. I’ve seen people get mad at people who shined.

  9. It’s so sad that people who share the the same skin have so much hatred in their heart they can jmnjjkk

  10. Prayers to his family,the fact that he offered to feed someone with his last dollar shows he had a good heart and a great family structure around him.

  11. Man this is a sad story but one I can relate to. I was the victim of a shooting by gang members in South Central L.A. around 5 years ago and I have never been in a gang in my life. It was senseless and I moved to Atlanta shortly after. Watching the video of the shooting in this story which shows clearly the weapon used just tells me the person shooting was out to kill someone. Was it a gang initiation or some hanger on trying to score points in the gang I don’t know but it reminded me so much of my own shooting it gave me chills. I can understand the family trying to piece together what happened, but I feel it was kind of wrong to single out the people they did because they are grieving too and I just don’t get the vibe they had anything to do with this and it seems like another senseless random shooting.

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