The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (Kettlebell Khaos)

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (Kettlebell Khaos)

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  1. im not going to lie im not.gping to do the 10 minute thing…. im just gunna do 5 sets and call it a round lol

  2. The best way to build strength/muscle is through slow controlled movements that don’t use momentum (swinging weights). 4 seconds down. Pause. 4 seconds up.

  3. Hi Mr. Funk, How many days a week would you suggest for this kettlebell workout and how should I combine it with traditional weight training?

  4. Your last name is spelled wrong in your video at the beginning but I still want to do the workouts! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Hey Funk! 1st thanks for this video! 2nd, if I'm doing cardio the same day, how long should I wait to avoid the Cortisol spike? Thanks

  6. FINISHED IT!!! This was the most intense workout I've ever done but well worth it a subscriber for life…Thanks👌🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

  7. Now that burn you feel is what your looking for, now you say you do not want that because of cortisol please make my mind up

  8. Should women over 40 do this? I've done it the first day with no issues. It was quite fun. Plan on doing it daily.

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