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  1. I think you might want to look up the meaning of the word 'Ultimate' and any decent fence would attach/clamp from both ends to avoid movement across the length which I am sure you have had time to experience.

  2. I thought it was interesting how you used a T track and knob to lock the fence, instead of the typical Cam and Lever that self squaring fences use. Pretty cool.

  3. The title seems over the top for this build. Why do you believe that this is the ultimate table saw fence?
    Here is the most awesome table saw fence I have seen for several years – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pudkvHFOfk

  4. Thank you. Your explanation is exactly what I needed. The reason I was confused is that I saw the groves in the upper portion of the third piece attached to the second piece, but after reading your description above, as well as the comments you responded to, I now understand the configuration. I really like this design and am almost done with mine. BTW, what are the dimensions of the metal piece. Using American measures, the angle appears to be 2" x 2" x 1/4". Is that about right? Give me the Metric version and I can convert. Thank you again and keep up the up the builds for us beginners.

  5. Could you show the inside of the channel where the metal slide operates? I am still confused as to its configuration. Also, what is a "rebated track?" Do you have plans for this fence somewhere? I am trying to build it according to your specs, but am still confused as to the slide track configuration. Thank you.

  6. Hi,
    there appear to be 2 grooves on the top of the fence, one that the aluminium L-bracket runs along and a smaller one. Is the smaller one functional? Is it used for the design or just a result of using scrap wood?

  7. Thanks for the video. Since I've purchased almost everything you made your fence out of it's one I'll do for my saw. Good job. And it's easy enough for me, a 71 year old woman, to do. Again thanks.

  8. Hi Marcello, Nice job. Do you have plans for both the conversion of a "crappy" table saw and for your updated fence? Also what wood would you suggest or would 22mm marine ply work as well?

  9. Marcello, props for taking my criticism. Like I said, you did a LOT with wood construction. You truly maxed it out buddy!!!

  10. A little self indulgent with the title, I think… Considering I've seen table saw fences that allow for countless attachments and setups, (Woodman, Allen Little). Others that offer dialing of lateral movements in 1/1000th increments, and spot on repeatability (Jer's Woodshop/Jeremy Schmidt). However, I will say that you've taken a wooden fence as far as is possible. So, Koodos to you!!!

  11. This is great!!! I've been fumbling around on my old Craftsman 10" saw table for years. My Craftsman rip fence died a horrible death from wear years ago and I've been getting by with one I took off an old Boice Crane saw. Been looking for a good design for a long time. I think this may be it.

  12. very nice job on the table saw fence !! I like it, I am going to make your fence for my table saw. great job. Hello from America

  13. Very nice video, Marcello. Good design. I was thinking along the same lines with a slot used for tightening the fence down, but I was going to simply buy T-slot. Your idea is much cheaper!
    One question… I cannot find the video that was advertised in regards to testing alignment. Is that one done yet?

  14. really nice mods there. i have a 10inch Sip which looks very much the same. throat plate and push sticks are identical. will be making one for myself based on your design very soon.
    Thanks for a great contribution.

  15. Constructing a T-fence is more complicated than one that is fixed to sliding table, It's named the original jimmy jig check it out, slainte mhath

  16. The Pure Dead Simple fence, any thing straight fixed to a table that slides left and right to by pass the blade for 49 ins. macduff did this, eliminating the many parts of a T-Fence

  17. Congratulations to Marcelo Bianchi for good work in new condition in the woodworking arts, would let us know what function the 1.5mm recess in the front of the cutting guide ( fence ) ?

  18. Is this a table saw from Wicks? im about to do similar as the fence that comes with it is junk! Good job!

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