This Barbaric Version of Soccer Is the Original Extreme Sport

This Barbaric Version of Soccer Is the Original Extreme Sport

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  1. It's a pity all of our rich heritage and culture will soon be destroyed at the hands of the ravening hoards of blacks washing across our once proud country. Italy will soon look like Somalia.

  2. idiotic, not barbaric. A bunch of idiots vs another bunch of idiots. They are just there to fight, 2 or 3 play the game to score. I bet that if they called them there just to fight, it was going to be the same.

  3. That's the most awesome sport i have ever seen, it's too bad there's no equivalent where i live.

  4. "Soccer" was not born here.
    Calcio is but one traditional ball game, asSOCiation football was codified in 1863 by Ebenezer Cobb Morley.

  5. Rugby was invited on the grounds of the Rugby school in England but Calcio what you call soccer was indeed Invented in Italia there are official records to prove this claim.
    Calcio was reserved for rich aristocrats who played every night between Epiphany and Lent. Even popes, such as Clement VII, Leo XI and Urban VIII played the sport in Vatican City. The games could get violent as teams vied to score goals. A variation of Calcio Fiorentino was most likely played in the 15th century as well, as a match was organized on the Arno river in 1490, notable as a day so cold the waters were completely frozen. On another famous occasion, the city of Florence held a match on February 17, 1530, in defiance of the imperial troops sent by Charles V, as the city was under siege. In 1574 Henry III of France attended a game of "bridge fighting" – put on in his honor during a visit to Venice. The king is recorded as saying: "Too small to be a real war and too cruel to be a game".

  6. this is barbaric??? this is fucking beautiful, where manly virtues are being continued, where men are real men and women are real ladies, i hope this sport gets big very very big!

  7. football is war without weapons, and Sport is always politics, the only FAIR political game battle , fighting, struggling, in an open field without real evil tricks and circus acts as you compare it with te real devils/ politicans across the world creating choas and instability with only lies, deception, etc (the list is to long),………………………. one of the lowest creatures on earth witout dignity, good moals and ethics as bankers, and the 1% elite ….// can you imagine, you go to your "work", with thousands people worship you, even you lose a Battle, and also millions around the world , and the crazy fans pay a lot of money, and support you in rain, snow, cold temperature, and a club comes on the first place of EVERYTHING?


  9. Sssoooooo!!!!….by watching this obviously rugby or gaelic football is closer to original origins of this game… cant say the original version is football/soccer….mmmm….mmm maybe the italians will see the light and go back to RUGBY UNION/LEAGUE😁😁😁😁😁

  10. For the English speakers, "calcio storico's" origins go way back in time, to Roman times when Roman soldiers used to "blow off" steam in between skirmishes practicing this very physical sport. It was a way for them to keep physically in shape and the Romans were religiously fanatical about physical fitness. A Roman soldier was in such top shape that he could march with a 120 lb. pack for almost 20 miles in a day!! A modern soldier can't even think of matching that, even Special Forces operators. The modern gym also has its origins in Rome who created, the "palaestra". However, for historical accuracy, it must be stated that the Romans, who lived under the Etruscans for centuries, inherited this passion for sporting events actually from the Etruscans, including gladiatorial events.

  11. In middle-ages they used swords , In modern era they should allow Ak's with 100 round drug mags 🙂

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