25 Replies to “The World's Best Taekwondo Kid | Amazing Moments”

  1. His skill level is so far ahead if his age group opponents, that its like he is kicking a bag. The poor kids are just literally walking and sometimes running directly into his counters with there hands down. He has obviously put in far more training than his age group opponents which account for the large disparity. Nevertheless, he shows good skills and evidently has great psychomotor skills which have helped him become so proficient. I've seen a lot of kids his age in other sports as well..

    Currently, like all driven all kids his age, they are far above the rest, but as they all age, the other kids start to catch up; the gap dosen't remain the same. No matter the current separation, the other kids mature, become more dedicated thus developing their own high level of skills. The challenge will be keeping him motivated and healthy for the future. He may be the next Bruce Lee or maybe the next gymnastic Kurt Thomas or ice skating star…in any case it will come back to his early training.

  2. Hes still good even now,and he was seven years old that time and he can knockout like that im a blue belt!

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