Things made out of horseshoes for craft shows

Things made out of horseshoes for craft shows

alright ladies and gentlemen YouTube Lloyd's wedding here my mom she has a a craft show she retired he recently from teaching and she was art teacher for about 20 years and then special needs for another ten or so maybe a little more but uh she's got this thing where she's doing arts and crafts and she knew a welded and she's been bugging me to weld up more various items for her craft shows and plus it helps me make a little money on the side and but this is it um here's a flower on me she gave me ideas off Pinterest to bunch most come from tensions here's a pumpkin I made like six or seven of them here's another flower here's a cross we made a little butterfly for desk with here's a paper towel wreck and here's a bootrec if you get started on it and have somebody helping you organize the shoes right sighs I know a couple farriers here where I live and I use the pay probably anywhere from 25 cents a dollar if you find them online they're going for more money they're going for a dollar more online but I find these old shoes and a lot of people with just a lot of failures was just given to you and I've probably got some hundred shoes or more and I've just been saving them for audience stuff like this and I'm getting ready start doing more take it up any new craft shows will help my mom set him up and she's gonna sell everything so but this is it so it looks like partner deer corn trip but I said fellows ladies and gents I can't subscribe reset

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  1. What do you use to clean the shoes and all your project look cool I like the old look rather then the new look keep up the good work

  2. Someone gave me 500 pounds of old shoes I made to decent sized sculptures and tons of small stuff and I still have a lot left

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