Thesis Defense

Thesis Defense

we'd like to welcome everyone to the thesis defense of doctoral candidate William Edwards mr. Edwards you will have 20 minutes to defend your thesis then we will open up the remainder of the hour to the panel to ask any questions are you ready to begin I am very well proceed on this the 14th day of October an Odom and I 2013 I William of the house of Edwards do hereby swear to defend my thesis unto death mr. Edwards we should remind you that you will receive no points for style we are primarily interested in the content of your thesis you need not explain your wicked designs unto me foul creature excuse me well do I know of thine intent you would destroy my thesis concerning the levels of water consumption in genetically modified plants mr. Edwards perhaps you should clarify what it means to defend your thesis see none of us has any mal-intent or no oh the world stand and face me cowards if you would have my thesis then come and claim it what is happening this is supposed to be an academic inquiry you may inquire at the pearly gates oh I was so close to tenure mr. Edwards you have been horribly misinformed about the nature of this meeting have at thee we just want to know about some of the research you've done I spent long hours in the studies published by her shan't angleton ha ha the research by Evans was particularly illuminated yes he had wonderful insights but did you agree with his prognostications only insofar as they related to industry I thought that he was mistaken with regards to consumers sorry I'm late Oh as you were ah and the bibliography enough to make women swoon and grown men weep I'm convinced it is defended congratulations dr. Edwards you fought honorably forgive me for misjudging you ah to the thesis ha ha ha thou fool did you really think Stanford would just hand out a doctorate so easily Patricia send in the next candidate

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  1. 1:19
    I saw that the stab was way too smooth, not even fake blood or sounds. It went in between her arm and stomach.


  3. I thought my defense was going to be like this. Instead, a bunch of really smart people made me feel very stupid.

  4. The idiot actually DRANK the wine?!? Fool.
    You are supposed to merely pretend to drink, and when their deception is revealed, then stab them.

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