The Wall – The Best of a Bad Situation (Episode Highlight)

The Wall – The Best of a Bad Situation (Episode Highlight)

– Now it’s time
for our next set of answers. Third question.
Opportunity to triple up. That’d get you
over a million dollars if it all works out,
but you could also lose it all. What do you think?
– What do you think, boys? – Keep it safe.
– I-I wouldn’t. – I’m doing it.
– You’re gonna do it? – [laughs]
– Okay. – Yeah, I’m gonna triple up.
– Okay, great. From what number? – I’m gonna triple up from two. – Okay. You’re tripling up–
that’s risky, but you’re gonna play it safe
from two. I get it. Drop those in there. One. Two. One more. – These are getting heavier. – They get heavier each time. Throw the question over to her. – Hmm. I wish I would’ve watched
more National Geographic. [laughter] I know we got a cougar
in North America. Puma. I know that’s a shoe. [laughs] Bobcat’s a cat. – However she needs
to narrow it down. – Right, right. – I’m going to say B, puma. Locked it in. – So, the names
“mountain lion,” “cougar,” “puma,” “panther”
are all the same animal. Bobcats are smaller
with a shorter tail. That was not a correct answer. I’m so sorry. We unfortunately have to turn
the Wall red. We have to take away some money
from you. You tripled up, but you did play it
from the left side of the Wall, so this could still turn out
okay. You have a lot of money
up there. – That’s right.
– So let’s drop it! – Come on.
Come on. Move, okay?
Keep moving. Low and slow.
Low and slow. [cheers and applause] Low and slow!
Oh, my gosh. – Ten! – One more! One more!
One more! One more! Yeah! – Yes!
[laughs] Oh, my gosh. Oh. And the crowd has leapt
to their feet. – This is killing me! – I told you. By the way,
we are barely halfway there, but I do have to say, that was an incredible play. Even though you tripled up,
she didn’t get it right, you only lost 12 bucks. Your total is still incredible. $370,500. – Yes, yes, yes. – But right now
is the unfortunate reckoning. In the beginning of the round,
we gave you two free shots at $250,000
with the two green balls. We have to balance this out
with the two red balls. We’re gonna play them
from the same numbers. You chose two and three.
Load those in there. – What if I don’t load them? – Oh, my gosh! No one’s never asked me that
before. I… I don’t know. Listen, I don’t make the rules. I just have to enforce them. – All right.
I just thought I’d ask. – I–
that’s a very fair question. Hey, wait a minute. What if I just don’t pay
my cable bill? [laughter] – I’ll pop the ball. – Okay. All right.
– [laughs] Ugh, be nice. [laughter and applause] – All right.
Let’s load those up. Let’s drop ’em! ♪ And they’re off. – Come on, come on, come on.
– Oh, good, good. Stay to the left. – Holy moly! Look at this. Oh, no!
That’s okay, that’s okay. Yes! – Twenty-five thousand
and one dollar.

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  1. that moment when the sons say play one ball, he plays three and they get the question wrong, but only lose $12 lmao

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