48 Replies to “This All-Black Boerum Hill Firehouse Has a Live-in Archery Range | Interior Lives”

  1. I would love to be so brave… everybody gives me the advice to paint my walls white because I have choosen dark belgian bluestone for my floor and I have red brick walls with a huge fireplace from 1850 with dark stones and a dark wooden ceiling… and I just want to paint with dark greys and black, add darg grey velvet curtains… I want my moody home sweet home…

  2. Black makes an unexpectedly cool interior & I love their place. But the only love you feel here is for the poor, misunderstood snake. The two of them share a superior, weirder than thou attitude. They give me the creeps!

  3. We are Sven and you want an amazing building. You will live here in the horn of the dragon … (HIMYM)

  4. I could not decide, actually, I still can't if this was a joke. It almost feels real, and it a lost feels like a joke.

  5. I suppose Eugen Herrigel would nod approvingly.
    Note to self: get the black paint out and get busy.

  6. ?? Haaaah! Seriously folks, I get that his mommy left him the house and he can do whatever he wants to it, BUT for someone that claims to be a professional designer and deliberately decided he did NOT want it to be 'shadowy and dark' (that is a direct quote!) it could not be any more shadowy and dark if he tried! (Curious, am I the only one that is reminded of the Adams Family TV show when watching this video?)

  7. Absolutely in love with this house! And i live how perfectly it matches this couple also amazing marble

  8. If Marilyn Manson had a sister and brother-in-law. I got a strong "drink human blood on the weekends" vibe from them even though they were trying to trick us into thinking they are completely normal in a evil black house.

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